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Lyrics- rap 2

Here u will find lyrics to the songs u requested.

Time´s Up by Jadakiss feat. Nate Dogg (from tha album ´Kiss Of Death´)

[Verse 1 Jadakiss] Yeah yo,im tha n***a wit tha perpetual oyster bars,mother of pearl delivery,voice of god and,its hard jus bein tha boss,bein i cant go to jail cos them years´ll cost me,dont get me wrong,lay a n***a down if he force me,rather jus sit back and roll a dutch,think how ima put tha game in tha cobra clutch,think about how ima get tha caine over customs,never underestimate n***az,or over trust em uh,yeah them M´s is right in my face,i jus gotta throw my Timbs on and tighten my lace,if i dont jam,tha tek´ll spray,wen i spit everybody gotta split like pepper spray,cos ima n***a that hate to settle,ima man of tha lord,but i still cant escape tha devil,moved away and still cant escape tha ghetto,wot [Chorus Nate Dogg] The time to talk is up so
bring tha heat,that time is over,while u runnin ur mouth im creepin up over ur shoulder,a gun,a knife,a brick,anythin i can get my hands on,call my bluff,start actin up,and i´ll leave u underground [Verse 2 Jadakiss] I no how to get 2 pairs off me,they can cry and die from high blood pressure cos tears r salty,its a symptom if ur bobbin ur head,no that he´s sick,no tha flow is riddic,now throw him a grip,wen i get it,u already no im throwin them bricks,puttin purple everywhere,daddy,im throwin them nicks,thats right,homie,u cant move me im goin nowhere,im in tha hood like bootleg movies,all u shootin is breeze,a bootleg uzi,im jus waitin on a que like Suzie,dont lose me,these penitentiary chances that i take,should b able to get tha mansion by tha lake,but i invest my bread into sumthin else,into sumthin else that´ll make
sumthin melt,u jus gotta feel tha kid,if not rap,for tha fact of how real he is,wotever [Chorus][Verse 3 Jadakiss] Ayo n***az no tha champ is in here,he took it from crack to rap,now he put out 2 anthems a year,and i jus wanna rock for a century,then chase tha book wit tha documentary,if u,cant do nothin other than flow,life´s a bytch like tha mother from ´Blow´,let´s go,dont make me put ur heart in ur lap,f**k ridin tha beat,n***a,i parallel park on tha track,hop out lookin crispy,fresh and new,in tha 6,its a BM,and its Pepsi blue,and i dont no u,but i no a man becomes a man from all tha s**t that he goes through,yall aint f**kin wit Jason,after i cash in,there´s really no justification,of how im gonna change tha game,so dont get outta line,cos this lil 9,will change ur frame,wot up [Chorus].

Dipset Anthem by Juelz Santana feat. Cam´ron (from Diplomatic Immunity).

[Intro Juelz Santana] Yeah,Dipset,uh cmon,yeah,uh f**k wit ur boy,yeah its Santana,once again,Heatmakerz,where u at man,let me do this,Killa,Jones,Freeky,yeah im back at it,cmon [Verse 1 Santana] Todays a new day,got tha booty up in tha suitcase,so go uptown to Harlem,tell em that i sent ya,tell em its august,im gone til november,i need a couple birds,get a brawd,have em sent up,(of course),call my bird,get my brawd,have her sent up,(please),call my n****z,call my squad,have em sent up,(please yeah),i see a town im likin,see some n****z gettin money in tha town i like it,i run up on em wit tha pound and light it,like its my block now,alright kill,(whoa),he understood me quite clear,then that thing bang out and rang out,tha side of his right ear,and i
got back to my business,back to my b*****s,back to tha kitchen,that pyrex vision,pop,i let that white stuff sit in,get hard,get rock,get to tha block and pitch in,yeah im sorry but this is how im livin,and this is how im gon get it,come f**k wit me if u want in,yeah [Chorus Santana] I stood alone watchin tha war in tha zone,hand on my handles,listenin to gangsta music,eh,i stood at home,hand on tha chrome in tha zone,flickin tha channels,watchin how tha gangstas do it,yeah say it wit me,i stood alone,gettin dome from a thick chick in sandals,watchin Shaft clockin maf [Verse 2 Santana] Now i see death around tha corner,gotta stay high,will i survive,in tha city where tha skinny n****z die,nope,its tha city where tha skinny n****z ride yeah,45 semi on they side yeah,twist it when they drive yeah,liquor shots for Big Pop and
Pac,1 more for Shyne locked inside yeah,2 more for Cam for talkin over tha ROC yeah,its my year so,ok ok ok yall cant f**k wit me,no way,Hose or Hector Camacho,check blow and ratcho,just clothes and tacos,muh f**ka im tha best,i told yall before,i showed yall before yeah,eh [Chorus][Verse 3 Intro Cam´ron] Clockin maf man,ok im wit u Santana,this tha union right here man,lets do it 1 time,Dipset b***h,u know u cant f**k wit me boy,Killa,Brakka [Verse 3 Cam´ron] Im on tha westside of Chicago,lookin for a bus down,make me put my 2 arms up,touch down,u stay in touch now,but when i touch down,im like Buckshot shorty,duck down,yeah i must clown,im from Harlem uptown,where we flash money,take ur b***h and ask u what now,birds flip a dozen,chicks its dicks they suckin,swallow my kids,go and kiss there cousin,guess they kissin
cousins,Toya´s kissin muffin,worse than that they go home and kiss they husband,tha s**ts disgustin,keep tha chickens cluckin,keep tha pigeons buggin,this on my wrist is nothin,yeah its just yellow hearts and pink diamonds,where i get tha money for this,dont think rhymin,u f**kin wit Pablo,Bravo,Mario Viabono ho,tat to [Chorus].

Forgot About Dre by Dr Dre feat. Eminem [from ´Chronic 2001´]

[Verse 1 Dr Dre] Y´all no me,still the same o.g,but i bin low key,hated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese,no deals and no g´s,no wheels and no keys,no boats,no snow mobiles,and no ski´s,mad at me cos i can finally afford to provide ma family wit groceries,got a crib wit a studio and its all full of tracks,to add to the wall full of plaques,hangin up in the back of ma house like trophies,did y´all think ima let ma dough freeze,ho please,u better bow down on both knees,who u think taught u to smoke trees,who u think brought u the oldies,Eazy-e´s,Ice Cubes and D.O.C´s,the Snoop D-O-double G´s,and the group that said mutha fuck the police,gave u tape full of dope beats,to bump when u stroll through in ur hood,and when ur album sales wasn´t doin to good,whos the
doctor they told u to go see,yall better listen up closely,all u niggaz thought that i turned pop,or the firm flopped,yall are the reason that Dre aint bin gettin no sleep,so fuck yall,all yall,if yall dont like me,blow me,yall are gonna keep fuckin around wit me,and turn me back to the old me...[Eminem Chorus] Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say,but nothins comin out when they move their lips,just a bunch of gibberish,and mutha fuckas act like they forgot about Dre...[Repeat]...[Verse 2 Eminem] So what do u say to somebody u hate,or anyone tryina bring trouble ur way,wanna resolve things in a bloodier way,then just study ur tape of NWA,one day i was walkin by,wit a walkman on when i caught a guy,givin me an akward eye,i strangled him off in the parkin lot whit his Karl Kani,i dont give a fuck if its
dark or not,im harder than when im tryina park a dodge,when im drunk as fuck,right next to a humungous truck in 2 car garage,hoppin out wit 2 broken legs,tryina walk it off,fuck u bitch call the cops,ima kill u and them loud ass mutha fuckin barkin dogs,and when the cops came through,me and Dre stood next to a burnt down house,wit a can full of gas and a hand full matches,and still weren´t found out,(right here),from here on in its the chronic 2,startin today and tomorrow´s the new,and im still loco enough to choke u to death wit a charleston chew,chica-chica slim shady,hotter than a set of twin babies,in a mercedes benz,wit the windows up,when the temp goes up to the mid 80´s,callin men ladies,sorry doc but i bin crazy,there´s no way that u can save me,its ok,go wit him Hailie...[Chorus x2]...[Verse 3 Dr Dre] If it was up
to me,u mutha fuckas would stop comin up to me,wit ur hands out lookin up to me like u want somethin for three,but when ma last cd was out,u wasn´t bumpin me,but now that i got this company,everybody wanna come to me like it was some disease,but u wont get a crumb from me,cos im from the streets of (Compton,Compton),i told em all,all them little gangstas,who u think helped mold em all,now u wanna run around talkin bout guns like i aint got none,what u think i sold em all,cos i stay well off,now all i get is hate mail all day sayin Dre fell off,what cos i bin in the lab wit a pen and a pad,tryina get this damn label off,i aint havin that,this is the millenium of Aftermath,it aint gon be nothin after that,so give me 1 more platinum plaque and fuck rap,u can have it back,so where all the mad rappers at,its like a jungle in this
habitat,but all u savage cats,know that i was strapped wit gats,when u where cuddlin a cabbage patch...[Chorus x3]

Stop The Gunfight by 2Pac feat. The Notorious B.I.G and Mav Neal (unreleased)

[Intro Unknown Female] Ladies and gentlemen,may i have ur attention please...[Verse 1 The Notorious B.I.G] Check it,i grew up a fuckin screw up,got introduced to tha game,got a ounce and fuckin blew up,choppin rocks over night,tha nigga Biggie Smalls tryina turn into tha black Frank White...[Chorus Mav Neal] Its a real life,how many homies gotta die tonight,from u,stop tha gunfight,i can feel it,somebodys tryina throw up a fight,im on tha peep game,uh ooh,but u cannot cease tha flames,and if ur in it,its a damn shame,we be takin lives that we cant replace,over beef that dont make sense,we gotta think better than this,its like fightin over this,it was somethin we couldnt resist,its a re-re-re-red life,how many homies gotta die tonight,oh yeah...
[Verse 2 The Notorious B.I.G] We had tha gold dreads to change our description,2 cops is on tha milk box missin,showed they toes,u no they got stepped on,a fist full of bullets,a chest full of teflon,run from tha police,picture that,nigga im too fat,i fuck around and catch an asthma attack,thats why i bust back,it dont phase me,when he drop,take his glock and im swayze,celebrate ma escape,sold a rock,lost some weight,lay back i got some money to make...[Verse 3 2Pac] Im on tha 5-0,duckin and dodgin in ma survival,depends on when i let off wit ma 9 ho,im movin swifter than tha next nigga,no time for sex,cos in ma mind all i wonder is whos next nigga,ma homie slipped and now he pays tha price,he did a drive by,16,now hes doin triple life,tell me,is it me,or ma upbringin,i spit that thug shit,nigga mutha fuck singin,i hope ya
got ya timbalands on,tight,cos i aint givin up,id rather duck these mutha fuckas all,night,im runnin through tha projects,beatch,they´ll never catch me,cos im loc´d and trigger happy on tha,sneatch,dont say ya never heard of me,til they murder me,im a legend,do thug niggas go to heaven,im rollin wit tha thoroughbreads,we gettin ghost on them hos and yo,i got no love for tha 5-0,runnin from tha police...[Bridge 2Pac] Yeah y´all no what time it is,no matter what i do,they gotta call tha police...[Chorus ].

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