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God has a DESTINY for YOU!

Dear Partner, Did u know that God has a destiny 4 you? Something that ur uniquely qualified 2 do? No1 is quite like u, 4 u are unique and irreplaceable. And i believe that part of God's work is dependent upon ur and my obedience. According 2 the Word of God, i believe that each 1 of us is created by God 2 become a champion 4 Him. I believe that when we rely on the Lord & on the power of His Word, we can b more than conquerors (Romans 8:37). We can live victorious lives & fulfill whatever it is that God is calling us 2 do. HAVE A HEART AFTER GOD Acts 13:22 says that David was a man after God's own Heart. He had a heart 4 the things of God; he was moved by the things that move the heart of God. Thats how i want 2 b remembered. Thats what I want God 2 say about me when I stand before Him some day: "Yes, thats My servant Ursula (ur name), He/She had a heart for Me." I believe that's what the apostle Paul was talking about in Acts 20:32 when he said, "I commend-or entrust-you to God,
and I brand-or permanently mark-you with God's Word." Because you can't separate God from His Word. You can't say, "Oh, I love God, but I'll leave out the Word of God." No, they have to be joined 2gether. And as we look at David's heart, we see in the Word that David's flesh made alot of mistakes. So how could he fail and still b a man after God's heart and get back 2 the Word? I believe he was a man after God's heart because when he realized what he had done, he always fell on his face before God and repented of his sin. I believe that although God is concerned about the things we do wrong, He is very concerned about the condition of our hearts. He's looking 4 a repentant heart. He's looking 4 someone who'll say, "God, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I'll never do that again." And someone who'll pray, as David did, "Search me, O God. Search my heart and see if there's anything in me that's not right, Lord. I'm ready 2 make changes" (Psalm 139:23-24 parapharased).
I believe now, more than ever-especially as God has spoken to my dad about the end times we're living in-its time 2 search our hearts before God and find what we need 2 do 2 line up our hearts and our lives completely with God's Word. Its very interesting 2 me that the Bible tells us that we dont believe with our minds, we believe with our hearts. For with the heart, Romans 10:10 nkjv says, one believes.... And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. What we sow in our hearts is going 2 come out when the pressure's on. If u sow something good in your heart, its going 2 come out. And if you sow something evil in your heart, sooner or later thats going 2 come out as well.... For out of the abundance of the heart [our] mouth speaks (Luke 6:45 nkjv). Oh, there are alot of distractions 2 keep u from being God's champion-all that He's called you to be. And there are many things that can help tear down your witness and effectiveness as a christian. The devil makes sure of that!
The traps are all over the television. They're all over the Internet. They're out there waiting for you as soon as u leave the parking lot from church.... Or when someone cuts u off driving down the street. "Well, Lord, what am I supposed to do?" I say its time 2 be a champion for God. I mean really get serious with God's will for our lives and for becoming a champion in His kingdom and for His kingdom. Being a champion for God really gets right down 2 where you live, doesn't it? Thats why I encourage you 2 have a heart after God.

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