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2 Pac vs. Biggie- lyrics

The East Coast/West Coast Battle

Who Shot Ya ? by Biggie Smalls (from Born Again)

[Verse 1 Biggie] Who shot ya,seperate tha weak from tha obsa-lete,hard to creep,them Brooklyn streets,its on nigga,fuck all that bickerin beef,i can hear sweat tricklin down ur cheek,ur heartbeats,sound like sasquatch feet,thunderous shakin tha concrete,then tha shit stopped,when i foiled tha plot,neighbours call tha cops,said they heard mad shots,saw me in tha drop,3 and a quarter,slaughter,electrical tape around ur daughter,old school,new school,need to learn though,i burn baby burn like disco inferno,burn slow like blunts wit yayo,peel more skins,tha idaho potato,niggas know,tha lyrical molestin is takin place,fuckin wit B-I-G it aint safe,i´ll make ur skin shake,thrashes on tha masses,bumps and bruises,blunts and landcruisers,Big Poppa smash fools,bash fools,niggas mad
because i know the cash rules,everything around me,2Pac does,any mutha fucka whisperin about mines,and im Crooklyn´s finest,u rewind this,Bad Boys behind it...

Hit Em Up by 2 Pac (from Greatest Hits)

[intro 2Pac] I aint got no mutha fuckin friends,thats why i fucked ur bitch,u fat mutha fucka,westside,Bad Boy killer´s,u know who tha realist is niggas,we bring it to u...[Verse 1 2Pac] First off fuck ur bitch,and tha click u claim,westside when we rock em equipped wit game,u claim to be a playa,but i fucked ur wife,we bust on Bad Boys niggas fucked for life,plus Puffy tryina see me,weak hearts i rip,Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia some marked ass bitch´s,we keep on comin,while we´re gunnin for ur jewels,still we gonna keep bustin at them fools,u know tha rules,Lil Caesar go ask ur homie how i leave ya,cut ur young ass up,see u
in pieces,now be deceased,Lil Kim dont fuck around wit real g´s,quick to snatch ur ugly ass of the streets,so fuck peace,i´ll let them niggas know its on for life,dont let tha westside ride tonight,ha,ha,Bad Boy murdered on whacks and killed,fuck wit me and get ur caps pilled,u know c,grab ur glocks,when u c 2Pac,call tha cops,when u c 2Pac,who shot me,but ur punks didnt finish,so u bout to feel the wrath of menace,nigga,hit em up...

Who Shot Ya ? (verse 2)

[Biggie] I seen tha light,excite all tha freaks,stack mad chips,spread love wit ma peeps,niggas wanna creep,gotta watch ma back,think tha conyak and indo sack makes me slack,i´ll switch up all that,cock sucka g´s up,one false move,and get swiss cheesed up,click tha tech,respect i demand it,worship and praise me,11th commandment,thou shall not fuck nor see Poppa,feel a
thousand deaths when i drop ya,i feel for u,like Chaka Khan,im tha don,pussy when i walk,rolex on tha arm,u´ll die slow but calm,recognise ma face,so they´re wont be no mistake,so u know where to tell Jake,lame nigga,brave nigga,turn front page nigga,Puff Daddy flips daily,i smoke tha blunts,he sips on tha Baileys,on tha rocks,tote glocks at christenins,ama cop,in tha fire positionin...

Hit Em Up (verse 3)

[2Pac] Peep how we do it,keep it real,its penitentiary still,this aint no freestyle battle,all u niggas gettin killed wit ur mouths open,tryina come up off of me,u in tha clouds hopin,smokin dope,its like a sherma niggas think they learned to fly,but they burn mutha fucka,u deserve to die,talkin bout u gettin money,but its funny to me,all u niggas livin bummy why u fuckin wit me,im a self made millionaire,thug livin outta
prison,pistols in tha air,ha,ha,Biggie remember when i used to let u sleep on tha couch,and beg a bitch to let u sleep in tha house,now its all about Versace,u copy my style,5 shots couldn´t drop me,i took it and smiled,now im back to set tha record straight,wit ma AK,im still tha thug,that u love to hate,mutha fucka,hit em up...[outro 2Pac] Now u tell me who won,i see them,they run,they dont wanna see us,whole Junior Mafia clique dressin up tryina be us,how tha fuck they gon be tha mob,when we always on our job,and we millionaires,killin aint fair but somebody gotta do it,oh yeah Mobb Deep,u wanna fuck wit us,u little young ass mutha fucka´s,aint one of u niggas got sickle cell or somethin,u fuckin wit me nigga,u fuck around and have a seizure or a heart attack,u better back tha fuck up,before u get smacked tha fucked up,
this how we do it on our side,any u niggas from New York that wanna bring it,bring it,but we aint singin we bringin drama,fuck u and ur mutha fuckin mama,we gon kill all u mutha fucka´s,now when i came out i told u it was just about Biggie,then everybody had ta open they mouth wit a mutha fucka opinion,well this how we gon do this,fuck Mobb Deep,fuck Biggie,fuck Bad Boy as a staff,record label and as a mutha fuckin crew,and if u wanna be down wit Bad Boy,then fuck u too,Chino XL fuck u too,all u mutha fucka´s,fuck u too,all of y´all mutha fucka´s,fuck u,die slow mutha fucka,ma 44 make sure all ur kids dont grow,u mutha fucka´s cant be us or see us,we mutha fuckin thug life ride as westside til we die,out here in California nigga,we warn u,we´ll bomb on u mutha fucka´s,we do our job,u think u mob nigga,we tha mutha fuckin mob,
aint nothin but killa´s and the real niggas,all u mutha fucka´s feel us,our shits go triple and 4 quadruple,u niggas laugh cos our niggas got guns in they mutha fucka´s belts,u now how it is when we drop records they felt,u niggas cant feel it,we tha realist,fuck em,we Bad Boy Killa´s.

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