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Buddhe boss ki sexy biwi

Hi i m sunny, 24years, 5.9” tall and with 8” machine gun(dick) i m so much appreciated by many sexy ladies jinko maine fuck kiya ke mai gigolo bann jau kyu ki mujh mai wo sab kuch hai jo ek aurat chahti hai ke uske bfriend, husband mai ho…..but sorry ladies mai gigolo nahi bann sakta kyu ki mai ek achhi family se belong kerta hu aur ager kisi ko malum chal gya ke mai gigolo ka kaam kerta hu toh mere liye bohot bura hoga, but mai aapsab ki pyas bhujaane ki koshish keruga ager aap mujhe apni khidmat ka mooka de toh. Well, i can travel any where in india most preferably chandigarh, delhi, and mumbai, their native places as well. Waise aap mujhe mere cell per bhi contact ker sakti hain.

I am working for a life insurance company. As i stay alone i have to cook my food and do the other works on my own. I have got good neighbors who help me a lot. My boss stays next to my flat. He is a 55 year old man married to a widow who is about36 years of age with good body and attractive personality. She also works in our office as asst. Manager. She is damn sexy. She is not satisfied with her husband and he could not satisfy her because of his age.she always use to stare me. She used to sit next to me because we both share same cabin and table. I also use to take chances of touching her boobs and thighs. She always like it and used to be closer to me.

She was very frank with me. My boss has faith in me because i have given my company gud business which gave huge profit. As i am alone i work more at office because i gets bored at home alone. Once my boss has to go for a seminar to new york for 1 month. So he told me to take care of the office in his absence and also his home b’coz his wife will be alone at home. One saturday night boss’s wife rekha and me were working late night till 1.00 am we finished the work and came home. But in hurry i forgot my flats key at office. She came to know about this and invited me to her flat. I also liked to sleep with her and got opportunity accidentaly. As next day was sunday holiday for office she has planned to party in small manner by drinking and eating. She gave me boss’s cloths and told me to get fresh. I took shower and changed the clothes.

She also took shower and wore her white short low necked nighty without any bra inside. We went to the bar which was inside her flat. My boss was a heavy alchoholic. She gave me a patiala peg of whisky and she also took the same. We finished our drinking after taking three pegs. Now we both were out of control. We went for dinner at 2.15 am finished it and i asked her “madam mein kaha par letu, aapka to ek hi bed hain.” She said not to worry we both will sleep on her bed. I came to know about her plan. I smiled and said “hum dono ek saath, dekh lijiye kahi mein ek ladka hoon aur aap ek middle aged aurat.” When she heard this she got angry and told me that she is not aged and can handle any big deal of any matter. I said “are aap to gussa ho gayi i am sorry chaliye sone ki koshish karte hain. While sleeping she asked me about my personal life and girlfriends. I told her that i don’t have any because i didn’t like any one. She said did i like her.i was stunned but due to whisky i said yes i do.

We decided to sleep now. She was not sleeping at all but was looking at me. While sleeping her nighty was gone up to her waist and panty can be easily seen. I decided to seduce her. So i kept my hand near to her body, she realised it after some time shealso moved her hand toward my body. I slowly started touching her body. She also began to enjoy this and didn’t bother about her age and mine.slowly slowly i moved my hand towards her chest and began to press them slowly. She was in full mood because her plan was working.she moved her hand toward my dick. Whis was not erect. She touched it kept her hand on it. I siezed her intensions and began to press her boobs firmly and hardly. She now bagan to moan. Now she was out of control and shifted nearer to me. She whispered “michael it is hurting me, dheere se dabao dard hota hain baba poori raat padi hain aur kal chhooti bhi hain. Kal ke liye bhi to rakho” i heard that i told her to enjoy it & eased her boobs pressing. “rekhaji aap to bahot sunder ho par aap ko boss suit nahin karte. Aap to kisi heroin se kam nahin ho aap bilkul rekha lagti ho”. She was happy after my compliment and began to open up and said “ kya kare kismat me buddha mila par tujhe roz dekh kar siskari bharte this roz tere sapne dekh kar soti hoon. Mera pati to mahine mein ek do baar hi karta hain wo bhi 5-10 minute ke liye.” I told her that i also dreamed about her and masturbate.

She told me that next time don’t masturbate just fuck her because she need my huge penis. While talking to her we took out our clothes and were naked. She was really sexy. Mike aaj meri poori phaad do meri pyaas aaj mita do, tumhe jo chahe kar sakte ho. I started licking her boobs and she was creating noise aaaaaahhhaahhh ooooeeeeehhhh phad do phad do chodo mujhe meri pyaas bhujha do. I was not so excited so i kept my cool and decided to fuck her till morning. She was lying down on the bed and moaning louder and louder b’coz she was getting what she needed. When i reached her pussy she said “dheere se karo choot hain meri koi rand ki gand nahin” i kept tongue on her pussy and started kissing her pussy.she was shivred and screaming. I inserted my middle fingre and made to & fro actions( in & out). I increased the speed in between i used to give deep kisses in her mouth. She never did this kind of sex before so she liked it. I kept on fingering her untill she cummed. Aaahhhaa ahhhaahha ooee eooeeoeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee nikal gaya mar gayi gaandu chone se pehle hi mujhe gila kar diya. Chod naa mujhe sale. But still i kept on licking her pussy. Meanwhile i gave my lund in her mouth to suck. She refused it b’coz she never did this before. I told her how to suck. Are ice creame ki tarah use chooso aur chaaton bahot maza ayega.after our conversation she agreed and soon she began to suck it as if she knew it before. My lund was much bigger to fit in her mouth but still she like to suck it.

She said “saale kitna bada hain tera lund mere pati ka to iska adha bhi nahin. Lagta hain kal mein theek se chal nahin sakti. Phad dega ye magar mujh par rahem mat kar aaj poori tarah se merimasti utar de”. While sucking i came on in her mouth which she didn’t expected but she liked it. Then after cumming i took my time by sucking her ass hole, pussy and boobs. She was deparate to have mine in her pussy.”Ab mujhe tarsa mat dal de jaldi se mujhe tarsa mat. Main tere pair padti hoon. Chod mujhe”. After five minutes i got full erection so i spread her legs i inserted full lund in her pussy in one stroke. Due to this she screamed a louder and louder.slowly slowly i increased the eeeee ahahaha oh oh oh ooh eee oooh oooh mike dheere se chod dard ho raha hain. Iski adat nahi mujhe but never stopped me to do so.then i turnrd her and made her doggy style and entered her pussy from behind.while stroking my thighs were also hitting her buttocks which bacame red. She was now cumming for second time. Oui maa maar dala kambakht ne dheere se harami phadega kya nikal diya mera pani phir se sale bada chodu hain tu. Aaa eeeee umhhhhhh umhhhhhh nahi nahi nahi dheere dheere. But i kept on stroking her. She was now in pain and screaming. So i decided to take a small rest when i stopped she thought as if it is over and said “ bahot dum hain tujhme poori masti nikal di meri tu to chodne ki machine hain.”. I told her that i am not finished yet but took a small rest. I told her that i am going to fuck her ass.

She was afraid of the pain and refused. But i rubbed the saliva and some oil on the ass door which was very thight. So i fingered it to loose it. I just ket the tip and gave push my ¼ of lund went inside she shouted “nikal use dard ho raha hain oui maa gaan mat mar dard ho raha hain” but i slowly pushed it further untill it went full i began the motion slowly slowly at this speed she was screaming but she also liked it.i kept on increasing the speed and once i was in full speed she was shouting and began to stop me, but i kept on hitting hard. She was now saying “gaand mar oar dheere se bahot dard ho raha hain harami phad di aaj tune aaaa eeeeeee ooh ooh ooh no no .but after deacreasing the speed she was now pushing her gaand towards me and asked for more mar aj poori tarah se phaad de. I increased the speed and kept on stroking and at last came in her ass and her buttocks. She was completely satisfied and within few minutes we both went to sleep. I was on top of herfully morning she got up at 10.00 am and told me that her gaand is paining so i should massage it so i took some oil and apllied on her buttocks and back and started massaging it but due to this we were again in the mood . We didn’t wore anything it was easy to fuck her. I got full erection and without her permission inseted it in her gaand again she began to scream scream scream and scream aaaaaaaa ooooo eeeee aah aaaaah aaaaah aaaaah no no no but didn’t stopped me after 20 minutes i cummed on her baelly and chest.then i said buhiya gaand marvane ka showk tha to pahle bolna tha. Aaj teri pyaas bujha di ab roz teri kathirdari karoonga. After this i began to fuck her every where.

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