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Shabe meraj

The word Me’raj (Ascent of Prophet
Muhammad (Pbuh) is derived from Urooj, which
means, ‘height’, ‘ascension’. It occurs in Hadith.
The Qur’anic word for the event is ‘Israa’,
meaning ‘the journey’. The event is briefly
mentioned in the Qur’an, its detailed provided
by Hadiths while the people’s fantasies add the
usual garnishing. Taken from Qur’an and
Hadiths the essential details of the event (with
necessary explanation and discussions) are as

*The Heart Operation
Archangel Jibriel alongwith two other angels
visited the holy Prophet (Pbuh) one night, while
he was asleep in the Hateem part of Ka’abah.
The angel then operated upon his heart and
made some changes probably because the
material body could not withstand the space
travel with the required velocity without
certain protection. The related part of the
narration reads; “... Jibriel among them took
upon himself to make a cut from the throat down
to a part below the heart of the Prophet till he
emptied the chest and the stomach. Then with
his hands he washed it with Zamzam water till
the stomach was cleaned. Then was brought a
golden tray in which was a golden light filled
with faith and wisdom. Pouring it inside, the
chest and the veins of throat were filled up. Then
the opened part was closed...” (Bukhari)
By incorporating the changes in the body
system, his body was probably converted from
material into Noorani (lightening) body to
withstand the journey of space. It may be
remembered that the material bodies of people
destined for heavens would also be changed to
lightening bodies after The Maidaan-e-Hash’r
(The place of great gathering) before taking
them to heavens.

After the transformation of the body, a
conveyance named Burraq was presented
before him. Burraq, the narration says,
resembled a horse-like animal but its very name
indicates that it also possessed a lightening
body. The word Burraq is derived from the root
Bar’q which means ‘electricity’ in Arabic. Burraq
signifies that he had to be taken with the
velocity of Bar’q that is electricity or light which
is 300,000 km per second.
In the Mosque of Jerusalem
No wonder, within no time he reached Baitul
Maqdis or Masjid-e-Aqsa. The Qur’an has
summarised the event in one verse; “Exalted is
He (Allah) who took his bondsman
(Muhammad) for a journey by night from
Masjid-il-Haram (Ka’abah) to Masjid-il-Aqsa
(the Mosque in Jerusalem), the
neighbourhood whereof we have blessed, in
order that we might show him our
signs...” (17:1)

*In Baitul Maqdis, the Prophet (Pbuh) led in
prayer, all the earlier Prophets who were
gathered for the occasion (naturally in their
Barzakm or transitional and transcendental
bodies). The journey from one holy Mosque to
the other and the Prophet leading signifying that
the inheritance of Divine leadership was being
transferred to him from Bani Israel who no
more deserved the honour.
Towards Heavens and Beyond
From there, he was raised to the heavens where
he again met and conversed with different
Prophets. Then came the most honoured
moment of the journey as he was elevated to a
point beyond heavens, called Sidrat-ul-
Muntaha. What he observed there is described
in Qur’an in the following words; “One free
from any defect in body and mind then He (?)
rose and became stable, While he was in the
highest part of the horizon. Then he
approached and came closer and was at a
distance of two bows length or (even) closer.
So, He (Allah) revealed to his bondsman
(Muhammad) whatever he revealed. The
Prophet’s heart lied not in what he saw. Will
you then dispute with him (Muhammad)
about what he saw? And indeed, he
(Muhammad) saw him at a second descent
near Sidrat-ul-Muntaha . Near it is Paradise
of Abode. When that covered the Sidrah,
which did cover it, the sight (of Prophet
Muhammad) turned not aside nor it
transgressed beyond the limit. Indeed he
(Muhammad) did see of the greatest signs of
his Lord (Allah)”. (53:6-18)

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