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!i!...king cobra vs hustler...!i!

-=essay battlez await deze 2=-

Aw the bhaiz are having a work out ! (G) kyle your black looking unit5 kunt must show yourself now and agen and please try to be yaself even if you got balls the size of ya mothers tiny tits never take me out.! fark you and ur retard famly !
Wat a fucken dumb kunt lmfbo This morfie is still searching for the vertical smile.He looks between his leg's and see's scramble egg's you a fucken:-D pubic hair tooth flos$er. By now u such an expert u even circumcise men with your teeth i bet :xyour ma must be enjoyed getting her arse torn thats why your chat is like ===>crap your fucken bumbaby specialist:z
22.06.2008 14:14 EDT,
===>hit you with a fucken spin boot url end up shitting your fucken brain's out thru your fucken asshole that was already torn by your father.get realitic your morfie u using too much fucken bull shit trying to diss me or think u can diss your potter marie.don use your mothers skirt and act smart i'll torment you so badly you will go for another long fucken time don hit blanks here your nye send me a message to my profile your coward see stick to getting balaslapped your dickhead suits your personality unintelligent fucken moron u moving backwards as always cake lightie come dala...
18.06.2008 12:21 EDT,
your snye last time you deleted my message's from your site cuz i over bust your hole for u guess you took time to hell your burnt asshole or you took time to keep your record on shaking and donating your dry spoof chun's you typing about sugars like your mother is making sugar in her infested womb.. oh i'm sorry i wont victimize the weak :-) ;-) xse i'll wrap you up so badly url wish u was still playing marble's in your fathers ball's tell me asshole wat did u conquer <<your fucken cheap skate pu$s hitting flop's on the site like one weak rabbit and think you making me swak lmfbo i'll knock u...
18.06.2008 12:15 EDT,
hey your pu$s lightie wat u shooting blank's here and typing i'm few essay's behind your dumb fucken asshole wat happen you looking for attention your faggot ;-) wat the fuck do you no your kunt. where i stay you want my address to your dumb pu$s gremlin don play like one platter pu$s asshole here an act like you a fucken something your short cake
18.06.2008 12:10 EDT,
stekie by me and say you cant get her pregnant what you must do? Lmfao thats the day she'l experience so many orgasms that she'll be coming till she dies and even while shes knock knock knocking on heavens door hahahahahahaha
17.04.2008 13:09 EDT,
lost your touch, well thats if you had one in the first place. Carrot in asshole...blah blah...i got no say in any sites blah blah...come to think of it you got time to make chit chat but no time to insult :| now don't say i burnt you or i'm trying to burn you cause thats the only thing playing in your empty head. You owe me a good few replies and i suggest you get typing i'm not gonna be here all my life to show you how to insult or teach you right from wrong lmfao now i sound like a father trying to give his kid advise. Be a man hustler, you what? 28? 29 years old? Just now you'll bring your...
17.04.2008 13:07 EDT,
come now ekse its gonna take alot more than that to get rid of me. Hurt me with words, its what you promised :| so far i see you not a man of your word. Cant you be like your mother? Although she was a knob gobbler she still kept her word and got up every day and went to work satisfying your local sugar smoking taxi drivers. I don't claim i'm a top dogg son why must i? All i said was you are nothing and you got so worked up you practically threw a fit :) my brain capacity wont be able to accomodate what you type? I'm more than a puss? Mxits weakest link? Lol seriously now boy you have lost you...
17.04.2008 13:05 EDT,
Lol hustler is crawling on the floor trying so hard to get up and fight but everyone can see you just dont have the strenght aagh shame lmfao i asked you for a reply and you give me your mothers life story when she was sucking taxi drivers dicks not as a paid job :| she was a volunteer lol and called it community service wtf? Only chatsworth kids talk about taxis and buses cause it amazes you lil fuckers to a point where your final goal in life is to become a driver after serving your'lls conductor sentence. I say you dumb cause you never saw me yet you say i got gaps between my teeth lmfao co...
17.04.2008 13:04 EDT,
Why does C0bra love me so much,it's like he's assuring himself each time that he's a forgetful p0ez,all chunez fukawl spine same goes for the rest of ya'll who is at the top,sky's my limit,untouchable,so keep typing your p0ezies off on me and see if i give a fuk n0w :-|
15.04.2008 06:05 EDT,

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