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wwe tough enough

X pac vs sincara (2nd match ¤ENDED¤)

¤¤ TIMING ¤¤
7pm - 8pm IST
7:30pm - 8:30pm BAN
2:30pm - 3:30pm NIG

x pac


Match type:- Hell in a cell

Anything can be use in this match but bad words are not Allowed.
REF:- In this match sincara start the match by beating x pac but the end of the match x pac did the very well job and x pac is success to hit skull crushing finale and this is enough for Sincara but x pac is not stop he locked in a labell lock to sincara and he taps out very early and winner of this match is x pac (via best comment)
20.12.2011 09:46 EST,
My battery is low so i signal the cut throat then pile drived u into a steel chair
20.12.2011 09:31 EST,
I waited since they is no ref so i hit the sweet chin music and u had a concussion
20.12.2011 09:27 EST,
I guess the match should be over coz a i get up i go and pick the STEPS and go for a running knee to the corner then a facebuster to the step and now u are bleeding, very bad dat i had to lock the Skull crushing finale. The i lock the labell lock
20.12.2011 09:21 EST,
With u on the ground i get up and hit u with the chairs then i wave my hand as i caught ur throat with a Chokeslam. Then i go for a YAKUZA KICK TO UR SKULL
20.12.2011 09:17 EST,
I go under and bring a table and chair then i set the table and take u top rope and hit u frm there with a WASTESLAND. Then with cunning look i hit a 350 splash
20.12.2011 09:14 EST,
I go for the sledgehammer and hit him in the mid section then i connect the gutwrench powerbomb. I pick a bottle of water and pour it on ur face to wake u up then a MIC CHECK to put u out
20.12.2011 09:11 EST,
You are down then i go for a legdrop then a five knuckle shuffle to wake u up then i connect the WMD as u are out i go for a swaton bomb then go for the pin
20.12.2011 09:08 EST,
I hit a flash kick then take ur face to the cage and scrub it till u kept bleeding then i hit a zig zag to bring u back
20.12.2011 09:05 EST,
As sin cara heard my entrance song he freaked out and I clothline him to the corner
20.12.2011 09:00 EST,
I start the match with a pedigree to xpac on table followed by a twist of fate of chair. Then i give a burning sledgehammer to his face. And then gave him a skull cRAckeR Kick which makes him unconcious. Then i gave a tombstone piledriver followed by a powerbomb to pin to him on a ladder reseted on ropes. I pin him 1,2 and 3. The match is over ring the bell REF.
20.12.2011 08:57 EST,

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