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When studied attentively, the suras and verses of the Quran of miraculous expression, particularly the opening sections of its suras and the beginnings and ends of its verses, it will clearly be seen that, although the Quran contains all types of eloquence, all varieties of fine speech, all categories of elevated style, all examples of good morals and virtues, all principles of natural sciences, all indexes of knowledge of God, all beneficial rules of individual and social life, and all enlightening laws of the exalted reasons and purposes of creation, no trace of confusion and perplexity is found in it. Indeed, it can only be the work of an all-powerful, miraculously systematic thinking that it does not give rise to any confusion or contradiction among so many multifarious topics. Again, it can only be the extraordinary work of a source of miracles like the Quran, which sees and shows the truth, is familiar with the Unseen, and bestows guidance, to tear up with its penetrating expressions the veil of the commonplace over things and events, which is the cause of compound ignorance leading to such trends of unbelief as atheism and materialism, and to show the extraordinariness behind that veil, and also, with the diamond sword of proof, to cut to pieces naturalism which is the source of misguidance, and to remove with its thunder-like cries the thick layers of the sleep of heedlessness, and to uncover the hidden meanings of existence and the mysteries of creation, which philosophers and scientists have been unable to do.

When approached with a fair, attentive mind, it will clearly be seen that unlike other books, the verses of the Quran do not pursue a series of arguments gradually unfolded on certain interrelated subjects. Rather, they give the impression that each, or each group of them, was sent from afar separately at one time as if codes of an extremely solemn and important communication made ‘public’ in steps. Indeed, who else other than the Creator of the universe can carry on such a communication so much concerned with the universe and its Creator as the Quran; who could dare to come forward and, as he wishes, make the Majestic Creator speak and cause the universe to ‘speak’ so truly? In fact, the Owner of the universe speaks and makes the universe speak in the Quran most seriously, most truthfully and in the most elevated style, so that no one can find in it any signs of imitation. Supposing the impossible, if someone like Musaylima the Liar, were to appear and go so far as to make the All-Mighty, All-Compelling and Majestic Creator of the universe speak as he wishes and make the universe speak to Him, there would certainly be thousands of signs of imitation and pretence. For every manner of those who put on great airs even in their basest states shows their pretence. Consider the following verses which declare this truth with an oath:

By the star when it plunged, your comrade is not astray, neither errs, nor speaks he out of caprice. This is naught but a Revelation revealed. (53:1-4)

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