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Prophet Abraham (PBUH)
left Egypt accompanied
by his nephew Lut
(PBUH), who then went
to the city of Sodom
(Sadum), which was on
the western shore of
the Dead Sea.
This city was filled with
evil. Its residents
waylaid, robbed and
killed travelers. Another
common evil among
them was that men had
sex with men instead of
with women. This
unnatural act later
became known as
sodomy (after the city
of Sodom). It was
practiced openly and
It was at the height of
these crimes and sins
that Allah revealed to
Prophet Lut (PBUH) that
he should summon the
people to give up their
indecent behavior, but
they were so deeply
sunk in their immoral
habits that they were
deaf to Lot's preaching.
Swamped in their
unnatural desires, they
refused to listen, even
when Lot warned them
of Allah's punishment.
Instead, they
threatened to drive him
out of the city if he
kept on preaching.
Allah the Almighty
revealed: The people of
Lot (those dwelt in the
towns of Sodom in
Palestine) belied the
Messengers when their
brother Lot said to
them: "Will you not fear
Allah and obey Him?
Verily! I am a
trustworthy Messenger
to you. SO fear Allah,
keep your duty to Him,
and obey me. No reward
do I ask of you for it
(my Message of Islamic
Monotheism) my reward
is only from the Lord of
the Alamin (mankind,
jinn and all that exists).
Go you in unto the
males of the Alamin
(mankind), and leave
those whom Allah has
created for you to be
your wives? Nay, you
are a trespassing
They said: "If you cease
not, O Lot! Verily, you
will be one of those
who are driven out!"
HE said: "I am indeed, of
those who disapprove
with severe anger and
fury your (this evil)
action (of sodomy). My
Lord! Save me and my
family from what they
SO We saved him and
his family, all except an
old woman (this wife)
among those who
remained behind. (Ch
26:160-171 Quran)
The doings of Lot's
people saddened his
heart. Their
unwholesome reputation
spread throughout the
land, while he struggled
against them. As the
years passed, he
persisted in his mission
but to no avail. No one
responded to his call
and believed except for
the members of his
family, and even in his
household, not all the
members believed. Lot's
wife, like Noah's wife, a
Allah the Almighty
declared: Allah set forth
an example for those
who disbelieve, the wife
of Noah and the wife of
Lot. They were under
two of Our righteous
slaves, but they both
betrayed their
(husbands, by rejecting
their doctrines) so they
(Noah & Lut) benefited
them (their respective
wives) not, against
Allah, and it was said:
"Enter the Fire along
with those who enter!"
(Ch 66:10 Quran)
If home is the place of
comfort and rest, then
Lut found none, for he
was tormented both
inside and outside his
home. His life was
continuous torture and
he suffered greatly, but
he remained patient and
steadfast with his
people. The years rolled
by, and still not one
believed in him. Instead,
they belittled his
message and mockingly
challenged him: "Bring
Allah's Torment upon us
if you are one of the
truthful!" (Ch 29:29
Overwhelmed with
despair, Lot prayed to
Allah to grant him
victory and destroy the
corrupt. Therefore, the
angels left Abraham
(pbuh) and headed for
Sodom the town of Lut
(pbuh). They reached
the walls of the town in
the afternoon. The first
person who caught
sight of them was Lot's
daughter, who was
sitting beside the river,
filling her jug with
water. When she lifted
her face and saw them,
she was stunned that
there could be men of
such magnificent beauty
on earth.
One of the tree men
(angels) asked her: "O
maiden, is there a place
to rest?"
Remembering the
character of her people
she replied, "Stay here
and do not enter until I
inform my father and
return." Leaving her jug
by the river, she swiftly
ran home.
"O father!" she cried.
"You are wanted by
young men at the town
gate and I have never
before seen the like of
their faces!"
Lot felt distressed as
he quickly ran to his
guests. He asked them
where they came from
and where they were
They did not answer his
questions. Instead they
asked if he could host
them. He started talking
with them and
impressed upon them
the subject of his
people's nature. Lot was
filled with turmoil; he
wanted to convince his
guests without
offending them, not to
spend the night there,
yet at the same time
he wanted to extend
to them the expected
hospitality normally
accorded to guests. In
vain he tried to make
them understand the
perilous situation. At
last, therefore, he
requested them to wait
until the night fell, for
then no one would see
When darkness fell on
the town, Lot escorted
his guest to his home.
No one was aware of
their presence.
However, as soon as
Lot's wife saw them,
she slipped out of the
house quietly so that
no one noticed her.
Quickly, she ran to her
people with the news
and it spread to all the
inhabitants like wildfire.
The people rushed
towards Lot quickly and
excitedly. Lot was
surprised by their
discovery of his guests.
and he wondered who
could have informed
them. The matter
became clear, however,
when he could not find
his wife, anywhere, thus
adding grief to his
When Lot saw the mob
approaching his house,
he shut the door, but
they kept on banging
on it. He pleaded with
them to leave the
visitors alone and fear
Allah's punishment. He
urged them to seek
sexual fulfillment with
their wives, for that is
what Allah had made
Lot's people waited until
he had finished his
short sermon, and then
they roared with
laughter. Blinded by
passion, they broke
down the door. Lot
became very angry, but
he stood powerless
before these violent
people. He was unable
to prevent the abuse
of his guests, but he
firmly stood his ground
and continued to plead
with the mob.
At that terrible
moment, he wished he
had the power to push
them away from his
guests. Seeing him in a
state of helplessness,
and grief the guests
said: "Do not be anxious
or frightened, Lot for
we are angels, and
these people will not
harm you."
On hearing this, the
mob was terrified and
fled from Lot's house,
hurling threats at him
as they left. The angels
warned Prophet Lut
(pbuh) to leave his
house before sunrise,
taking with him all his
family except his wife.
Allah had decreed that
the city of Sodom
should perish. AN
earthquake rocked the
town. IT was as if a
mighty power had lifted
the entire city and
flung it down in one
jolt. A storm of stones
rained on the city.
Everyone and
everything was
destroyed, including
Lot's wife.
Allah the Almighty
recounted this story:
And tell them about the
guests (angels) of
Abraham. When they
entered unto him, and
said: "Salaaman (peace)!"
Abraham said: "Indeed!
We are afraid of you."
They (the angels) said:
"Do not be afraid! We
give you glad tidings of
a boy (son) possessing
much knowledge and
wisdom." (Abraham) said:
"Do you give me glad
tidings (of a son) when
old age has overtaken
me? Of what then is
your news?" They (the
angels) said: "We give
you glad tidings in
truth. SO be not of the
Abraham said: "And who
despairs of the Mercy
of his Lord except
those who are
astray?" (Abraham
again) said: "What then
is the business on which
you have come, O
They (the angels) said:
"We have been sent to
a people who are
Mujrimeen (criminals,
disbeliveers, polytheists,
sinners). (All) except the
family of Lot. Them all
we are surely going to
save (from
Except his wife, of
whom We have decreed
that she shall be of the
those who remain
behind (she will be
Then when the
Messengers (the angels)
came unto the family of
Lot, he said: "Verily! You
are people unknown to
me." They said: "Nay! we
have come to you with
that (torment) which
they have been
doubting. And we have
brought to you the
truth (the news of the
destruction of your
nation) and certainly,
we tell the truth. Then
travel in a part of the
night with your family,
and you go behind them
in the rear, and let no
one amongst you look
back, but go on to
where you are ordered."
And We made known
this decree to him, that
the root of those
(sinners) was to be cut
off in the early morning
The inhabitants of the
city came rejoicing (at
the news of the young
men's arrival). Lot said:
"Verily! These are my
guests, so shame me
not. And fear Allah and
disgrace me not." They
(people of the city)
said: "Did we not forbid
you to ...

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