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tom paris

Ex Post Facto

Directed by LeVar Burton

Ex Post Facto

Season 1

Episode 8

Directed by LeVar Burton

Teleplay by Michael Piller
Evan Carlos Somers

Story by Evan Carlos Somers


Henry Brown - Numiri Captain
Francis Guinan - Minister Kray
Aaron Lustig - Doctor
Robin McKee - Lidell Ren
Ray Reinhardt - Tolen Ren


While on an away mission with the Baneans, Lieutenant Tom Paris is accused of the murder of the scientist Tolen Ren. As part of the Banean punishment, a doctor implants Paris' mind with the last memories of Ren, played back over and over in his mind indefinitely. Voyager soon arrives after encountering the Numiri, another space-faring race the Baneans are at war with. The Voyager crew finds Paris suffering ill effects of the treatment, and the doctor allows them to return Paris to the ship for medical care. While in orbit near the Banean planet, Voyager is surprised to find themselves under attack by the weaker Numiri, but are able to easily stop the assault.

Meanwhile, Chief of Security Tuvok begins to investigate Ren's murder, believing Paris to be innocent. Tuvok, speaking to Lidell, Ren's wife, finds several inconsistencies between her story, placing Paris in a romantic encounter with her, and what Paris has stated happened. Tuvok decides he must perform a mind meld with Paris to witness Ren's memories. As his experiences them himself, Tuvok notices a strange alien script overplayed on top of the visions. From the memories, Tuvok is able to quickly establish Paris' innocence, recognizing that the height difference between Paris and Lidell was not present in the memories, as well as Paris' lack of familiarity with the anatomy of the Banean species. Tuvok reveals the strange glyphs in the video, and told these are not standard in the process. Tuvok suspects these are confidential information in the Banean-Numiri war, and claims that the doctor altered the memories to plant these into Paris as a means of smuggling these to the Numiri attackers. Lidell and the doctor are arrested by the Banean authorities, and the memory implanting on Paris is reversed.

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