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My Second Gay Sex


This time I am going to tell my second level experience with Babu. In the previous story I said how i didmy first sex with babu and how we started initially.

After our first sex, I thought that I have made wrong. Then I cant able to face his face normally. So i avoided much speech with him. The days went. Almost 3 weeks gone. I need to have one more sex with Babu. That was a Friday. I made call to Babu to come home. He asked me to come his house. I went to his house, and I asked "can we masturbate now". But babu refused on that day. I dont know why. Then I went home, and alone masturbate.

Next day i didnt got to school, because of head-ache. Mostly on Saturday's half-day school only. 2 pm I got a call from Babu. I went to his home. Babu's neighbour was watching tv. he didnt went soon. Almost half-an-hour went. After his neighbour went out, Babu locked the door and comes in.

He told me to "Come in". We both entered into the bed room. He pressed my cock and simply massaged. I opened his zip and took his cock in my hands. We both hugged, and I kissed his neck. I asked "Can we kiss". But he said, "I dont like kissing da". Then he laid on the bed, I laid above him. and had body sex.
Babu said, "Can we do in Nude". I accepted. we both undressed and become nude. That was the first time, I had seen babu in nude, and he is also.
He hugged me fastly and kissed my face and neck. He got full tension, after seeing me in nude.
I laid down on the bed. he started doing sex above me. He kissed my neck and sucked by small boob. He asked me, "Can we suck". But i said "No Babu. I dont like to do"...

He pleased, "Hei.. it will me nice da.. try once. u will never stop". But i didnt accepted. Then we did simple sex only.. First he cummed on me. Then i laid above him and spread my cum on him.

I didnt explain much about this sex. because, we didnt do much in this sex. We did just 5 mins only. It was the first nude sex we are did. so we are uncontrollable. so we cant able to control it. So we leaked our Cum quickly.
But after a week, we had the Querterly Exam. On that time, he got my notebook (a day before the exam). Then i gave it. next day morning he didnt return. I went to his home. but he was not there. I got tension on him. In the school, I shouted on babu and got fight. we both fight each other. That i didnt expect. But we both fight each other.

Almost 4 weeks gone. We didnt started our speech. I got in mood. I thought that I made a mistake. But Babu also didnt speak to me. On that time, in my class a fellow is there. his name is Sridhar. Nice looking boy. His face is as like as female face, normal white, with sexy smile. He usually touch on my stomach by fun. On that time, I needed to do sex. So I planned to do with him. He also likes me. But he behaves like semi. One day he told that "I will fuck you" by fun. I used that word,... I replied, "If you have guts.. then do it". He said, "I will come to your home, this evening and i will do it"..

I thought that he made fun. but he came on that evening. We played TV games first. He asked me, "Do u have any adults only book". I said "Yes". He asked me to show it. I brought to my room, and showed two adults only books. He is seeing it with surprise. he said, "this is the first time, I am seeing it". He asked me, "In this age how do you control your sex feelings.?".
I replied, "its simple. I do masturbate".
He asked, "whats it"?
I said how to masturbate. I touched his cock, it look too tension.
I asked him, "can we both masturbate here".
But he refused, "Sorry sunil. I feel shy..".
I got disappointed. I thought that we were going to do sex. He is also likes my beauty. I know it. But, he felt too shy. I thought that he will not do. So i didnt compul him.
He asked me, "You are lucky. u have seperate room. but our home has two rooms only. how can i masturbate?".
I said, "While going to bathroom, just shake it up and down by thinking anysexy actress or have any foto,... by 2 minutes, u will leak it".
I gave another alternate idea also. "While sleeping, just lay down and move up and down by hard, with ur cock pressing on the down... then u will leak it". Then he thanked me, and we continued playing TV Games.

Then days went off. I usually think, 'We can go and speak with babu and say sorry'. But after masturbat, I didnt do. Likethis 2 months went off. That was December 1st, 1998. That was the day i never forget. I was not able to control me further. because we did two times sex. So i need to have one more time. But three months gap made me to ask sorry.

On the Lunch time, we usually goto home to take lunch. On that time, I taken my food as soon as possible, and went to Babu's home. And said, "Sorry Babu. Problem is in both side. But I made a mistake by stopped myspeech with you. So forget our fight". He accepted my sorry. And shaked my hand. I become very happy and went to the school.

Evening, myself and babu both started moving to our home. I asked him, "Can I come to your home now?". But he said,"In our home, every one there. I can come to your home". I said, "ok. I will wait for you?".

Within half an hour he came to home. Because he is also had 3 months gap. The eagerness made him to come. I was in lungi, and welcomed him. After he came, some minutes we watched Tv, and talked for few minutes. I asked him, "do u had any sex in these months"?. He said, "Yes 4 times, I had with mubarak. But I missed you".

By watching the Tv, he pressed my cock along with lungi and asked, "Any sex book do u have"?. I replied, "Yes two books, we already seen it".
He told, "Come, we can see one more time".

We both entered into my bed room. I locked my room door, and brought the book out. we started to see the book. My concentration is not on the book. I waited for babu's reaction to start the sex. By watching the book, he invited me for sex. he usually invite me for sex by pressing the cock. I closed the book, thrown down. I pressed his cock.

He asked me, "Sunil. without sucking our sex is not interesting. can we do sucking...".
I replied, "No da Babu. I want to do. but i am afraid of it. It will give any disease babu".
Babu said, "No sunil. Everybody doing this. Myself and mubarak also doing it. It willnot give any trouble to you".
I said, "No babu. we can do any other time. Not now".

Then we hugged each other. I got tensed.., because i waited to do this for three months. I asked, "Can we undress". he asked, "if any1 comes to your home means".?
I replied, "Dont worry. now no one will come".

We both removed our shirt, pant and banian. he tried to remove the jatti. But i said, "we can do with it. because it will carry the sperm when we leak".
First I laid down on the bed. Babu laid above me. He started doing body sex... by kissing my face and neck.., and sucked by boob.
Then by sex, i asked, "Babu,.. If sucking dont make any problem means can we do it?".
he said, "Ok we can. its not at all wrong".

After saying it, he moved my jatti, and touched my cock with his tongue first. That was an nice effect. which passed like current. I asked, "Do it Babu.. I like it ...". After watching my effect, he started sucking. Moved his mouth in & out... Sucked it without biting. He did soft sucking. I sounded with feeling... Then he came up, and watched my face. I caught his face and kissed his mouth, without asking him. He usually dont like kissing. But i kissed and bite his mouth. He didnt shown anger or anything, he continued his sex. He accepted my kiss. So i once again kissed him.

He laid down on the bed, kept his cock his hand andasked me, "Sunil.. Suck it".
First I didnt sucked, and watched it with some thinking. He said, "Do it.. Its not at all a problem". Then I dont know how to start first. Immediately I inserted the full cock into the mouth. Babu said how to suck. Then i sucked the first half part of his cock. I tasted it. That was the first time I am doing. I loved to do it. I did a good sucking. He said "Ahh... Do it.. You r going well. The same"... I have got som smell while sucking. But that was a good smell, boosted me to suck.

Then I laid down, he started sucking. I cannot control my feeling further. I asked, "Babu we can finish it off. Come on. we leak the sperm.. I am in full mood".
He laid above me and did body sex...., and leaked his sperm, his jutti carried it.
Then he laid down, I started my body sex, just in 10 seconds, my sperm fastly came out.

I had a different sex with Babu. That was the first time, we did a different sex.

That was Nice Sex.. But Next time, we moved to the next level. Half yearly exam came. Morning we have exam. Afternoon we will return to home. On that afternoon, we did three times sex. one time, we had different feeling.
He had a blue film VCR cassette. While watching it we planned to do sex. while watching, we sat in the sofa near by. This time, I invited him to sex by pressing his cock. in that video, I had seen 69 sex. The girl sucking his cock, the boy licking her pussy. I asked babu, "can we do like this"?. he accepted.
We went inside the bed room, and started the sex. First we did normal suck only. Later babu sucked me. Then I laid down on the bed, he rotated himseld, and tasted my cock, and myself sucked his cock. First time we did 69 suck. That was a wonderful sex. we did the sucking longer.
Then that time, he told me to suck differently. He moved up the skin of the upper part of his cock, and asked me to suck. While I started to touch my my tongue... he enjoyed a lot,. He shouted with feeling,,.. "come on sunil... Taste it.. I like a lot". I enjoyed that suck. I had found some old sperm in that, and smelled good. That smell gave me mood.

Then we did the usual body sex, and leaked our CUM.

Like this, we had many sex, in these past 12yrs. we are enjoying till.
In my next story, I will tell about our group sex with mubarak, and first ass hole fuck, cum drinking experience....

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