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Swadhyay literally means the study, knowledge, and discovery of the self. According to proponents, it is a"journey to work out a unity ina multiverse of cultures and world views, of harmonizing the self with a network of relationships, of creating and maintaining vital connections between self, society, and God,of knowing and enriching human action with sacredness." The understanding of an in-dwelling God imbibed into Swadhyayees (practitioners of Swadhyay) by Athavale is claimed to motivate them towards true expression of devotion ( Bhakti ). The concept of devotion has two important aspects in Swadhyay:one of self-exploration, with a view to becoming closer to God (Bhav Bhakti ), and an active and creative principle of devotion to promote communalgood ( kruti bhakti ). Athavale taught that a series of practicalsteps and programs facilitates the awareness that God is in-dwelling.
Per Athavale, "In human society, there are many kinds of barriers such as caste, color,status, religion etc. that separate man from man. What is the way to unite the human race in spite of these barriers? The differences do exist from person to person. But there is a common factor which binds all of us. Our Creator is one and our Operator is one. This isthe only factor which can unitethe human race in spite of multitude of differences. Today, crude hedonism and materialism are on the ascent. As a result of these isms, modern man is becoming heartless. Human life without noble feelings and higher sentiments is dry, dull and mechanical. The consciousness of God within will promote self-respect and respect for the whole of humanity and creation. The essence of devotion is an understanding ofnearness of God. In conclusion,I would like to assert that Devotion to God is a force for the individual, a force for socialharmony and a force for international unity."
Athavale introduced educational institutions, developed wealth redistribution measures and social welfare projects. Athavale has shown...

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