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♥•'True Love'•♥

By Anna

Let your sweetheart know those special words of love that you have in your heart. True love once stroke down your heart, touches you forever. It’s all about loving someone for what they are and not by changing them. Have a glance at these touching phrases that will bring a feeling of warmth in your

True love is the foundation of integrity, honesty and worship between two individuals. Dearth of any of this pillar may perhaps lead to maladjustment in a relation. True love has prevailed over self-centeredness, egocentricity and bodily desires. It is a feeling of serenity and completeness that gives a reason to live not for one’s own self but for someone else.

True love seeks no condition or wish fulfillment. A person in true love learns to forfeit and not hunt for his own benefit. It is not about yearning to get married to your love but to watch him or her getting married to the person they love. It is entirely committed to the welfare of the other. True love cannot be experienced by each and everyone on this earth. All of us fall in love with a particular person in our life but very less could actually get united. But there is yet more lack of strong hearts in this world who can sacrifice their love with a beam on their face.

The world seems to be tired, upset, secluded and thwarted. A human soul could be utterly fatigued with the long-laden melancholy of life and the reason is the lack of love which is the major strength of human being to stay alive. Why should we want to live tomorrow? It is for the divine love that gives us a motive to breathe today. We want to live forever because of that love we are bestowed with by our loved ones. We want to be loved by him or her today, tomorrow and forever. We want to live because there is someone who loves us, someone we wish to see whenever we’ll open our eyes as well as love him or her back.

True love is all about loving someone just because they are themselves and not their actions and values. True love never asks for any amendment of your traits but accepts you as you are along with your positive and negative attributes. Being in true love is such a divine feeling where you will unsurprisingly lay down your own comfort for the safety and happiness of your love. True love doesn’t yearn for reciprocation from your love. It is a strength in itself that gives you selfless valor even at the weakest end of your life. True love is also termed as unconditional love which is a strong bond between lovers or spouses which is claimed to be at a much higher point than bodily desires. Some symptoms confirm that you are in True Love. A simple smile on your lover’s face will take you to ecstasy.

You are not bothered about anyone who is attracted to you; you’ll have only one yearning to rest in your lover’s arms, no matter how hard your day has gone but just a thought of your lover will bring an elated smile on your face, irrespective of all the flaws in your lover, they’ll seem to be the perfect human to you. True love is all about making sacrifices and giving yourself completely without any expectation. Finding and keeping love is not just a romantic idea; it is crucial for our survival. No human can continue to exist without love. It is the heart of a human body at the arrest of which one will be lost in the realm of isolation. A person will not expire if he is deprived of love but will live the life of a deceased.

Love is god’s most wondrous gift man has ever received. True love is not about spending some moments with your love, it’s not about lending an ear to what others say about both of you; it’s not about asking for the anything in return. True love happens when you feel that your life is miserable and meaningless with that person, when you feel distressed and lonely not because you miss your love but because you are worried whether your love is in need of you. True love is always getting involved in a physical attachment but experience an overwhelming feeling of pure bliss when the two of you will kiss. You will agree to give up everything without moaning just to see an everlasting smile on your lover’s face. You sense a feeling of joy with the thought of doing something for your love. When true love happens you will want to hold your love in your arms for all the eternity, your lips will be locked forever in your warm instances and you’ll wish that your time with your love never ends.

True love is not always about having a candle dinner at the weekend or exchanging the most expensive gifts with your love. It means much more than that. Love cannot be measured with materialistic chattels neither can it possessed by speaking romantic rhymes. Age, looks, social status, what others think about you two, all these societal issues doesn’t matter in True Love. It is an unconditional feeling that inspires, revives and even sometimes hurts. You don’t have reasons for loving, you just do. True Love is the soul’s recognition of it’s counter-point in another, when you will find that counter-point, all the knowledge that you were loaded with will seize to exist and you will only see that counter-point. The sometimes euphoric, sometimes agonizing bliss from heaven is known as True Love.

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