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sivaji - Man


4 yaw n0n-relige0us ppl, maaja means fun!
1 day easy's appa br0t h0me a r0b0t. Da r0b0t waz special in dat it cud detect a lie and wud slaan da madir wu lyd 0n da face! easy returned l8 4um sk00l dat day and hiz appa asked him, "motteh khana y
are u l8 4um sk00l???"
easy answered, "appa, we had xtra beauty classes t0day".
easy didnt kn0 4k0l b0ut da r0b0t, s0 da r0b0t jumped up and klapped easy 0n his face, but da r0b0t missed and hit easy 0n hiz head, u cud see h0w red it waz g0ing hiz appa t0ld him, "khana diz r0b0t iz special c0z dat it can detect a lie, and will den klap the pers0n wu lyd. n0w c0me 0n tell me watz yaw waar khana y are u l8?""appa, i went 2 a m0vie" "which m0vie khana?"
easy: " sivaji-da b0ss appa, i want hair lyk RAJINIKANTH!! hehe super star "
wid0ut a blink, easy g0t a klap 0n hiz head again 4um da r0b0t, hiz head n0w l00ked lyk easy g0t cut shaving 0n hiz head!
"appa tell diz paih 2 st0p !, i went 2 see da m0vie emannualle".
easy's appa klapped him "shame 0n u sala kamina!" easy th0t 2 himself y hiz appa sw0re him in hindi
easy's appa: wen i waz yaw age i neva watched er0tic m0vies 0r playd wid l0ti0n" suddenly easy's appa getz a tyt klap 0n hiz face 4um da r0b0t.
hearing da last w0rds 4um appas vaaih, easy's amma c0mez walking 0ut 0f da kitchen and sarcastically sayz 2 ha husband, "afta all he iz YAW s0n!!!"
.....da r0b0t steps up and givez easy's amma a thunder which made her fart, shit and w0nder, klap 0n ha face!

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