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amulets 3

Herb Amulets
*Negative forces in the home
At the front and back door of your house, hang two
bunches of clover upside down. The clover will then
set out to fight the negativity around your house.
*Protection for the house
With a red ribbon tie a bunch of garlic to the corner
of your front door. It will protect you and your loved
ones from negative vibes that may enter your house.
*To improve the mind
In a little yellow drawstring bag carry vanilla beans,
fresh rosemary and petals of a lily of the valley and
carry it with you often. With each breath visualize
your mind becoming
stronger, remembering dates you will not want to
*For a Job Interview
Put 3 pecans, three drops of rose oil and the root of
an orchid inside a glass jar with the lid shut tight.
After three nights, place the root and seven pecans in
a little red drawstring bag and take it with you to
job interviews. With this little bag, you will feel
confident while
questions are being asked and will have a good chance
of getting the job you want.
*For spiritual awareness and psychic strength
In a medium size jar half filled with almond oil, add
a teaspoon of dry yerba santa, damiana and spearmint
leaves with seven drops of lime essential oil. Mix
together with a plastic spoon and screw the lid on
top. Once well blended fill the rest of the jar with
pine chips. Soak them for 3 days, then remove, and
allow them to dry before placing them in a light blue
bag. The left over oil can be used before spiritual
healings, or for divination purposes. Place three
drops on your hands before you start rub them gently
together and place on your forehead.
*Protection from evil
Make four little blue drawstring bags, each the same
size. In a bowl mix dry angelica, Solomon's seal and
balm of Gilead buds. As you do this visualise your
house protected from
evil. Divide the mix into four equal amounts and fill
each bag with it. Hang them or hide them in the four,
corners of your house.
*For sleeping problems
Make yourself a little purple drawstring bag and as
you do this think of a having a good night's sleep.
Inside add a teaspoon of valerian and each night hold
it in your hand while you lay in bed. Before you know
it you will be soundly asleep and when you awake the
little bag will be somewhere in your bed.
*For Money
In a green bowl mix equal parts of ginger, Irish moss
and sesame seeds. Crush together to form a powder and
as you crush it visualise your money needs. Light a
charcoal tablet
(cube) and on top add a quarter of a teaspoon of your
money powder. Concentrate, inhaling deeply. Do this
for ten minutes every night for seven nights,
beginning on a Thursday night just after the sun goes
down. Put the ashes in a green bag every night. Carry
it often once the 7 days are passed.
*For prosperity
Sprinkle fresh alfalfa sprouts in the front and back
of your house. As you do this visualise your most
wanted needs and recite the following:
"May the ground take this offering I give. May it
bring me prosperity which is in great need"
Do this, seven times every Thursday and don't be shy
sprinkling plenty of alfalfa sprouts.
*Travel Charm*
This makes an excellent traveling companion. It does
not eat much. You don't have to pay for an extra room,
and it won't complain about your driving. You'll also
have a good listener at hand, and, by adding certain
herbs to the stuffing material, it can serve a helpful
Holly, violet leaves, anise, and fennel will protect
against hostile spirits. Holly-hock will bring success
in a business trip. Juniper will purify a lodging.
Clover blossoms will ward off accidents, and thyme
will keep you on time if you have a tight schedule.

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