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"Within the Woods" was a 30-minute short used by Raimi to gain financial support for "Evil Dead".

Watch the clock in the movie, it serves as the gauge for evil. When evil is in control, the clock stops and begins to moves backwards. That's why the night seems to last forever.

"Evil Dead" originally was to be finished in 7 weeks, but was stretched to 11.

Cheryl, the girl in the cellar, was Ash's sister.

If you are an "Evil Dead" completist, checkout a movie called "Equinox". A young Sam Raimi must watched have this movie a few times before sitting down and writing "Evil Dead".

Look for "The Hills Have Eyes" poster in the cellar scene when the college students discover the tape recorder and the "Book of the Dead".

The top-most book Ash places on the bucket when covering up his decapitated hand is "A Farewell to Arms."

The movie tag-line read "2 Terrifying, 2 Frightening, 2 Much."

The movie was filmed on the set of the "Color Purple," because the original cabin had been destroyed years before by fire.

A glove belonging to Freddy Krueger can be seen hanging near the steps in one of the cellar scenes. This was done reciprocally, in response to Wes Craven’s having used "Evil Dead" on the TV screen in "Nightmare on Elm Street."

Look at how the necklace is laid out on the floor when Ash is possessed the second time—like a skull. Pretty cool.

Sam's brother, Ted Raimi (the now-deceased Joxer on "Xena: Warrior Princess"), played the possessed Henrietta.

The budget on Evil Dead 2 was $3 million.

Ash's full name: Ashley J. "Ash" Williams.

The films was cut in Australia, Germany, and Sweden.

"Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas."

Working title on the set of Evil Dead 2, "Evil Dead 1300AD" and also "Medieval Dead".

Have you heard of an alternative ending? Well, it does exist. The alternative ending is available on the Japanese laserdisc and a recent UK boxset release of the trilogy. It involves Ash taking drops of a magic potion that will allow him to sleep until the present. Too bad for our hero, because he takes too many drops and oversleeps the end of the world. It now appears on Anchor Bay's SE release of the DVD. I myself, prefer the S-Mart ending.
Evil Dead cost about $300K to make, ED2 about $3M, and Army of Darkness about $13M.

Dan Elfman from Oingo Bongo wrote the "March of the Dead" for the AOD soundtrack. Buy the soundtrack at

Look for a issue of Fangoria in the trunk of Ash's car.

A TV version of "Army of Darkness" on the Sci-Fi Channel included some added footage never before seen on any release


Evil spirits enter us through many ways as indicated in the examples below.

Innocent Victim :

In some cases, evil spirits enter an innocent victim. The victim may be an unborn baby who is cursed from the mother's womb. The curse can be from a jealous relative, friend, enemy, or even the child's own parents.
Innocent victims may also include children who are not loved, who are mistreated or abused or rejection by other children, siblings, parents, etc. The abuse can range from sexual abuse, mental abuse, or physical abuse.
Those who Choose Evil:

In other cases, an evil spirit may enter us because of involvement in evil practices such as the occult, The occult is any practice that involves ceremonies, rituals, chants, magic, or activities that are obviously not God centered. These activities or rituals can change the course of nature, the the lives of those who are involved in such practices, and of course, the innocent victims.

The Ouija board is a popular occult board game and there is also Dungeons and Dragons. Satan's main target in Dungeons and Dragons game is our youth. With Dungeons and Dragons, the most powerful and successful players are those who use magic. There is a Dungeons Master Guide that even teaches new beginners how to communicate with the dead, cast spells, and learn to chant.
The use of magic revolves around evil spirits, psychic abilities and contacting spirits. Magic is a power that does not involve God. It is a power that is derived from such things as voodoo, sorcery, primitive religions and Satanism. Most witches who use magic swear that they do not worship Satan but worship the gods and goddesses of nature (The gods and goddesses of nature are hardly Jesus Christ! Of course they worship Satan! Do not let someone who practices this occult tell you otherwise!). Many of these individuals are unknown because they blend in quite well. They can be found attending church services in every denomination and they practice their magic on the side. If someone tells you white magic is ok--don't believe them!!
Use of new age tools such as crystals, divination, astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls, reincarnation, pendulums, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation
Those who make a pact with Satan or attend Satanic services or rituals.

Going to Séances, fortune tellers, Horoscopes, or spiritualist meetings for the purpose of contact the dead.
Those who use alcohol or mind changing drugs such as LSD, cocaine, marijuana
Sex out of wedlock, active homosexuals, masturbation, adultery
Those who have an abortion
Those who try to commit suicidal or have suicidal tendencies.



Yes! You can say deliverance prayers for yourself but in order for you to achieve freedom you must be spiritually prepared by making a commitment to God. You must stop any sinful acts (see Ten Commandments) and confess your sins. Before you can renounce evil in your life you must want to change and follow God where ever he leads you.

It is very important to have a guide to follow that is why we highly recommend Neal Lozano's book "UNBOUND". Neal will walk you through the steps to finding freedom. "UNBOUND" can be purchased at Neal's website or on Amazon

Neal suggests that you find someone with experience to pray with you for deliverance. If there is no one to help you with deliverance prayers then you can apply what you have learned from Neal's book and say deliverance prayers for yourself.

If you cannot afford the book (@ $12.00) there are steps you can take on your own but they may not be as effective without the proper training necessary to know what spirit is behind your affliction. That is why we recommend Neal's book.

We will briefly go over Neal's five keys with our own summary. Reflect on these keys. Start at the beginning of your life while you were in your mother's womb (see Prayer Ninth Months from the Mothers Womb). Move on next to your infancy, childhood, teenage years, adult life.

1) Repentance and Faith

If you do not already have a relationship with God you must start one. Pray and ask God to enter your life (see finding God).

Lord please forgive me for ______
Lord I am sorry for____

2) Forgiveness

To forgive another is a very difficult task and because of this fact, many people choose not to forgive. Unforgiveness is death to the soul and this death is reflected in the lives of those who are unforgiving. When we are unforgiving we store up hatred and revenge and this is what makes us unhappy, depressed, filled with anxiety, full of self-hatred, loneliness, hatred and unkindness towards others, the inability to love, and finally, we are unpleasant to be around. Forgiveness is a very important part of healing and deliverance. If you are having difficulty in forgiving someone go straight to God and ask Him for help. It is good to cry and let the hurt out. Ask God to replace the hurt with His love. Ask Him to help you to forgive.

In the name of Jesus I forgive_____ for________ (be specific)

3) Renouncing the works of your enemies

When you renounce a troubled area of your live (example:I renounce the spirit of FEAR) you are giving up the power Satan has over you. You are the one in charge and you are the one who wants the evil influence to leave.

Neal tells us that renunciation does three things:

a) Identifies the lie and the power behind the lie
b) Breaks the power
c) Gives us personal responsibility (we are telling the evil we have had enough and want it to leave.

I renounce every physical and sexual tie with____ and I take back the authority I gave him or her (or what he/she took from me)

I renounce my addiction to drugs
I renounce the spirit of fear that entered me when I was raped.

4) Standing in the authority you have in Christ

As Neal states in his book, "We have been given authority in His name to advance the Kingdom of God. We can exercise this authority over evil spirits as we serve Him, is our own lives.

Mark 16:17-18 - "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."

In the name of Jesus I break the power of every spirit that (person or self) have renounced, and I command them to go right now.

5) Receiving God's blessing of your identity and destiny

Satan's plan is for you to be miserable your whole life and to hate God. As Neal states in his book: "At the heart of Satan's attack upon you is his attempt to rob you of your true identity and destiny. Satan will do anything he can to keep you from knowing God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

An example prayer from "Unbound":

My Father, thank You for sending Jesus and showing me the way home to You.
I have opened myself to You. My life is hidden in Christ. Please bless my life. As
I identify with Christ, I, too, can hear Your words spoken over me: "You are my
son/daughter, whom I love: with you I am well pleased." In Christ I receive this
blessing--and every spiritual blessing You have for me. Thank You, ...

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