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smackdat wince

!i!...easys mums grave...!i!

wel eazy i didn c it earlier bt u r s0ul ripper 8).. ppl check 0t 4 eazyz lyf da mean tym itz eazy vz me, wid hiz s0ulripper nick! il sh0ve u ere in yaw madaz grave weda she alive 0r n0t u b0th wil g0 d0wn p0ez 1zt 8o..
Aw this site was curse reverse life insulting people like nicole because she will never date a owe that look like he get raped everyday just for looking like a bitch kyle all ur fame is gone now u must suck eggs and blow ur own cock to keep ya self busy ..
And you actually though i'll expose myself like that?lmj you more stupid then i thought,the next episode is about to come and i'm betting my sites and everything i stand for on it, fake nicks to give you ground?lmfbo i laugh all the way to the bank8-)
29.04.2008 11:58 EDT,
lmfao 3 word replies :|... as for this person evil, well...just in case you did not know :) we are easyz godz lmfao without us he'd be non existant...(laughs at easyz split personality disorder hahahahahahaha)
18.04.2008 12:59 EDT,
lmao wu iz diz cheerleada ..0opz itz eazy again, s0 dum he deletd 1 syt 2 start anada, n he cum wif dif pr0filez az if it wil wake hz dead mada up 4um da grave
18.04.2008 02:11 EDT,
here is a piece of advise... nebody dat tinks dey cn go up agnst easy... tink agen! coz easy is d best... u cn nva gt beta... if u wana go up agnst hm... wel den prepare 2b defeatd... STUPIDZ... NTN GETS BETA DAN EASY!!!
17.04.2008 11:46 EDT,
don't mean to spoil your ego trip doffy but you used those lines about 33 times before 8o... try convincing other people that i didn't fuck you up ;) maybe people who haven't registered on mxit you and your fantasies :z goroff from here...
17.04.2008 10:58 EDT,
Lol fukin dumb p0ez i ain't watching cartoons,this battle ended a month ago,do the math you p0ez and realise it's too late to try pick up the pieces,now and if you don't shove your dry p0ez back in it's grave i'll hang you by your balls you weak snye get with the times,i'm way superior to you insignificant cuntz that's why i discard ya free at will,hehehe i'm still the King still on top of my game and nothin you p0ezte can do about it give it your best shot Game Over you lose i win again
14.04.2008 08:45 EDT,
everything goes past you doffy duck. seems like you inherited more of your mothers pekie genes because you have no reason to be proud :| yet you still come stain these sites with your mothers pms, what the fuck? you blacks will never learn 8o...
11.04.2008 10:34 EDT,
Yawn bla bla bla nice try but it went past the E
09.04.2008 01:20 EDT,
you flapping your putu smackers here too hustler lol wtf ekse off da topic at hand, are you and easy related by any chance? perhaps you the indian brother easy never had. your'lls strenghts are about as powerful to me and umma as an ant pulling on a bread crumb...your'll useless and its starting to show in every sense...ask around
07.04.2008 16:27 EDT,
l0l suthanade u fink eazy wil n0r watz dat? yaw chutmari 8o.. if yaw 2 dum t0 c wat append den i suggezt u d0n type ere ;)
07.04.2008 09:02 EDT,

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