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Things You'll Need:

Plywood sheathing
Nail gun
30-lb. roofing felt
Hammer stapler
Utility knife


1. Remove the old shingles by
prying them up with a
pitchfork and pulling them
off the roof.

2. Inspect the sheathing (the
plywood boards
underneath the shingles)
for signs of damage.
These signs can include
buckling, water stains and
rot. Remove any damaged
sheathing from the roof
by pulling out the nails and
removing the boards.

3. Position the new board
where you removed the
sheathing and nail it to the
rafters. Nail down any nails
that you loosened when
removing the shingles or

4. Cover the sheathing with
30-lb. roofing felt. Lay the
roofing felt flat against
the sheathing and overlap
the edges of different
sheets to prevent leaks.
Staple the felt to the
sheathing every 6 to 8
inches with a hammer

5. Place the flashing along
the bottom edge of the
roof and nail it into place.

6. Count how many shingles
you will need for the
bottom row of the roof
and cut the tabs off them.

7. Lay a starter course of
shingles by nailing them
into the roof on top of the
flashing. Line up the
shingles so that they
overhang the flashing on
the edge of the roof by
1/4 inch. Drive three nails
into each shingle, one in
the middle and one 4
inches in from each end.

8. Lay the first row of
shingles on the roof, lining
them up so that they
overhang the starter
course by 1/4 inch. Nail
them to the roof by
driving four evenly spaced
nails into the shingles
about an inch above the

9. Install the next row of
shingles by lining up the
bottom shingle with the
middle of the shingles in
the first row (where the
tabs start). Stagger the
shingle so that it doesn't
line up with the shingles in
the first row.

10. Drive two nails into the
shingle approximately 1
inch above the tabs and 4
inches in from each side.
Continue installing shingles
until you reach the peak of
the roof.

11. Install the ridge caps by
cutting the tabs off the
shingles, folding them over
the peak of the roof and
nailing them in place.
Center the shingles over
the peak and drive one nail
through each side.

Tips & Warnings

Exercise caution when
working on a roof. Consider
using a safety harness if
your roof is steeply pitched.

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