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Sex With Aliyah

This is Shakeel from Karachi and u all now me very well and read my so many stories and like them. This happened 2 months ago. I was doing part time job as a receptionist in a Dental Clinic in defense. You all know that I m very much HOT on married women’s and ladies. In that clinic every kind of people come including males and females of every age but mostly married women’s come there for dental treatment sometimes with their husband sometimes alone or sometimes with some family member.

It’s a very nice day of End September time was about 9 pm I was just fixing the things and getting ready to close clinic a very sophisticated & sexy lady of age between 30 to 32 came into clinic with two little girls( they were her servants got to know later) I welcomed her with a pleasant smile and asked her how may I help U madam. She smiled and said that she wants to get a tooth filling and she needs an appointment. Let me describe her she was about 5’4” tall very sexy figure 36-28-36 U can say she was a sex bomb. I was stunned to see her beauty but I controlled myself. She was wearing a sleeveless white chicken suit with pink bra which was very visible.
Her dupatta was on side when she bends a little bit to sit in front of me I had a glimpse of her milky white cleavage ohhh ! That was mind blowing……..every day I saw many ladies but not like that. Her name was Aaliyah. I gave her appointment of next day. She gave me a smile and said good bye and went away. I was shocked and stunned for more than 15 minutes. So after that I went home and masturbate on her name. I was desperately waiting for the next day………. On next day she came at 8 pm but her time was 8:20 and doctor was busy with previous patient so she sits down and waiting for her turn. While she was sitting on the sofa I was continuously staring at her boobs she noticed me once and give me a smile I was ashamed and also give a embarrassed smile. There was no other patient in clinic and Dr was busy with patient in the compound. So I gather some courage and call her that miss if u r getting bored we can chat she said surely.

So we start talking we introduce ourselves each other and during chatting I got to know that her husband is a businessman and he goes to UK once in a month for 10 days as he is running her stores over there. She had no child and she was married for 5 years. She live all alone only with servants when her hubby was out. During talking to her I observed that she is very friendly and liberal lady. She was very friendly we talked for more than 30 minutes and got to know each other very well. She asked me if I give her a favor that she had some problem with her laptop she want me to take her laptop to Uni centre ( computer market) and fix the problem.

I said that no need to go to Uni centre I can fix the problem whatever the problem is as I m computer master also. She said ok come to my place and fix the problem I shall be very grateful to you. She was very obliged. I said no problem I will do it for U. She gave me her address and ask me to come next morning. I was very happy that I m getting a chance I planned that I wont miss it. Next morning I went to her place I was shocked to see her in nightie covered with night gown when she welcomed me in her drawing room. She was wearing a very sexy white lace nightie. I got feeling hard in my pants I heavily control it she take me to her bedroom and said come here and fix it please while she gone into washroom to wash her mouth. She came out her hairs were wet and she was looking awesome. She called her servant and asks her to take tea. While I was checking her laptop. She asked me how much time it will take to fix it I replied that it will take 2 to 3 hours to fix the problem. She said oh it takes too much time I said yes because I have to reinstall windows. She said ok carry on. She asks me that she will be back after 15 min because she has to take bath.

She went away and I was reinstalling windows in her laptop. She came back after 15 min I was totally shocked to see her she was wearing a black sleeveless low-neck shirt with stretchable black jeans. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan she was looking awesome her belly was seen because shirt was so small. It was very hard for me to control myself my dick got hard in my pants I can hide it hardly but It was a little bit easy because I was sitting on floor. Suddenly her servant come with tea we both take tea while we were chatting also she was continuously smiling I was unable to understand why she is smiling continuously. When I completed windows I was exploring her computer and I found a looooooot of porn stuff in her laptop. I just opened a movie which was hardcore xxx I asked her what is this?

She smilingly said that she was all alone and she has some desires some needs so she try to fulfill them herself. I was shocked to listen this. She said will u help me to fulfill my desires ……….O GOD…………….it was a miracle she is offering me that which was my desire. I hesitantly said y..yes. She smiled and get up and lock the door of the room. She straight away come to me and put her hand on my dick and pushed me on bed. I ask her that I m still shocked that how it happened and I got her. She smiled and come over me. She put her lips on my lips and start kissing I responded quickly and grab her in my arms and start kissing her madly she was madly kissing my lips my tongue biting on my lips I was quickly responded the same way her hands grabs my face and my hands were inside her pant on her hips I was caressing her hips pressing them her body was soooo hooooooooooooot. We madly kissed each other for more than 15 minutes and drink each others mouth juice.

Then we got up and she pulled my shirt she start undressing me first she put off my shirt then she unzipped me and take off my pant now I was only in underwear now I take off her shirt wow her milky white boobs were caught in sexy black lace bra they were looking awesome I also take off her pant now she was only in bra & panties maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I want to die she was hot & looking awesome she hugged me and give me a kiss i start kissing her on her boobs I put her bra off and start sucking them I was pinching them and she was moaning with pleasue aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I sucked her boobs for looooooooooong then she said that she want 69 I readily agreed I put off her panty and she put off my underwear she laid on bed spreading her legs I laid on her I put my mouth between her legs on her pinkish shaved cute pussy and my dick was on her mouth she take my dick in her mouth and start sucking it oh man I was feeling that I was in heaven she was so good in sucking I started licking her pussy and her pussy was wet and smelling awesome she was sucking my dick and moaning with pleasure creating different sounds and I was licking her pussy after 6-7 minutes I asked her that I m about to Cumming she said cum in my mouth I manna drink U. She started sucking fastly and after few strokes I Cummed in her mouth and she drink all my cum. Now I inserted my finger in her pussy and start moving it fastly and she got cummed we both hugged each other and laid on bed. And we kissed each other after 10 minutes I got erection and I asked her get ready for the real fun she said I m desperately waiting for it and she kissed my dick. She get laid straight on bed and spread her legs I put lotion from her dressing table and put a lotion on my dick and also on her pussy I put her legs on my shoulders I put my lips on her lips and start kissing her while with the other hand I put my dick on her pussy she said ohhhhhh plz insert it fuck me haaaaaaaaaaaaard plzzzzzzzzzz…………….. I put my lips on her lips hardly and insert my dick with a jerk in her pussy

She screamed with pain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I stopped inside her and starting moving slowly softly now she was in pleasure and she was enjoying the soft shots I was kissing her on her lips and caressing her boobs and my dick is inside her pussy and fucking her. She was enjoying it very much also I was feeling myself in heaven she was awesome. I fucked her for more than 15 minutes then we both get discharged. We both take bath and make love in shower also. That day I fucked her 5 time. After that day I fucked her so many time and enjoys a lot.

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