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warp - Man

!i!...funeral gone bad...!i!

-= a p00s we dnt c anym0r =-

aiy0000 kadavalaaaaaa ! p0000iytaaah aaaamaaa why y0u left me and went y0ur p0tta mari, th0se were the w0rds of Mad Madirs chimp wh0 c0uld speak better than Julian himself. tssk tssk tssk we d0nt see him ar0und anym0re and I d0ubt we will, FUNERAL N0TICE f0r th0se wh0 used t0 kn0 em, he used t0 live in ph0enix met sy aap en sy ma, b0dy leaves the h0use as s00n as they widen the d00rs, CAUSE 0F DEATH: chimp and Julian were playing Ganda Ganda and g0t t0 stage tw0, n Julian under-estimated the chimps k00nji, it sh0t the cum t0000 fast int0 julians m0uth aiy0h... he 0pend hz m0uth a bit t00 wide n the cum jamd his lungs, SATHEESEELAN'S FUNERAL SERVICES are still trying t0 rem0ve the seam0n 4um his lungs while he is in the c0ffin, Sathee said : " Eish im ch00ning y0u lukkar exse get that camera 0ut 0f my face ", but i think that n0t even a chainsaw wit munja p0wder w0uld penertrate his ch0lester0l burnt t0ast skin, JULIAN, WE WILL MISS Y0U KUDIREY ! Mang0tree aunty gave a speech at the funeral, she said : " I knew Julian fr0m the time he was small in age, he sh0uld try and climb the mang0 tree and end up breaking the branches.. rubbish child ahem, but he was funny, I went t0 his wedding when he married t0 that PITCHACHEE PAI and mistakely had 1 k0iyandeh, and that rubbish girl had t0 leave him, but I think she is n0w m0ving with Managar0j's great grands0n aiy0000 let me VAAAAI MOOODHE just n0w Julian will wake up n v0mit da c0me back int0 da m0urnin chimpz c0ck tip, we d0nt want that happening chie chie " ... Amma you definately g0ing t0 speak at my funeral, I h0pe u d0n die bef0 me th0ugh arawise yaw thaathaa is MINE !!

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