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The Aim of Wahabi...

Real Aim of Tabligi Jamat...

This is an established fact that the decision about the desirability or undesirability of a movement and association with it depends upon its aims and objects. A movement may have a dynamic, moving, effective, resources, but if its aims are undesirable, then nobody would like such an association.

Therefore in order to form a final opinion about the Tableeghi Jamaat, it is necessary to observe deeply, its objects, which were in the mind of its founder.


We are very grateful to Maulana Manzoor Nomani in this respect that he has pointed out this fact in the words of the founder of the Jamaat, in the book ´Malfoozaté Ilyas´:

He writes, quoting one of his statements: ´He once said, ‘Hazrat Maulana Thanvi had done a great job, therefore it is my desire that his teachings be propagated amongst the masses and the method of preaching must be mine, so that his teaching will become popular among the public.´ (Malfoozat, pp/5 7)

The structure of any missionary association has two parts, firstly teachings, and secondly the method of preaching. From these two if either is related to Islam then this association is qualified to be called an Islamic Association. But in the above statement of Maulana Ilyas the disturbing fact is that in both the aspects, neither is related to Allah and His Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). The teachings of Thanvi Sahib and the method of preaching of Maulana Ilyas himself. This makes it quite clear that the real object of the Tableeghi Jamaat is not to propagate the teachings of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) but to propagate the teachings of Thanvi Sahib.

I have no objections as to why the Tableeghi Jamaat has declared Moulana Thanvi’s works as its object of preaching, because every person decides the objective according to his choice, but I do object and protest as to why the people of the Tableeghi Jamaat hide their true objective, why don’t they say openly that we have stood up to make the teachings of Thanvi Sahib popular among the public, those who are in agreement with the teachings of Maulana Thanvi should accompany us.

But why deceive the public? Their aim is something else but when they contact the Muslims they say that we have come out to propagate the religion of Allah and His Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). A Jamaat that begins its activities with falsehood can never be expected to do any good.

Now read another writing in this connection. The Compiler of ´Malfoozat´ writes: ´Maulana Ilyas said that to increase relations with Hazrat Thanvi, to benefit from his blessings and simultaneously to participate in the efforts of developing the spirit, and to increase the happiness of the soul of Hazrat, one should carry out the instructions, and teachings of Hazrat and make endeavours to propagate it to other circles.´ (Malfoozat, pp/67)

Every line of this writing clarifies, that the central idea of the efforts of the Tableeghi Jamaat is not to gain the good-will of Allah or His Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), but only to gain the good-will of Thanvi Sahib. Again the question arises as to who will try hard to propagate extensively the teachings and instructions of Thanvi Sahib? Nobody but the Tableeghi Jamaat.

Now read a part of a circular sent by Maulana Ilyas to the Missionary workers of Meiwat. He writes, initiating the object of his preaching: ´To achieve benefit from Maulana Thanvi, it is essential that one should love him, and one should gain benefit from his followers, and one should read his books, one should gain knowledge from his books and learn the deeds from his followers.´ (Makateeb-e-Ilyas, pp/ 138)

From the above-narrated writings much light has been thrown on the relations between Thanvi Sahib and Tableeghi Jamaat. Now as far as the question of starting a movement for propagating the teachings of Thanvi Sahib, and to gain benefits from his books, is concerned, its fatality could not be understood, till the teachings and books of Maulana Thanvi are not examined impartially.

If in reality, the teachings and the books of Maulana Thanvi damage the unity, integrity and the belief of the Ummah, then undoubtedly this endeavour of the Tableeghi Jamaat is no less than a fatal attack on the Muslim Ummah.

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