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Once I was coming back by train from Ahmedabad after attending a conference. I boarded the train five minutes before its departure. I found a girl of about 25 years sitting next to my seat. Her uncle and mother had come to see her off. When they knew she and I shall get down at the same station, being the last of the train’s journey after 28 hours of running, they requested me to take a little care of her and I agreed to.

After half-an-hour, I attempted to strike a friendly conversation with her but she answered to me in monosyllables and apparently showed no interest in continuing talk. However, I knew she was convinced I was a thorough gentleman. She thankfully refused to share some sweets and fruits I offered. The only thing I could gather was that her name was Mini and she was a student of fashion technology in an institute in the city I lived and she stayed in its ladies hostel. The institute was 17 KM away from my place but in a different route.

The train was scheduled to reach its destination at 1.45 in the afternoon the next day. She said her friends would come at the station to receive her. Though her relatives had requested me to take care of her, but since she took no interest in me, I too decided to ignore her too as her indifferent attitude hurt my pride. After all, I was not a cheat or scoundrel or opportunist out to seduce or woo a girl.

But, an announcement at the next junction made her lose her nerve and courage. Due to sudden cyclone and heavy rains, a bridge en-route of our further journey got damaged. However, the train would be diverted to its destination in another route, a roundabout way, taking more running hours. Lastly, the train reached our final destination at 12.50 in the night, about 11 hours late. No sooner the train pulled up at the platform than all the passengers scurried out to their homes. As I asked her, she said her friends would soon arrive and requested me to wait for a little time. So I waited. But even after nearly thirty minutes, there was no sign of her friends and the platform and station became deserted. Now she became really scared. I thought she was new to that place as the station was a den of antisocial elements and atrocities on women particularly during late night hours were rampant. Finding no other way, she readily accepted my offer of help to take her with me. We got into my company car waiting outside. I purposely sat with her at the back seat not to arouse any doubt in the mind of the driver.

I offered to drop her at the hostel, but she said the gate of the hostel would not be opened after 10.00 PM. So, with a small smile on her face, for the first time, she agreed to come to my flat and go to her place the next morning. Yet, I did tell her that I was living alone and if she felt it embarrassing to stay the night with me I can still drop her at the hostel making efforts to open the gate for her convincing the hostel warden about her predicament due to late arrival of train. She smiled at me again and said she had full faith in me and it was okay for her to stay in my flat till the next morning.

Once we reached my 2-rooms flat, I made a call to her hostel and she told the attendant to convey her friends that she had reached very late but safely and was staying with a relative and would join them the next morning. I offered my room attached with toilet to her. I knew all these actions and behavior of mine were making an impression on her about me. I went to make black coffee as she went to the bathroom. After her bath, we had coffee together. Then, I went to the other common bathroom for my bath.

While I was soaping myself, standing fully nude, suddenly I felt the hairs on my nape bristle which indicated a sign of danger, hunch or intuition. I had known there was a small crack on the bathroom door. I had ignored to get it repaired as I had always used the other bathroom attached to my bedroom. While I was undressing, I had seen the light of the bulb outside through this crack. After a minute, I found a movement outside. Later, I could not see the light as someone had blocked it for quite some time. Even without looking at the crack, I became aware; someone was watching me through the crack on the door. And it must be this girl!Suddenly I felt shy and in the same moment I wanted to apprehend her red-handed. Moving a little away from the crack so that she could not see me, I took my towel, wrapped it around my waist and at the same time removed the bolt and opened the door ajar instantly. And there, she stood outside in a crouching manner peeping through the crack! Worse, she was squeezing her breasts with both of her hands. If I had hit her across the face, the effect of my sudden appearance would not have been more startling and devastating. She gaped at me with her mouth wide open in utter bewilderment. She really looked thunderstruck. I decided enough was enough. I placed my hands on her shoulders and told that since the cat was out of the bag, there was no point in her pretending sanctimonious any more.

I hurriedly soaped myself and took the bath quickly. When I came out, I found her sitting on the bed, obviously embarrassed and scared of the consequences of her foolish action. I put on my night clothes, combed and went to her with a smile. I sat beside her and in a soft, loving voice asked her to express whatever she had in her mind. She kept her head bent down out of shame and shy. I repeated my words, now coated with sweetness and reassurance. After a few seconds, she raised her head and looked at my eyes searchingly. I knew if she dived into the ocean of my mind, she would surface finding me faithful and trustworthy only. On my repeating for the third time, she told in a whispering voice that she had liked me at the very first sight and had even fantasized about me in the first night of our train journey. She had seen the crack on the bathroom door and while she watched me in nude she became horny, fantasized and squeezed her breasts herself imagining I was doing it to her.

I told her to relax and take it easy. I added it was but natural for any girl of her age to feel exactly the way she did and there was nothing abnormal in it. I told I did not feel like falling in love with a girl then nor would I think of proposing to her. But if she so liked to sleep with me and enjoy the night, it was fine with me too. Her eyes reflected admiration for my honesty and integrity. She nodded her approval. I could not imagine my luck of getting a sexy girl to spend a night together. Honestly speaking, I had not the faintest inkling this timid-looking girl who sat next to my seat in the train would offer herself to me so soon. But then, as history tells, girls behave in strange ways.

That was the beginning. As I hugged her, she lay on the bed taking me on top of her. While I kissed on her lips, she closed her eyes. I asked: “Are you being kissed for the first time?” She said: “To be honest, no. I had it once with my boyfriend a couple of years ago”. I asked her to wet her lips by running her tongue over them which she did. Then, I took her lower lip, wet with her saliva, into my mouth and sucked it softly for some time enjoying the sweet honey. On my asking again to extend her tongue, she did so. I took her soft salivary tongue inside my mouth and sucked it hard. I heard her moaning softly keeping her eyes closed.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” I asked. She blushed and said: “Sure”.

She coyly brought her mouth and kissed on my lips. At this time, I cupped her left boob with my right hand. I assumed her boobs might be of 34C size. My touch on her boob over the nightie seemed to send impulses all over her body. But then, my situation was not different either.

I brought her to stand on the floor. As I attempted to remove her nightie, she requested me to switch off the light first. I did so and switched on the dim blue bedroom lamp. She looked sensuous and sexy with only her bras and panty on. Next I removed my clothes excepting my underwear. I hugged her tightly keeping her boobs pressed hard to my chest. We smooched while both of us ran our hands at each other’s back. My right hand went to her ass over her panty. I gave a slight slap on it and pressed it hard on to my crotch. She giggled softly. While we still engaged in kissing, I cunningly unhooked her bras with my left hand. She felt shy as her boobs popped out. I removed her bras and flung it to the corner....Looking at her conical shaped boobs admiringly, I said: “Mini, your boobs are really beautiful, well-shaped and sized. Any lady would envy looking at them. And, any man would love to squeeze and suck them”. To my pleasant surprise, she replied: “Who is stopping you?” I ran my hands over her boobs caressing their soft flesh. My hands massaged the brown aureoles in a titillating manner. I tweaked her deep brown nipples with my fingers. Soon, they became hard and erect and stood in a tantalizing way. She bent a little backward and moaned softly.

The massaging over, I began to squeeze her boobs softly first. Her moans became a little louder. “Mini, can I apply more force to squeeze them, if it won’t hurt you?” I asked. Still shy, she said: “You can squeeze and enjoy with as much force as you like. In fact, I always fantasized so”. Her reply ...encouraged me. I also remembered her squeezing the breasts while she peeped through the bathroom door. I began to squeeze the boobs with more and more force and pressure now. Sometimes the squeezing was so forceful; the flesh of her boobs seemed to escape through in between my fingers. With each squeeze, she moaned “Aahh…aahhh…aahhhh….oouuuccchhhh…”

After squeezing them for nearly five minutes, I bent a little. Lifting her boobs from under their bases, I touched my face on the boobs. I kept her nipples rubbing all over my face giving pleasures to both of us. She kept her hands on my head and ran the fingers through my hairs. Then I played rubbing the nipples with the tip of my tongue. Her body shivered with titillations.

As if sharing a pearl of wisdom, I said: “Do you know, Mini, what are the biggest and sweetest ‘raisins’ in this world? Yeah, those are the nipples of a lady”. Hearing my witty statement, she laughed out loudly. “Is it so? Then you must enjoy them fully”, she said. I did not expect she would shed her inhibition so quickly.

Smilingly I took her left nipple into my mouth and began to suck. While doing so, my left hand squeezed her right boob. She moaned more loudly now. Often I bit her nipple with my teeth carefully not to hurt or leave any injury marks. After minutes, I exchanged with her other boob. But this time, my other hand went inside her panty and began to rub her love triangle vigorously. ‘Aaahhhhh….’ this made her release a wild shrill. I felt her pussy warm and moistened. My sucking her boob and rubbing her pussy continued for next five minutes.

Then, I pulled down her panty and threw it to where her bras had landed earlier. I ...

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