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mentsaruku - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

>>Me Saying Thanks<<

Okay this is something I always wanted to do and what better time and place than here and now.. Some of you may see me as the biggest bietz ever that never gives a DaMm but like everyone else I got a soft spot when it comes to my friends ! * Get box of tissues * HeHe ill start with the 0gb girls

~> Athi Lol ai sissy cant believe we are friends for so long time already. I still remember the fun times we had while the old ogb were around To think about it we actually came a long way together and I want to thank you for that you’ve always being there whenever I needed you and you always were willing to help

~> Aine Hehe Damm Bietz I a always hated you you in the beginning thought you were a miss goody two shoes but I realized that your actually a real nice girl so I want to
Say sorry for always picking on you I didn’t mean anything I said and I bet you know that already so thanks for forgiving me and giving me a chance to begin at a fresh

~> Nicky I gotto say it’s true you are the sweetest girl ever and the most caring to and that’s what makes you so an amazing friend but I really owe you a apology im sorry for everything I done to you I didn’t mean to ever hurt you and wish I could turn back time but guess ill have to life with it Thanks for still being a great friend although I don’t deserve it at all you’ll always be in my heart

~>Kayli lol damm why the hell must you be so much the same as me… *Thinks to self Maybe we were twins in a past life* I cant believe anyone can remind me so much bout myself but anyway great sense of humor and you’re a truly super friend. We also have had times where we hated each other and didn’t get along that well but ey nobody is perfect. Thanks for all the great laughs and fun times

~> Zoe geez we also came along way together already its amazing how some friends don’t grow apart thanks for always being there when I needed to talk to someone you helped me with a lot of things already and its really being appreciated

~>Amy to be onist your almost the only emo chick ive ever got along with even thou sometimes I thought were the hell did you fall out of hehe to think about it we almost see everything the same way and you know what’s the kwel thing you always try to understand and thanks for that im sorry if I ever said something I weren’t suppose to and all the little fights we had you are one wack girl btw lol

~> michelle Sn0Wy… hehe I haven’t known you for that long but since we met I thought you were a nice girl which turned out to be true thanks for your friendship your one in a million

>Danielle I can still rememember the first time we ever chatted! We didnt even know each other but already were gossiping! Typical girls.. You have being a stunning friend although i have not always being there for you and im sorry for that but i can only please so many ppl but i really did try

~>carmen sup bietz geez we had way to many probs in the past and still now and then but you will always be one of my best friend no matter what! Thanks for all the fun times and all the parties *wasnt alot thou* hope we would stay friends foreva

~>melissa hehe wow ive only know you for a few days and its like were actualy really getting along pretty good! Oh well thanks for being so caring and extremaly cute lol dont eva change

~> claudi i dont know you that well but still your always being there when i needed someone to chat to and got a way to make someone smile and feel better thanks lots!

~>eugene oh wow what can i say your a amazing friend and always say the right thing at the right time wich is great im realy lucky to have you as one of my friends everything that you done for me are truley appreciated you! and lol uhm i wrote that coment below ur pic.. Im sowi couldnt help telling the truth

~>jose hehe uhm we also were friends for crap long already and you always were friendly and caring and there if i need you ! Thanks lots skelmpie lol

~> brad well i dont know you that well really but the advice you gave me the other day really helped me see the sutition in a other way thanks for being there when i needed someone to say everything would be okay

~>steve i dont know why the hell im writing your name here cause you already know how i feel bout you thanks for always understanding and being there when i just feel like crying and need a sholder! And thats for all the smiles and good times we had together... All the parties, sneeking me outa the house, getting busted hehe!
LoVe forever

Lovies angie

*To be updated*
if your name arnt here and you know your one of my go0d friends i either forgot bout you *hEHe* or your still to be added or you just dont mean enough to me waLa

*Domain site>> 4m- note full details on main domain*

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