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Charmed Dictionary L-P


Levitation - The ability to raise/float your body above the ground


Materialisation - The ability to create objects out of thin air

Mental suggestion - The ability to mentally suggest thoughts and actions.


Optical Thermodynamics - The ability to expel a beam of destructive energy out of the eyes.

Orbed Telekenisis - Where you call for something and it telekinetically orbs to you

Orbing - An ability belonging exclusively to White Lighters, allowing them to transport themselves around Earth, and also to their home plane.
Half-White Lighters can also orb, but neophyte ones can only orb in the same place.

Ouija / Spirit Board - A spirit board is a flat board with letters, numbers and the words "yes" and "no" etched on the surface. When called on, spirits guide the pointer on the board to spell or select answers to questions. It is also known as a Ouija Board from the "yes", which translates as "Oui" in French and "Ja" in German thus spelling out "OuiJa".


Particle Manipulation - The ability to decrease/increase the motion of particles, resulting in the suspension of those molecules or the explosion of the targeted object.If demons are not blown up by this power they are knocked backwards - similar to telekenisis but not as strong.

Power of Three - The combined power of the Charmed Ones.

Psychokenisis - The ability to move things one cannot see

Pyrogenism/ Pyrokenisis - The ability to produce fire/heat

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