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shock gz

!i!...what a shock...!i!

l0l diz 0ld bali 0nly chazin yung galz.. he went 0t wif sapna wu waz 0ld enuf 2 be hiz grandawta :D .. den he went 0t wif entice diz 0gz bt she iz inluv wiv sniper s0 he left her.. n den diz k0khead axz me weda i n0r wu he m0vin wif... he m0vin wid flat chezt.. ariyana :0 .. wu iz aws0 maysaan l0l she iz 16 s0 i herd l0l l00k at hm n picture a 16 year 0ld wif diz 0.. m0lezt0r 0r shud we say cradle snatcher ;)
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17.09.2008 03:40 EDT,
Your mothers pu$s you better delete this site your asshole before i tell everyone who the fucken hell you are your rabbit lightie ;-) even worse your nye now YOU CAN PUT UP A PAGE AND TRY TO BATTLE ME LMFBO HAHA WAT A PU$S YOU JUST GOT MADE THE BIGGEST NYE TO HIT MXIT BOYA
17.09.2008 00:28 EDT,
the way hustler claims that shock is such a madir people would think hes worth more than the left over tinfish you find stuck under his fathers shoe while he supervises his mothers home made business d.s.w. how does it feel having shares in such a big company? hustler catch a wake up and leave the whining to the bitchz, real men dont complain ;).. noones jealous of your bhai frankly i see fark all thats good about him and trust me :) i'm a good judge of character...
07.04.2008 16:35 EDT,
l0l agen l0d iz tanin f0r sh0ck, imagin if i swear sapna ere it wil be a war :D
07.04.2008 09:05 EDT,
sigh:-z when this madir going to stop sucking our asshole:-)again this dumb fucken kant cobra coming here and laughing for a picture that has been edited wat the fuck tal saw in u YOU NOT THE BEST LOOKING GUY INFACT KANT U LOOK LIKE A FUCKEN ASSHOLE WITHOUT ANYONE EDITING YOUR PICTURE LIGHTIE;-) watch this page reply boy cockbra u don no shock lightie SHOCK WILL FUCK YOU UP KANT.....I'LL POINT FINGER AT U AND LAUGH.URL JEALOUS OF MY BHAI;-)
06.04.2008 14:17 EDT,
hahaha umma i see you farking these ous up properly lol dam you doing a good job keep it up
04.04.2008 08:44 EDT,
Easy did i go too fast for you too keep up
Tick tock ikory dickory dock shock ran up the clock, the clock struck four shock's needle dick got sore he put on sapna's panties but it tore so now he just types kak and hits twenty four on easy's anal score.Ikory dickory dock easy ran up the clock the clock struck three easy started to pee blew shock on the mango tree and his dick size got made fun off by a passing by flea
Why you not chunin here shock? Even if your pic wasn't here your typing still makes you look like an arsehole...Sigh.. my bra oh mr shock..Hahahaha haaaar!
I heard shock saw the size of 12 year old scamp's dick and become insanely jealous lmfbo thevdia you have all the fun i'm lmfbo shock's pic look likes his a phuken elf from lord of the rings and shock you know i'm right :)

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