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Portrayed by Jeffrey Combs





Cardassia Prime
Terok Nor

Second in command of Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant

Jeffrey Combs


Weyoun is a diplomat and advisor of the Vorta species who is a member of the ruthless and militaristic Gamma quadrant state the Dominion. Like all Vorta, Weyoun is officious and sycophantic, always deferring to the Founders yet being ruthless in dealing with enemies and those under his command.

There were actually several Weyouns, all clones. The Weyoun line first appeared in "To the Death" in the guise of Weyoun 4. He was killed by his own Jem'Hadar First after questioning his men's loyalty. Weyoun 5 first appeared in an attempt to convince a Cardassian defector to return home and support the regime (episode "Ties of Blood and Water"), and was the first to serve as commander of Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant. At some point between the episodes "Shadows and Symbols" and "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River", he was killed in a transporter accident that may have been arranged by Legate Damar.

Weyoun 6 tried to defect to the Federation but sacrificed his own life in order to prevent Odo's death. Weyoun 7 was activated after the discovery of Weyoun 6's attempt to defect. Under normal circumstances, there is only one clone (of any given Vorta operative) operating at a time, but when Weyoun 6 defected, Weyoun 7 was immediately activated. Weyoun 7 was killed by Lieutenant Commander Worf ("Strange Bedfellows"). Worf is later mocked for this, as he had killed a mere clone instead of an enemy that was less replaceable.

Elim Garak killed Weyoun 8 during the Cardassian underground's assault on Dominion headquarters during the Battle of Cardassia ("What You Leave Behind, Part II"). Upon his death, the Female Changeling observes that Weyoun 8 was the last Weyoun clone, a fact that Garak, who loathed Weyoun, finds most gratifying, remarking: "I was hoping you'd say that!" This would be the last of the Weyoun clones, as a result of the destruction of the cloning facility on Rondac III ("The Changing Face of Evil").

A ninth Weyoun appeared in the non-canon novels of the Deep Space Nine relaunch

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