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Nas vs. Jay Z- lyrics

The King Of New York Battle

Takeover by Jay Z (from The Blueprint)

[Unknown Artist] C´mon, whoo [intro/chorus Jay Z] R.O.C we runnin this rap shit,Memphis Bleek we runnin this rap shit,B Mak we runnin this rap shit,Freeway we run this rap shit,O and Sparks we runnin this rap shit,Chris and Neef we runnin this rap shit...[verse 1 Jay Z] The takeover,the breaks over nigga,god mc,me Jay HOVA,hey little soldier,u aint ready for war,R.O.C too strong for y´all,its like bringin a knife to a gunfight,a pen to a test,ur chests in tha line of fire wit ur thin ass vest,ur bringin them boys to men,how boys flow win,this is grown man b i,get u rolled in tree atch,beeatch,ur reach aint long enough dunny,ur peeps aint strong enough,fucka,Roca-Fella is tha army,better get tha navy,niggas´ll kidnap ur babies,spit at ur ladies,we bring knifes to fist fights,kill ur
trauma,we kill u mutha fuckin ants wit a sledgehammer,dont let me do it to u dunny,cos i over do it,so u wont confuse it wit just rap music...

Ether (verse 1) by Nas (from Stillmatic)

[intro 2Pac] Fuck Jay Z [Nas] whats up niggas,hey yo i know u aint talkin about me dog,u,wot [2Pac] Fuck Jay Z [Nas] u bin on ma dick nigga,u love ma style nigga [2Pac] Fuck Jay Z [Nas] i,fuck wit ur soul in ether,teach u the king u know u not,gods son across the belly,i prove u lost already...[verse 1 Nas] Brace urself for tha main event,y´all impatiently waitin,its like a aids test,whats tha result,not positive,whos tha best,Pac,Nas and Big,aint no best,east,west,north,south,flossed out greedy,i embrace y´all wit nepalm,blows up,no guts left,chest face gone,how can Nas be garbage,semi autos at ur privates,burner at tha side of ur dome,come
outta ma throne,i got this locked since 91,i am tha truest,name a rapper that i aint influenced,gave y´all chapters,but now i keep ma eyes on tha judas,wit hawain sophie fame,kept ma name in his music,check it...

Takeover (verse 2)

[Jay Z] I dont care if u mob deep,i hold triggers to crews,u little fuck,i got money stacks bigger than u,when i was pushin weight,back in 88,u was a ballerina,i got tha pictures i seen ya,then u dropped shook ones,switch ur dimeanor,well we dont believe u,u need more people,Roca-Fella students of the game,we passed the classes,nobody could read u dudes like we do,dont let em gas,u like Jigga is ass and wont clap u,trust me on this one,i´ll detach u,mind from spirit,body from soul,they´ll have ta hold a mass,put ur body in a hole,no,ur not on ma level,get ur breaks tweaked,i sold what ur whole
album sold in ma first week,u guys dont want it wit HOV,ask Nas,he dont want it HOV,Nooo...

Ether (verse 2)

[Nas] I bin fucked over,left for dead,dissed and forgotten,luck ran out,they hoped that i´d be gone,stiff and rotten,y´all just piss on me,shit on me,spit on ma grave,talk about me,laugh behind ma back,but in ma face y´all some well wishin,friendly actin,envy hidin snakes,wit ur hands out for ma money,man how much can i take,when these streets keep callin,heard when i was sleep,that this gay Z and cock-a-fella records wanted beef,started cockin up ma weapon,slowly loadin up this ammo,to explode it on a camel,and his soldiers i can handle,for dolo and this manuscript just sounds stupid,when KRS already made an album called Blueprint first,Biggies ur man,then u got tha nerve to say that ur better than Big,dick suckin
lips,wont u let the late,great veteran live...

Takeover (verse 3)

[Jay Z] I know u missin all tha [UA] FAME [Jay Z] but along wit celebrity,comes bout 70 shots to ur brain,nigga u are [UA] LAME [Jay Z] u´s tha fag model for carcanine esco´s adds,u went from Nasty Nas to Esco´s trash,had a spark wen u started,but now ur just garbage,u fell from top 10 to not mentioned at all,til ur bodyguard spewed Oochie Wally´s verse better than ur´s,matter of fact,u had tha worst flow on tha whole fuckin song,but i know,sun dont shine if tha sun dont shine,thats why ur [UA] LAME [Jay Z] careers come to an end,its only so long fake thugs can pretend,nigga u aint livid,u witnessed it from ur folks past,scribbled in ur note pad,and created ur own life,i showed u ur first tech,on tour wit Large Professor,then i heard ur album bout tha tech on
tha dresser,yeah i sampled ur voice,u was using it wrong,u made it a hot line,i made it a hot song,and u aint gettin corn,nigga u was gettin fucked then,i know who i paid god,searchlight publishin,use ur [UA] BRAIN [Jay Z] u said u bin in this 10,and i bin in it 5,smartin up Nas,4 albums in 10 years,nigga i can divide,thats 1 every,um lets say 2,2 of them shits was doo,1 was nah,the other was illmatic,thats a 1 hot album,every 10 year average,and thats so [UA] LAME [Jay Z] nigga switch up ur flow,ur shit is garbage,what u tryina kick knowledge,u niggas gon learn to respect tha king,dont be tha next contestant on that Summer Jam screen,because u know who,and u know what,but u know who,just keep that between me and u nigga...

Ether (verse 3)

[Nas] Y´all niggas deal wit emotions like bitch´s,whats sad is i loved u,cos ur ma
brother,u traded ur soul for riches,ma child i´ve watched u grow up to be famous,and now i smile like a proud dad,watchin his only son that made it,u seem to be only concerned wit dissin women,where u abused as a child,scared to smile,they called u ugly,well life is harsh,hug me,dont reject me or make records to disrespect me,blatant or indirectly,in 88 u was gettin chased through ur buildin,callin ma crib,and i aint even give u ma numbers,all i did was give u style for u to run wit,smilin in ma face,glad to break bred wit tha god,wearin jazz chains,no techs,no cash,no cars,no jail bars Jigga,no pies,no cakes,just Hawaiin shirts,hangin wit little Chase,u a fan,a phony,a fake,a pussy,a stan,and i still whip ur ass,ur 36 in tha karate class,u Tae Bo ho,tryina work it out,tryina get brollic,ask me if im tryina kick knowledge,
nah,im tryina kick tha shit,ya need ta learn though,that ether,that shit to make ur soul burn slow,is he dame diddy,dame daddy or dame dummy,oh i get it,u Biggie and hes Puffy,RocaFella died of aids,that was tha end of his chapter,and thats tha guy y´all chose ta name ur company after,put it together,i rock ho´s,y´all rock fellas,and u tryina take ma spot fellas,feel these hot rock fellas,put u in a dry spot fellas,in a palm box wit 9 shots from glock fellas,Foxxy got u hot cos u kept ur face in her puss,what u think ur gettin girls now cos of ur looks,negro please,huh u no moustache havin,whiskers like a rat,compared to beans ur whack,and ur man stabbed Un,and made u take tha blame,ur ass went from jazz,to hangin wit Kane,to Irv,to Big and Eminem murdered u on ur own shit,u a dick ridin faggot,u love the attention,Queens
niggas run u niggas,ask Russell Simmons,ha R.O.C,get gunned up and clapped quick,Jay Jay Evans get gunned up and Clapped quick,ur whole damn record label gunned up and clapped quick,Shawn Carter to Jay Z,damn u on Jazz dick,some little shorty´s gettin gunned up and clapped quick,how much of Biggies rhymes is gonna come out ur fat lips,wanted to be on every last one of ma classics,u popped shit,apologise nigga just ass kiss...

Takeover (verse 4)

[Jay Z] A wise man told me dont argue wit fools,cos people from a distance cant tell who is who,so stop wit that childish shit,nigga am grown,please leave it alone,dont throw rocks at tha throne,do not bark up that tree,that tree will fall on u,i dont know why ur advisors aint fall on u,please not Jay,hes not for play,i dont slack a minute,all that thug rappin and gimmicks,i will end
it,all that has to be finished,u are not deep,u made ur bed,now sleep,dont make me expose u to those folks that dont know u,nigga i know u well,all tha stolen jewels,twinkle toes,ur breakin ma heart,cant fuck wit me,go play somewhere im busy,and all u other cats throwin shots at Jigga,u only get half a bar,Fuck y´all niggas.

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