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The gheyr muqallids are also a branch of the wahabis. They refuse to adhere to the established and recognised doctrines of Islam. The gheyr muqallids are very close in the thinking to the 'deobandis', who are also a new corrupt group. It is for this reason that the Gheyr Muqallids do not accept the deobandis as Kaafir, since they both are used to uttering words of shirk. The law of Shariah is very clear, that all those who doubt the kufr or punishment of a Kaafir are themselves Kaafir. The Gheyr Muqallids do not accept the four schools of thought in Fiqh, and have innovated a path different from the true path. They say that to make Taqleed (follow one of the four Imams of fiqh) is haraam and bid'at. They even slander the great Imams of the Mazhabs. The reality is that they too make taqleed. They are definitely the followers (muqalids) of Shaitaan. These people refute the concept of Qiyaas (religious opinion), and to completely reject qiyaas, is kufr. They refute Taqleed, and one who rejects Taqleed in totality is a Kaafir.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wahabis use the term bid'at in abundance. Everything they see, they label as bid'at.? I thus feel that it is very important to mention the true meaning of the term bid'at.? That bid'at which is an evil innovation and which is against the Sunnah is makrooh and haraam. As for that innovation which is of benefit to religion, then this is sometimes, desirable, sunnat, compulsory and can even be obligatory to act upon. Hazrat Umar‑e‑Farouk (radi Allahu anhu) says as follows concerning Taraweeh, "This is a good innovation" even though Taraweeh is Sunnat‑e‑Muakida. That which is proven in some way through the Shariah can never be an evil innovation. If this is the case that everything is bid'at, then even the wahabis madressas, lectures and gatherings will all be labelled as bid'at. Why don't they stop these actions? If anything has to do with the beloveds of Allah, they label it as bid'at and if it has to do with themselves then it is halaal and sunnat. "Wa Laa Howla Wa Laa Quwatta il'laa bil laahi"

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