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!i!...thaatha losez it...!i!

*putz eminem - just l0se it mp3 0n in da cab*
***guess wh0z bak? :-D bak again***
***thatha'z bak :-D with a brain***
*putz false teeth 0n* "aiyah letz g0 h.2.0 ma"
n0w everi1 rep0rt 2 da dance fl00r, 2 da dance fl00r, 2 da dance fl00r, n0w everi1 rep0rt 2 dance dance fl00r, alryt st0pP 8-| bhangra tym
-c0me here smal papaz, by my feet-
guess wh0's bak wid brand new false teeth?
and i d0n mean feet as in a new case 0f a p0rn0graphy musical beat
har har har har har har
n0 w0rriez, thatha'z g0t a brand new bag 0f sex t0yz
wat else c0uld i byt 0n s0 that i can make n0ise?
i have chewd 0n everithin, but gay b0ys
thatz n0t wat i said i t0ld
thatz jus a scratch, im jus getin 0ld
i g0 a wee bit kraze s0metymz
my k00nji gets a wee bit 0ut 0f c0ntr0l and then fliez
aiy0 sami, i trippd, I did a little slyd
i went d0wn 2 tuch my t0ez but i lyd
and g0t c0rt in da center 0f dance fl00r
lyk vaseline f0r yaw arzeh0le
itz kewl if yaw bum letz 1 g0
n0b0dyz g0na kn0w they w0nt hear it
i left my hearing aid at h0me by da kit *brrrrrrrrrrr*
00pz i lyd again lyk homerz kid named bart
and my wyf and i jus herd u fart :o(
{{n0w im g0nna make u d0p, use yaw k0p
yeah b0i make yaw pantz dr0p
00ps i mean girl girl girl girl
aiyah u kn0w yaw my w0rld
alryt n0w l0se it - har har har har har har
jus l0se it - har har har har har har
g0 h0e kraze - har har har har har har
0h aiyah - har har
d0n b lazy - har har}}
itz saturday and itz a h0t day, jus 2 d0p and d0 bhangra all da way 2 sunday
2day is live f0wl day, cant eat 0n m0nday, everidayz jus a h0liday
c0z im 0n my pensi0n, feelin kinda tensioned
g0t my pantz d0wn, lettin my wyf bl0w, i dunn0 whether im cumin 0r g0in
all i kn0w iz wen i get bl00dy
saras iz g0nna wash my b0dy
----excuze me amma, i d0n't mean 2 start a drama----
but im feelin stressed 0ut I think itz karma
c0uld y0u punch me in st0mach and break my glasses?
then maybe I can tuch da granniez asses( ammma she thabaald me ! )
n0w watz yaw name ma? I am blind
“THATHA y0u must be g0t shit in yaw mind"
MANAGAR0j ??har har
I th0t u were saras!
----c0z u wearin that shit c0l0ur sarie banaras :-x ----
itz tuesday and im l0cked up with gayz
im in jail and i d0n kn0w wat happened while watchin dayz
vas00 said i was runnin with n0 dh0ti
d0wn da street eatin beanz and r0ti
har har har har har har
well im s0wi i d0n remember
all i g0t is this cucumber,im n0t guilty
kerelz said "save it thatha we g0t u 0n tape, screamin at raj bansi “tuch my b0dy!”
--n0w this iz da part were my cab breakz d0wn--
it g0t n0 bl00dy petr0l and i g0t n0 cr0wn, i think I have 2 walk 8 Milez n0w
da kerrelz c0mez bak and everyb0dy l0st themselvez
i snap bak 2 reality, l00k itz da playb0y rabbit
l0l u synd me up 2 battle? im a thatha man!
hare hare hare hare hare hare hare hare hare
i d0n have ne lynz 2 g0 ryt here s0, hare tele
thumbiez (Hare?) thumbiez (hare?)
grab yaw wyf and make ha g0 shambiez (hare baabreh)
karapan girlz, vella girlz, seriah girlz, motteh girlz
periah girlz, chinna girlz
im callin all girlz,
everi1 rep0rt 2 dance fl00r
itz yaw chance f0r a little r0mance wh0re
tit squeezin itz ganda ganda seaz0n
amma st0p sneezin
*hey…. HEY !!! Thatha itz getting late club g0nna cl0ze grab yaw teeth letz g0 {this rubbish felleh}*

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