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Mig33 clever tricks

Mig33 Anti Kick - (people cant kick you out of a room) first enter a room with a mig33 id which id don't have any credit/balance/money . then kick yourself in room.the kick will fail.but people can't kick u next 5 min. do it again & again and save from kick. XXXXXXXXX
Mig33 speed up - By using this trick u can speed up your mig33 by up to 20-30 percent.
Before u login go down to ''connection type'' where it is seen ''manual'' press that then change the gateway server to mig33's ip which is and the port to 9119 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Two Votes From One ID -This is how u can give more votes from mobile which can't do multi kick. By doing this u can give atleast two votes.
Start a kick and don't leave the room. Go to mig33 main menu and take exit. Press back button before u got exit take quick action. Now ur server will and will be directed to login menu.
Just re-enter in to mig33 with a newnick name, that will be taken as u never leave the room previously. So u will be in the back room. Now give ur second vote.
U need to be as fast as u can to follow these steps. I have seen some people give 3 votes from SONY ERICCSSON by using this trick. U can't use this trick in mig33 beta. But u can use it in mig33 lite. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Mig33 Bullet kick - This is an old type of a kick but still u can use this modified trick. If u dobullet kicking, no one else in the room can start a kick as fast as u can. This type of kicking is usually used to start a kick faster and to have multi kick when there are less than 10 chatters in the room. Just login with two migs with same nick name. u can't use one nick in a room with two migs. So keep one mig in the back room.Just keep once mig in the back room and takekick user and pick the one u want tokick from the one in the back room.Enter in to the room with the other mig at the same time use the back room room mig and request the kick. U enters in to the room andu started the kick as fast as u enter. No one else can start as fast as that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Chat with blocked user -If u think any body blocked u but he/she is online. Then apply the ''catching any ofline user'' rule. Invite any other user and make a group chat. Then u will able to chat with a block user
Catching Any Offline user - to catch any one who is logged intomig33. Just enter in a room and go to private chat. above there u can see''enter username'' take that option and type the username u want to catch that's all. Now u got the one u looking for. if the person not logged in u will get a warning in red ''the user not online'
Mig33 Disappear status icon - Dear mig33 users now you would beable to disappear your status icon. Go to '''' and log in there. After log in your id select AWAY as your presence setting. Now see what happens! Your status icon wil be disappeared. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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