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Dating Tips

°♥ Bahtiar Rifai ♥°

Dating Tips

1. A Sleepy Shoulder

Guys, listen. If you are at the movies or in the car with a girl and she rests her head on your shoulder, she wants you. Trust me. Start by putting your arm around her, and then wait for the perfect moment and kiss her with everything you have got!

2. Ordinary Date
Instead of wasting

a lot of money on going to the movies just rent a movie. Order some pizza or pop some popcorn and your set. You guys can snuggle on the coach and it's better than having the arm rest inbetween you guys. So you get to warm up to your hunny and talk as much as you want instead of being at the movies where you can't really do anything but kiss. You get that AND MORE at home. ;)

3. Tree Surprise

If you do this right, it will end up being one of the best dates ever... First, carve a memory into a tree, example: (Tabi, Aaron 4 ever) Next, make up some destination clues that will slowly lead your love to the tree surprise. (On their car seat or locker is a good place to start) Use your imagination and put the clues in good spots. Hide away near your carving until he/she arrives to their tree surprise. They'll never forget it!

4. Shivers down the spine!!

As you gently open your mouths while kissing, run your tongue along the roof of your partners mouth while at the same time, run your fingers down their spine it actually sends shivers down their spine and really gets them in the mood! enjoy!

5. A Slow Kiss and a Soft Touch

Nothing says romance like a slow tongue kiss. When there is no rush, you can notice every detail of your partners kissing style and try new techniques out on them. While kissing, slowly run your fingertips up and down his chest. He'll get the chills and it will definitely be romantic and memorable.

6. Cure for the common cold

Hey, this one is for the guys out there. If your girl is home sick and can't leave the house... Well I have the perfect cure! Make her some chicken soup and tea, put it in a thermos, and bring it over to her house, along with her favorite movie. To spice it up, what about some flowers! That will definitely cheer her up!

7. Paint your lover red

For more intimate couples a fun thing to do is buy floresent body paint, set up a black light and draw on eachothers bodies. It's really romantic, sexy and fun all at the same time.
8. Short and sweet!

If your baby is at work and you need to get a message to them, but can't call them, leave a sticky note on their car. It's a sweet thing to do and it's sure to make your baby tingle! It's so exciting to get out of work to hear from your loved one...

9. Fishing in the Dark

Wait until one warm summer night around dusk, just when the sun is setting and the sky is lighting up in all the beautiful pinks and oranges. Take a blanket and some fishing poles, you don't have to fish but just to get away from the pressure of everything around you. You can talk about anything and not worry about getting mad, or you can whisper sweet nothings into your loved ones ear. Whether just getting away or just being together without a care in the world, have a great time with the one you love.

10. Cheesy Film Scene

It might be cheesy, but to live out those scenes in American films, where you find a secluded spot at a high point that overlooks your city at night is thoroughly romantic. My boyfriend takes me up the top of the chalk cliffs overlooking Portsmouth, a nice quiet spot while the lights glisten away below. A few mellow tunes and some chocolate creates an exceptionally perfect evening.

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