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Classic verses- lyrics

These are lyrics to some of the best verses of all time.

Party And Bullshit (Verse 1) by The Notorious B.I.G. from (Who Tha Man? soundtrack)

[The Notorious B.I.G.] I was a terror since the public school era,bathroom passes,cuttin classes,squeezin asses,smokin blunts was a daily routine,since 13,a chubby nigga on the scene,i used to have the tre duce and the duce duce,in ma Bubblegoose,now i got the mack in ma knapsack,loungin back,smokin sacks up in acts,and ma side kick rockin fly kicks,honey´s wanna chat,but all we wanna know is ´where the party at´,and can i bring ma gat,if not,i hope i dont get shot,but i throw ma vest on ma chest,cos niggas is a mess,it don´t take nothin but frontin for me to start somethin,buggin and barkin at niggas like i was duck huntin,dumbin out,just me and ma crew,cos all we wanna do is.

Dead Wrong (RMX Verse 3) by Eminem from (Born Again by The Notorious B.I.G.)

[Eminem] There´s many different levels to devil worshippin,horses heads,women sacrifices,cannibalism,candles and exorcism,animals havin sex wit em,camels,mammals and rabbits,but i don´t get into that,i kick the habit,i just beat u to death wit weapons that eat through the flesh,and i never eat u unless the meat looks fresh,i got a lion in ma pocket,im lyin,i got a 9 in ma pocket,and baby im just dyin to cock him,he´s ready for war,im ready for war,i got machetes and swords for any faggot that said he was raw,my Uz´ as heavy as urs,yeah u met me before,i just didnt have as large an arsenal of weapons as before,Marshall will step in the door,i lay ur head on the floor,wit body spread on the bedspread,red on the wall,red on the ceilin,
red on the floor,get a new whore,met on the second,wet on the third,then she´s dead on the fourth,im dead wrong.

Whats Beef (Verse 1) by The Notorious B.I.G (from Life After Death)

Uh uh,uh ha ha ha ha ha,check out this bizarre rapper style used by me,the B-I-G,i put ma key,u put ur key in,money we´ll be seein,will reach the fuckin ceilin,check,check it,ma Calico been cocked,uh uh,this rap Alfred Hitchcock,drop top notch,playa hatin wont stop,uh this instant,rappers to persistant,quick to spit Biggie name on shit,make ma name taste like ass when u speak it,see me in the street,ur jewellery,u can keep it,that be our little secret,see me,B that is,I that is,G whiz,mutha fuckas still in ma biz,dont they know ma nigga Gutter kidnap kids,uh fuck em in the ass,throw em over the bridge,ooh thats how it is,ma shit is laid out,what,fuck that beef shit,that shit is played out,played out,y´all got to go,all i make is 1 phone call,all y´all
disappear by tomorrow,all ur guns is borrowed,i dont feel sorrow,actually ur man passed the gat to me,now check this,whats beef.

Dead Wrong (verse 3) by The Notorious B.I.G (Unreleased)

The pain i inflict,like a convict,jump in ma Acura vigor,after i stick ya,rip ya like a razor,straight up Henny with no chasa,watch me erase ya,misplace ya,put ya in the back wit the derelects,yeah i pop plenty shit,chump im makin hits,no time for that crack rockin shit,took u to another level,now im gettin crazy plates,gettin paid from the devil,another amateur tryina damage the pedigree of the Biggie,u know its me,ho´s i thought u knew im smooth as a baby´s ass,smooth as Teddy Pentergras,smoke the grass,get in ya ass,the Brooklyn born teflon don,reckin shop,gettin props provin,nobody drops,words as potent as the blunt smokin Bed Stuy
bandit,and niggas just can´t understand it,i bust a cap for ma niggas in NappMack,Comstack,and Clinton,u know ma shit is hittin,yeah y´all the fly nigga,Biggie Smalls,kickin flava,make a nigga dig up in they draws,for the burn that catch ur body,i got styles like Karate,Jujitsu when i hit u,then i split u like a cantaloupe,hope u gotta rope to hang urself,i rhyme for self,from Brooklyn,where else,back like a Lexus coop,i´ll rip ur troup,not even Lois Lane could get the scoop,what u think im stupid mutha fucka,ma crew is mad deep,i hope u niggas sleep.

Juicy (verse 3) by The Notorious B.I.G. (from ´Ready To Die´).

Super Nintendo,Sega Genesis,when i was dead broke man i couldn´t picture this,50inch screen,money green leather sofa,got 2 rides tha limousine wit tha chauffeur,phone bill about 2 g´s flat,no need to worry ma accountant handles that,and ma whole crew is loungin,celebratin every day,no more public housin,thinkin back on ma 1 room shak,now ma mom pimps her act wit minks on her back,and she loves to show me off,of course,smiles everytime her face is up in tha source,we used to fuss,when tha landlord dissed us,though he wondered why christmas missed us,birthdays were the worst days,now we sip champagne when were thirsty,and damn right,i like tha life i live,i went from negative to positive,and its all...good.

Nuthin But A G Thang (verse 4) by Dr Dre (from The Chronic)

[Snoop Doggy Dogg] So Dre [Dre] what up dogg [Snoop] gotta give em what they want [Dre] whats that g [Snoop] u gotta break em off somethin [Dre] hell yeah [Snoop] and its gotta be bumpin [Crowd] city of Compton [Dre] is where it takes place,so we´re national attention,mobbin like a mutha fucka but i aint lynchin,droppin tha funky shit thats makin her suck a niggas mumble,wen im on tha mic its like a cookie they all crumble,tryta get close and ur ass´ll get smacked,ma mutha fuckin homie Doggy Dogg has got ma back,never let me slip,cos if i slip,then im slippin,but if i got ma nina then u know im straight trippin,and ima continue to put tha rap down,put tha mack down,and if ur bitches talk shit,i have ta put tha smack down,yeah,and u dont stop,i told ya im just like
a clock wen i tick and i tock,but im never off,always on til tha break of dawn,C.O.M.P.T.O.N and that city they call Long Beach,puttin tha shit together,like ma nigga D.O.C,no one can do it better.

Worldwide Mob Figgaz (verse 4) by The Outlawz (from Until The End Of Time)

[2Pac] Look out,known for doin scandelous deeds,no handlin me,hell naw it aint the drugs,its tha straight thug nigga in me,i swoop down and cause havoc,ma rappin delivery,is automatic,lettin niggas have it,ive bin labelled as a thug nigga,since they dont sell ma shit to white folks,they´ll ship it out to drug dealers,and catcha catch a nigga worldwide,a fuckin mob Figga,west coast whoo ride,wen we rob niggas,money make ma squad bigger,but we aint sellin souls,bustin on ma enemies,murder ma foes,have ma shows at ma nut,lights,camera,time for action,now get tha glock into ma cuts,a worldwide mob Figga.

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