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How Do Franco-Canadienne Blondes Teach Their Toyboys The ABC of Getting Popped in Souled Out? 'Un Detroìt, John,Deer...let's Hatch'enfants Çe Soir' Take Me For 4 petits fours, Vis A la Carte de Menu laytah...Σat it Paycheque&Beat it...
30.04.2011 20:28 EDT,
what did the pirate with no ears say ? i have no buckin ears lol
06.10.2009 22:57 EDT,
For BB King's birthday, his wife wanted to give him something very special! BB already had pretty much everything a person could want, money, fame and happiness! BB's wife decided to get "BB" tatooed on her butt, a "B" on each butt cheek.That night, after eating dinner and cake, she decided to give BB her gift. After explaining that her gift was very special, she proceeded bend over and pull her pants down, revealing her bare, tatooed ass! She told "BB" to look.He looked and said, "That's great honey... but who in the fuck is BOB?"
07.04.2009 17:57 EDT,
Hey u! Landslide funnist bloke i know! Ur a gem an im soo oo glad ur my friend! :-) xx
23.02.2009 12:52 EST,
How do you scare a man? Sneak up behind him and start throwing confetti :-) l,ol
21.02.2009 16:27 EST,
Wife ask husband "tell me something 2 make me happy & mad at da same time. He saids "out of all ya friends u give da best head" :-) :-)
12.02.2009 19:21 EST,
A man goes to the police station and asks to see the burglar who was arrested for breakin into his house the previous night. " i just want to know how he got in the house and into the bedroom without wakin the wife ", the man explains. " ive never managed to do that!"
06.02.2009 05:16 EST,
Valentines day flowers: £20. Posh dinner : £70. Hotel room :£ 200. The look on his face when you tell him youre on your period - PRICELESS!
05.02.2009 13:21 EST,
What does it mean to come home to love, tenderness, compassion, understanding and gr8 sex?...- it means youre in the wrong house!
05.02.2009 13:17 EST,
An intelligent man, an intelligent woman and santa claus are strolling along a street when they find a £50 note lying on the pavemant. Which one picks it up?........ The intelligent woman- the orther two don't exist
09.12.2008 13:00 EST,
12 dyslexics run into a bank and shout "air in the hands mother stickers-this is a f**k up! d:)
09.12.2008 09:31 EST,
Lmao i need'd a gd 1's r grandma goes 2! Annette xx
27.10.2008 19:21 EDT,
Lmao brill jokes! Love the mis granma 1 l,ol x
27.10.2008 11:18 EDT,
Lik the new 1's B-) The dog did it and d odr 1 wid d preacher B-)// JOKE:-------> B-) <---------HAHAHAHAHA B-)
24.10.2008 15:24 EDT,
A woman and her boyfriend were strolling down the street when she started crying. " how sad" she wept. " a dead bird." her boyfriend looked up and said: " where? "
08.10.2008 05:40 EDT,
Wife looks in mirror saids 2 husbnd i feel fat & ugly give me a complament...he saids U GOT PERFECT F**KN VISION LOL XX
07.10.2008 20:25 EDT,
How do gay gangstas do drive bys...they throw skittles & yell taste da RAINBOW B***HES! LOL! XX
07.10.2008 20:18 EDT,

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