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Hip Hop News

The latest hip hop news straight from the streets.


50 Cent´s upcomin album titled ´´The Valentines Day Massacre´´ drops on march 8th wit guest appearances by Dre,Eminem,G-Unit and The Game,howeva last week 50 and DJ Whoo Kid released tha mixtape ´´G-Unit Radio Part 10- 2050: Before The Massacre´´ as a pre album teaser.Tha mixtape contains several tracks from tha new album includin ´´Disco Inferno´´ and ´´Candy Shop feat. Olivia´´.Both songs r pretty decent,but tha track which has tha industry talkin is yet 2 b released.´´Piggybank´´ is a track which disses Fat Joe,Ja Rule,Nas,Jadakiss and Shyne.Tha track which is yet 2 b heard in full may not even make tha album and might have 2 b relegated 2 tha next mixtape.


As previously mentioned ´Loyal To The Game´ is a 2Pac album bein released by Amaru Records on December tha 13th,however on January tha 31st another Pac album is to be released.Not on Amaru,but Deathrow.Tha album contains previously unreleased songs that he recorded while on Deathrow Records,also 1 thing that is really good about this album is that unlike ´Loyal To The Game´ there is no Eminem or Shady Records artists and all tracks r left in there original versions,no remixes.Here is tha official tracklistin for ´Ready 2 Die´:

1. Thug Nature.
2. Murda Me feat. Onyx.
3. Thats Right.
4. Hate The Game feat. The Outlawz.
5. The Fatha Figga feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg.
6. Slip-N-Slide feat. DMX + Xzibit.
7. The Money.
8. House Of Pain feat. The Notorious B.I.G.
9. Throw Yo Hands Up.
10. Me And My Homies feat. Nate Dogg.
11. Original Bad Boys feat. DMX + Xzibit.
12. Runnin feat. The Notorious B.I.G.
13. Don´t Go To Sleep feat. Kurupt + Daz Dillinger.
14. Order After Kaos feat. The Outlawz.


Here is tha official tracklistin for 2Pac´s new album out december 14th:

1. Soldier Like Me feat. Eminem.
2. The Uppercut feat. The Outlawz.
3. Out On Bail.
4. Ghetto Gospel.
5. Black Cotton feat. Eminem + The Outlawz.
6. Loyal To The Game feat. G-Unit.
7. Thugs Get Lonely Too feat. Nate Dogg.
8. N.I.G.G.A. feat. Jadakiss.
9. Who Do U Love.
10. A Crooked Nigga Too.
11. Don´t U Trust Me.
12. Hennessey feat. Obie Trice.
13. Thug 4 Life.
14. Po Nigga Blues (Scott Storch RMX) feat. Ron Isley.
15. Hennessey (Red Spyda RMX) feat. EDI + Sleepy Brown.
16. A Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq RMX).
17. Loyal To The Game (DJ Quick RMX) feat. Big Syke.


At tha Vibe awards last night whilst waitin to accept his legend award Aftermath records CEO Dr Dre was punched by an unidentified man,a melee then erupted wit members of Dre´s rap group G-Unit gettin involved and it was reported that some members were maced.Also durin tha show Deathrow Records CEO Marion ´Suge´ Night appeared on stage,he said ´F**k G-Unit´ and began cursin out members of tha audience.More details to come,so stay on tha lost


2Pac Shakurs 7th official studio album which will be released on December 7th (strange promo date i think) through Amaru Records and will feature previously unreleased material from tha late rapper.It has just been announced that tha title for tha album will be, ´Loyal To The Game´.The double cd pack will include many hard to find underground tracks and production comes from Eminem,Dr Dre and Kanye West.


Koch/Diplomat records will release The Diplomats second album ´Diplomatic Immunity 2´ on Nov.23rd.This is the much anticipated follow up to their 2003 gold debut ´Diplomatic Immunity´.The album will drop off the back of Cam´ron´s platinum solo album,Jim Jones´s gold album and Juelz Santana´s debut which also sold very well.Here is the official tracklisting for the album-

1. Step-N-Go feat. Cam´ron + JR Writer.

2. S.A.N.T.A.N.A. feat. Juelz Santana.

3. Get Use To This feat. Juelz Santana + JR Writer.

4. Family Ties feat. Cam´ron,JR Writer + Hell Rell.

5. Wouldn´t U Like To Be A Gangsta Too feat. Hell Rell.

6. Get From Round Me feat. Jha Jha,Cam´ron + Juelz Santana.

7. Dutty Clap feat. Jim Jones + S.A.S.

8. Your Way feat. Cam´ron,Juelz Santana + JR Writer.

9. My Boo feat. Cam´ron,Nicole Wray + JR Writer.

10. Magic feat. JR Writer.

11. 40 Shots.

12. Melalin feat. Bugs.

13. So Free feat. Cam´ron + S.A.S.

14. Sippin On Some Sizzurp feat. Cam´ron,Jim Jones,Juelz Santana,Bun B + Three 6 Mafia.

15. Dead Mutha Fuckas feat. Cam´ron + Juelz Santana.

16. Thinkin Out Loud feat. Tom Gist.

17. Push It feat. Cam´ron,Jim Jones,Juelz Santana + JR Writer.

18. AAYOO-IIGHT feat. Cam´ron + Juelz Santana.

19. Bigger Picture feat. Cam´ron + Juelz Santana.

20. A Everybody feat. Juelz Santana.

21. Crunk Muzik (RMX) feat. Jim Jones.


This is the current tracklisting for Eminem´s new Lp ´Encore´.Due to last minute recording by the artist the order and inclusion of some tracks may change.

1. The Return Of Slim Shady (skit).

2. Again I Rage.

3. My Shit List feat. 50 Cent.

4. Critics.

5. My Magazine (skit).

6. Soldier pt.2.

7. One Call.

8. Never Tell A Lie feat. Dr Dre + Lloyd Banks.

9. He´s Here.

10. Just Lose It.

11. The Cards I Was Dealt feat. Nas.

12. The Team feat. 50 Cent,Obie Trice + Kon Artist.

13. Out Of Batteries.

14. These Scars feat. Xzibit.

15. Runyon Ave feat. Proof.

16. My Love Song.

17. Lyricaly Inclined.

18. Arrest Warrant feat. Tony Yayo + Nate Dogg.

19. Lord Help Me.

20. This Pencil.

21. Almost Expired feat. Snoop Dogg + Dr Dre.


This week on New York hip hop radio station Hot 97,Dj Angie Martinez announced that Jay Z and R.Kelly will be re-releasing their Best Of Both Worlds album.The album called Best Of Both Worlds Unfinished Business,will be released on oct.26th to coincide with the 2 artists joint tour.It will also feature anywhere between 3 and 12 new tracks,2 songs that were aired on Hot 97 where called ´Dont Let Me Die´ and ´The Return´.


On the 3rd of october,music video channel VH1 will stage a show to honor some of hip hops greatest legends and pioneers.The show will feature performances from The Beastie Boys,Nas and Public Enemy and will pay respect to rap acts such as the aforementioned Public Enemy,Run DMC,Sugarhill Gang and Krs One.There will also be a special tribute to perhaps the most famous,influential and controversial rapper,the late Tupac Shakur.VH1´s president said of the show ´we wanted to make the show as broad as possible,so that people in their 30´s who where introduced to hip hop by 2Pac in the 90´s will have a greater respect for the earlier acts from the 80´s´.The show tapes in New York on oct.3rd and is shown on VH1 in the states on the 12th.

Mos Def Delayed

Mos Def´s much anticipated upcomin album ´The New Danger´ has been pushed back from sept.28th to oct.12th.Also on aug.27th Mos will perform with his band ´Black Jack Johnson´ at the Delacorte Theatre in New York´s Central Park,tickets are on sale now from $27.

Atlantic Records Releases

Over the next few months Atlantic´s heavy hitters will be droppin albums in relatively quick sucsession-

First up is the reissue of Twista´s ´Kamikaze´ with new bonus tracks ´So Sexy Chapter II (Like This)´ and ´Y´all Know Who´.

Then we have ´Real Talk´ by Fabolous out oct.26th,

Followed by the nov.9th release of Trick Daddy´s ´Thug Matrimony´,

´Things Of That Nature´ by Fat Joe out nov.16th,

And finally we have T.I.´s ´Urban Legend´ out on dec.7th.

Lean Back Still No.1

The lead off single from The Terror Squads new album ´True Story´ has remained at the top of the Billboard charts this week.However the album has slumped from 13 to 35 on the album charts.

2Pac Live.

2Pac´s live album which was released 2 weeks ago in the states has earned the billing of greatest gainer in this weeks Billboard Album chart.The album debuted at 135 but has jumped up to 58 with a 255% increase in sales.The album,released through Koch/Deathrow records,has sold 23,000 units since its official release 2 weeks ago.

Game Over For TI.

This is a rivalry that has been developin for a short time now between these two dirty southers.TI and Lil Flip were cool a few months ago,but then wen Lil Flip was pictured for The Source magazine TI was present and jumped in the pics.However TI was arrested and whilst locked up the pictures were re-takin,without TI.This made TI pissed and he recorded a mixtape sayin that he was king of the south.Which brings us up to date,last weekend Lil Flip appeared on The Westwood Radio 1 Rap Show in the uk and immediately began badmouthin TI.He said that Scarface is the king of the south and that TI should keep his mouth shut until he goes platinum.Lil Flip then performed 2 freestyles,in which he dissed TI in both.We have these freestyles which u wont hear in the US anywhere.If anyone wants em we´ll post tha lyrics.

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