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It's all about ME

Hello,It is samad jan chaudhary. I am on ORKUT with this name. N on YAHOO i m " Pakistan my cell fone numbers are 03017501126, also use this one if that is not available 03457269992.My city is Multan.In the life sometimes or you can say that in the sex part of the life you get a lot of chances to have sex with any of the person of oppisite sex. Coz life brings the chance to you, it depends on you how to use that and how to extract the pleasure of sex from a zipped lady or Male who is partially willing to have sex. You can go and ride him or her by your figure, face beauty or massage. There are a lot of tricks which you can take on experiment.In my life I also took real chances and perhaps I did not enjoyed them all but a lot of them were really enjoyed. In my pre-mature life I had an girl friend. She was my cousine not nearer but she was. I had all hot games with her as she did to me too. We enjoyed to that extent to which a childhood permits. We did that. And after having clash with her family I had to leave her. Speaking truth that Her family tried to keep her far from me. They sent her to KSA. And yet I didnot saw her in real. Phones are the way to be connected. And unlickily she did not learn Internet yet.

That was my first romance which ended due to Society. As you know when lovers are there, Love breakers are also there. So that happened with me.Age went ahead and there was a lot of fun hidden in the next part of my life. I came to that age when man gets ejaculation on hot things and girls are stunned on same situation. That part brung a lot of fun to me. I was conscious about my figure. Coz I was impressed by Film heros and Wrestlers with Beautiful bodies. So I excersized and the joined Gym also to keep my body beautiful. And I think I done that well, My body was praised by my fellows. Coz I has a nice figure which is Waist 29 , Chest 36 and Arms 8. This is superb I think so. This attracts all the ladies to me although my skin colour is not so fair. I have wheatish complexion. Not white. But I am attractive, samrt and Athletic. This is not mine calculation this is calculated by my friends and my fans speacially by those who had sex with me. So I passed the time of giving me a shape of athlete. And during this period I did not try to have sex coz I was conscious. After being hot cake in my community I started the sex job. My next romance was with my class fellow of my school days.

One thing I have not quoted yet that I was love guru also. Love Guru bolay tu Boys who failed to trap any of their beloved. They contacted me and I did the job for them. Not proffesionally and to anyone but to just friends of mine to whom I trust and they too. And doing so I was the coz to connect a lot of hearts. But as you know man is not an angel. Sometimes he slpis as I was. Doing same for my friend who is a Medical student and thinks himself boring. He contacted me for a girl who was my ex-class fellow. My friend was too. I started my work. She used to go for tution in night and and I chose the points where I had to do work. So I did. In the way from where she passed to go, there was some of my relative's houses. My old house was also there but we left that to my uncles and shifted to other area.So with my cousin I used to sit there and on first day she notticed me but thought that I was there as usual. But in a week twice to thrice I used to visit there.And once I threw flirty comments on her. And I was told by my cousin that she searched for me for a while passing from here. I was going to my way as my plans. I decreased my visits. Coz it was my policy. She was restless now. And she was scared also coz she was a Girl and not had so much courage in her. One day I was there and was behind her in the way. I had a plan but she spoiled water on my plans by throwing a letter in the way with a flower. That was climax of the story coz after that there were slopes. Anyways when she threw that letter there were some of the elders in the passage and they saw the things. One of the man who was very naughty in such type of cases did very naughty thing. He visited the teacher by which she was taught and told him the situation. Luckily they did not noticed me in all the incident coz I was a popular figure due to my Nobility ( NOT AFTERWARDS) as that was my policy and also I was a very Shinig student of the area coz I snatched the Academic superiority of the neighbouring Town. So I had individual respect. And except that I am a individual of a elite family of the town. My Father is most populer figure of the town due to his Largest and most populer Private Model School in the area. And my uncles, one of them in Police and other is a Businessman. And my Grand Pa speacially who has stable business and also part of the Union Council of my Town. Although he is not Nazim there but he is populer than the Nazim. And Nazim has been reached to his post due to support of my grandpa. These were the things due to which I was censored from the story. And the bad luck of my that friend whose name was called by her in the story she told everyone to escape and for my safety also. I was sorry to my friend who was very insulted by all although he was well supproted by his family coz he was only one doing Medical studies. But what could I do.

Now the girl which was task for him became my own task as I was also arousing now after long period of rest. So after the rain of that clash was over I began the visits again. And now I was safe. In the passage there is a small house, used as Election Office, I used to sit there with my cousines. One night I did the work.I called her seeing that no one was there in the passage. I did that which I should do in that situation. I hugged her and took her in the room, binding the door after me. In the room she became nervouse amd ask me for leave coz she had to rush to her home. She told me that her father will come after her if she will be late. But I did not want to lose the chance coz these chances does not available daily as I have qutoed above. I took her in my arms and satisfied her that no one will be there and night has not very late yet and you can pretend a meeting with your friend. She was reluctant but when I kissed her on her lips no more reluctancy and rush was in her mind. I kissed her passionately and she did too. I was very hungary due to my very long leave from Sex class so I was being aggressive as my style in sex is and is told by my mates. She was also doing all this first time.

She was very hot and was shievring. For solid five minutes we did kissing and hugging and doing so we were on the bed. I pushed her a bit now and started opening her shirt. Doing that I saw the beauty. She took her shirt off and was before me only in bra. Her beauty was before me and I was being very very hot now feeling myself in my pants. I was in trouser which was showing her the situation of mine also. Her figure was same as I have I think so. Boobs were a bit larger then my chest but were so beutiful and round that was the difference coz I have not round chest. Anyways. She was of 29, 38 . Her body was very soft and that was a great pleasure for me to lick that soft body.
I could not control myself and started to lick her body. I started licking from her face and stpopped on her breasts. That was the feeling which can not be expressed in words. Licking her ears and her back was also delighting. During this she was caressing me and her nails were working on my back and on my shoulders. Some of the nail marks are here on my neck and on my back and my friend often use to ask me about them. That licking game was very passionately by us. She also licked my face. And now she was eager to lick my body so she opened my shirt also and get rid of it. Now my body was also exposing. I undid her bra also. Now we both were naked. Our upper bodies were exposed to each other. We did licking for 10 minutes and that was the ultimate pleasure. I sucked her boobs and pressed them very hard. Every thing was hard now. Her nipples, her body . My body was also rocking including my cock. Blood was smashing here and there in my cock and my cock was forcing to be free. Her hands worked for that and she took my trouser off and I did same to her.

Nature clothes were now on us. We examined each other by our own standards and we both were satisfied by each other coz My rocking cock was a new tool for her. Erect, Long, Massive and very energetic, never blinked. She was playing with that with her hands and I was enjoying it after long long time. I was sucking her boobs and at the same time doing naughty things with her vagina. I touched her pussy with finger and rubbed that. I don't like to lick pussy and the oral sex as it is not good I think so. But it is custome now in other parts of world. But in my society it is not considred good even by the sex loving persons.So I took her on the bed and rubbed my tool on her pussy while hugging her real tight. That was very hot and she cummed there twice with pleasure. Now she was demanding not to tease and to do. I was also eager to do so. I lifted her legs and kept them on my shoulders and guided my penis to her pussy. Her head went back with pleasure and her hairs were spread on back side. No lubricants were there except her pussy juices and my saliva. I inserted my tool with the help of the saliva. Her pussy opened for it. She moaned a bit. I pushed it inside the front of my cock entered and was welcomed by her pusssy, I felt a solid stretch on my cock. She was crying now. I pushed and some part of the cock more went inside and when I pushed with force now, there was a sound like opening of a bottle. Her pussy was accepting my cock.

I pushed with greater force and my cock was buried in her pussy. Now her hands were beating me. She was dyiing with pain, my massive tool was inside her. I came in the position and now I was facing a problem due to her moaning and crying. Although the room was safe but any one can hear the sounds. And The tension of her father also raised simultaneously. I did not think on that and started with her. I was in position now. I kept my cock inside her coz she was relaxed a bit now. Before making jerks I wanted to take safe position so I took her lips in mine and now I was kissing her and also started jerking. My cock was out and then in and out and then in. I incresed the speed and her moans were in my mouth as I was not letting her to cry so high.. I was feling some thing on my cock. I think that was blood and the tiny particals from her recently damaged pussy. I was aggressive and jerks became speedy and with even more force and it four minutes I was feeling that I am going to cum. And she had cum thrice during this. Now she was begging me to stop. I increase my jerks and it had very bad effect on her. She became Unconscious due to pain. She was in my hands now and I was near to cum so I did not care for that and I was not so tensed coz it happens. I pulled my cock out and cummed on her face to bring her back into senses. I slapped on her face. Now I was back into my senses also. I was tense now. I t can be tension for me if she will not come in senses. I thought about last half an hour. I had done so much that she would not be able to walk. I was loosing heart when she came into her snese. Just it was uttered from my lips. She was very weak. I kissed her and told her what had happened.She was weeping now. More tension.What should I do. I consulted my mind. Reply was simple.I let her to shed all of her tears. Coz they cant be stopped.I gave her affeactionate love and satisfied her that nothing bad will happen. I told her to join me in bath and wnet to there. After some time she cried there from room. That was not good for me. I ran towards the room and saw that she is on floor. I lifted her and asked what the hell was happened. She ...
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