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101.In the olden days when we had power, we could use the art against any
who ill-treated the Brotherhood. But in these evil days we must not
do so. For our enemies have devised a burning pit of everlasting fire
into which they say their god casteth all the people who worship him,
except it be the very few who are released by their priest's spells
and masses. And this be chiefly by giving monies and rich gifts to
receive his favour for their great god is ever in need of money.
102.But as our gods need our aid to make fertility for man and crops, so
is the god of the Christians ever in need of man's help to search out
and destroy us. Their priests ever tell them that any who get our help
are damned to this hell forever, so men be mad with the terror of it.
103.But they make men believe that they may escape this hell if they give
victims to the tormentors. So for this reason all be forever spying,
thinking, "An I can catch but one of these Wicca, I will escape from
this fiery pit."
104.So for this reason we have our hidels, and men searching long and not
finding, say, "There be none, or if there be, they be in a far country."
105.But when one of our oppressors die, or even be sick, ever is the cry,
"This be witches' malice", and the hunt is up again. And though they slay
ten of their own to one of ours, still they care not. They have countless
106.While we are few indeed. So be it ordained.
107.That none shall use the art in any way to do ill to any.
108.However much they may injure us, harm none. And nowtimes many believe
we exist not.
109.That this Law shall ever continue to help us in our plight, no one,
however great an injury or injustice they receive, may use
the art in any way to do ill, or harm any. But they may, after
great consultations with all, use the art to restrain Christians from
harming us Brothers, but only to constrain them and never to punish.
110.To this end men will say, "Such a one is a mighty searcher out, and a
persecutor of old women whom they deemeth to be witches, and none hath
done him harm, so it be proof that they cannot or more truly there be
111.For all know full well that so many folk have died because someone had
a grudge against them, or were persecuted because they had money or goods
to sieze, or because they had none to bribe the searchers. And many have
died because they were scolding old women. So much that men now say that
only old women are witches.
112.And this be to our advantage and turns suspicion away from us.
113.In England and Scotland 'tis now many a year since a witch hath died the
death. But any misuse of the power might raise the persecution again.
114.So never break this Law, however much you are tempted, and never
consent to its being broken in the least.
115.If you know it is being broken, you must work strongly against it.
116.And any High Priestess or High Priest who consents to its breach
must immediately be deposed for 'tis the blood of the Brethren they
117.Do good, an it be safe, and only if it be safe.
118.And keep strictly to the Old Law.

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