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=connect fone 2 radio=

ok this might be perceived to be difficult but it is fucking simple like fucking pussy.ok seriously any fone with a handsfree/earfone port can do this n every fucking fone has a fucking handsfree port,hence every fucking fone can do this.all u fucking need is a fucking radio that has a fucking tape deck and/or a microphone port/hole.


1.this is da fucking bomb for a fuckin mp3 fone.yes u can play ur mp3's frm ur fone on ur radio.i av free fucking net on my fone n i download hundreds of full free fucking mp3,s n play them loud on my radio like its cd.and da kool thing is dat wen da fone rings u hear it ringing ova da fucking beats damm!!

2. even if ur fone dont av mp3 u can still utillize dis feature.if u play ur music loud u can connect ur fone to da radio n wen it rings u hear it tru da radio n talk meanwhile da music is still playing,but da person is gonna get a bad fucking feed bk.Now wat i do is to connect a longer wire 2 da microphone on da handsfree cord,hence it wud be further away frm da music n hence less feed back.

3.if ur fone has mp3 n blue tooth damm!! now dis is da fucking bomb but u wud need technical electronic knowledge so i dont fucking recommend it for "none tech persons".u'll fuck up ur blue tooth set.

1. a fucking cellphone.
2. a jack cord (a cord with 2 small plug on both ends da plug r small enough 2 go in da earfone port on a walkman player)or u can just use a fucking normal earphone cord.
3. a fucking radio with a microphone hole r a tape deck.
4. a fucking handsfree cord compatable with ur model fone.
5. a knife 2 cut wires,and electrical tape 2 tape up da fucking connections.

1. cut off 1 of da plug frm da jack cord as u only need 1 and strip da inside red n black wires.for da earphone u can cut off 1 of da wires attached to 1 of da earphone n strip da black n white wires frm it.
2. take out ur handsfree cord,there are four wires in it,2 goes to da earfone and 2 goes to da microphone,cut da handsfree cord and strip da 2 wires dat connect 2 da earfone.(remove da 2 wires from da earfone itself)
3. connect da 2 previously stripped wires from da jack cord/earfone to these 2 wires on da handsfree cord and tape them.
4. connect da handsfree on ur fone,turn on ur radio put it on tape,then put da jack plug in da microphone port.turn on ur mp3 and turn da volume 2 low.then turn up ur radio and its done.

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