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face flash - Animated Comics/Fantasy/Anime


It has been written that ghost sightings happen more frequently than we imagine. Some ghosts appear to be solid and look like real people. Because of this it is believed that many more people have had a ghost sighting than was thought possible before.

1]Marilyn had an experience with a Ghost in Roanoke,Virginia in the United States in 1967. Here is her story:

"There are some things in my life that have truly terrified me. Things I could never really explain. They just happened. I guess that's par for the course when you are dealing with the supernatural. I will write some of the things down now.

I cannot offer any real explanations as to why they happened to me and my family. Only that they did.

When my parents rented the big two story house on Kern's Avenue, I was tickled to death. The house was in the city limits of Roanoke, Virginia. It was a huge three bedroom home, with a little park directly across the street. My two sisters and I would share a bedroom, and my brother would have his own bedroom for the first time in his young life. He had always had to sleep on the couch until now. So he of course was plenty happy. This soon changed once we came to realize that the house was haunted.

It was November of 1967 when we moved in. I had just turned twelve years old. Since I was the oldest, I had to help Mom with the unpacking. I made trip after trip up the stairs to put things in their new places. My parents room was directly to the right as you came to the stair landing. My brother Billy's room was the first bedroom as you turned left at the stair landing. We girls had the bedroom at the very end of the hall down from Billy's room. All of the rooms had huge walk in closets.

We girls laughed at how much our new bedroom resembled a hospital infirmary. The way our three beds were lined up made us think that way. I took the bed nearest the walk in closet. Big mistake! Although I didn't know it then.

There was also a bathroom upstairs, and it too had a walk in closet. We all noticed a stain on the hardwood floor the day that we moved in. My Dad installed hardwood floors for a living. And sanding stains from hardwood floors was an easy thing for him. He sanded it out a few days after we moved in.

The whole family was happy that day as we moved in. This was the nicest home we had ever lived in. We felt fortunate to have been able to afford it. Houses like this usually were out of our price range, but not this one. The rent was only $60.00 a month. Far below the going rent for a house like this one. We even had a basement here. We all loved it. There was a screened in back porch for us to enjoy once spring and summer rolled around. Us kids envisioned the summer nights we would camp out there. Little did we realize then that we would be long gone once summer came! We finally finished the bulk of our unpacking and it soon came time to go to bed. That's when the strange and eerie events that we experienced there began. They started innocently enough. My parents heard footsteps of someone coming up the stairs. They thought that one of us kids had gone downstairs to the refrigerator or something. Mom called out to see which one of us it was. But no one answered. The footsteps stopped right outside of their bedroom at the top of the stair landing. Mom and Dad both sat up in their beds and looked at the doorway, but they saw no one. Finally, they both went to sleep. They asked us all the next morning if we had left our beds in the night and gone downstairs. None of us had. It spooked us though when they told us they had heard someone on the stairs.

One night in December, my parents sent us kids up to bed early. They stayed downstairs to watch TV for a while. As I laid there in my bed next to that closet, an event occurred which terrified me. I was the only one awake in the room at the time — my sisters were already asleep.

Lucky them! As I laid there, I began to hear a faint sound of musical notes being played. At first it sounded far off in the distance. Then it became louder. I looked around in the dark in puzzlement when it dawned on me that the sounds were coming from the closet beside my bed. Chills ran up my spine! I listened as the sound became louder by the second. I felt as if whoever or whatever was making the sound, knew it had my total attention. I was frozen in fear. The sound coming from the closet was tinny. The best way I can describe it is that it sounded like someone was plucking on nails that stuck out of a wall. It was being done in such a way as to make a melody. It wasn't an unpleasant tune. It's just that it wasn't supposed to be happening at all! Finally I was able to move. I bolted out of that bed and ran downstairs to where my parents were. I was crying hysterically by this time, and it took me a few minutes to get the problem out. Dad and Mom went up with me to check the closet. Well, daddy did the checking. Mom and I just kind of held back a bit near the bedroom door. Wouldn't you know it though? The room was now quiet. No musical notes wafting out of the closet. Nothing out of the ordinary was there at all. Dad told me to come look for myself. Nothing. Nobody was playing musical nails. My parents tried to convince me that I had been dreaming and I just thought it was real. I just agreed with them. I mean, it was pointless to argue with them that a seventh grader knew the difference between a dream and reality.

If I was dreaming, I would hope that my subconscious mind would be clever enough to come up with a more appropriate musical instrument than nails. Ha! A guitar, or a piano maybe? Heck, why not a kazoo? My parents went back downstairs after tucking me in. There I was — all alone again in the dark. My sisters slept through the entire concert. {~_~} As soon as I was about to drift off to sleep, the musical nail sounds began again. This time I screamed!! My sisters woke up then! I made sure of that! My parents ran back upstairs. They were pretty mad at me this time. I begged them to let me sleep in their room.

They wouldn't hear of it. They did make one consolation though. They asked my sister on the far side of the room to switch beds with me. Mary didn't mind. She's a sound sleeper anyway. Of course, no one ever heard the sounds that night except for me. Ghosts seem to take a special delight in making you appear loopy to your family and friends.

Luckily, the rest of that night passed uneventfully. A few nights later though, it would be my brother Billy's turn to appear loopy. Billy was asleep in his room when he began to hear a soft moaning sound coming from his closet. As he listened he said that the moaning become louder. I knew what that was like! But what caused him to bolt from his room in terror, was the sound of his matchbox car collection being hurled onto the closet floor by some unseen force. Billy loved his matchbox car collection. He kept them "parked" neatly on the closet shelf.

So, you can imagine the fear he felt when he heard them all crash onto the floor. Especially since no one was in the closet. Heck, no one was in his room except himself! At least no one that any of us could see.

By this time all of us kids were starting to think that there was something not quite right about our new house.

We started asking other kids in the neighborhood if anything strange had ever happened in that house. We did learn from the neighborhood children that a man had died there many years before. It seems he suffered from a brain tumor and suffered much pain. He eventually died in what was my brother's bedroom. Billy was ready then to give up his bedroom and sleep on the couch once again. My parents wouldn't allow that. They tried telling us that the neighborhood kids were just" pulling our leg." That's southern talk for, having a joke at our expense. Us kids knew that even if no one had really died in that house of a brain tumor, that didn't mean that Something hadn't happened there that caused our house to be haunted.

You would have thought that our parents would have been the first ones to realize that the house was indeed haunted. Both of my parents had seen ghosts quite recently before we moved in there. Dad had his ghostly encounter the November before. My Grandma died suddenly and we had to go to Maryland for her funeral. We stayed at my grandparents home that night. Daddy slept upstairs just outside of the bedroom where us kids slept that night.

There was a bed set up on the landing. Daddy couldn't sleep, so he decided to sit up and smoke a cigarette. Now you young and impressionable people out there — do not try this at home. {~_~} Anyway, Dad said that as he sat there smoking he heard someone coming up the stairs. He waited to see who it was. He got quite a shock! It was Grandma! She spoke to daddy, saying "Everyone thinks I'm gone, but I'm still here." She then vanished before his eyes. Needless to say, daddy didn't get any sleep that night! Mom had her ghostly encounter just the summer before we moved to Kern's Avenue. My parents were fighting, and my Mom went out on the porch to cool down. It was just after midnight. We lived up in what they call a "holler." Meaning it's totally in the boonies! There were no street lights within a 20 mile radius of this place the locals called "Dry Holler." On moonless nights you could literally not even see your hand held in front of your face. It was eerie! I hated living there. Panthers would come down off the mountain and rummage through our garbage at night. Oh, sorry — back to the ghost. Mom was sitting out on the porch when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked over and saw a man walking towards her. She thought she recognized him as a neighbor from up the holler. She spoke to him saying, "Tucker, what are you doing out here so late in the night?" As she said this, he walked right through our car bumper and vanished! Mom screamed! All of us kids woke up terrified! Mom told us later that he seemed to have been dressed in an old civil war uniform. That made sense since this was Virginia and all.

So, you would think that my parents would have been keen to the possibility that we had a problem haunting, right from the get go. Maybe they did think that. They probably didn't quite know how to handle this though. I mean, they had never had to contend with a ghost actually IN our house.

Soon thereafter, I had my own ghostly encounter. I saw the one and only ghost that I hope to have to see in my lifetime. I was still the proud owner of the bed across the room. You know, the one that was as far as I could get from that closet. It was the middle of the night when this event occurred. I was awakened by something. I still to this day do not know what it was that woke me. I wish I'd slept through it, but no such luck! I woke up and had the distinct feeling that I was being watched. I then heard something rustle in the darkness. I looked over at the doorway, and stared straight at terror! There in the doorway stood someone just looking in at us sleeping kids. The person was dressed in an odd flowing, dark hooded robe. The freakiest thing though, was the feeling that I was looking at ...
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