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The Incident

All true....


It is an event of my student life, about twenty-five years back. I was alone with a few other students at the gate of Darul Uloom Ashrafia, Mubarakpur, when we saw a white bearded old man coming towards us. His face had the stamp of artificial sanctity; he possessed in his hand an emerald rosary. He was wearing a Kurta up to his ankles. He was also wearing a white waist-coat of Kahddar, he had all the paraphernalia to win over the hearts of the people. A few people were escorting him with folded hands, bowed heads and whispering something.

For us the youngsters, this was a totally new thing. On enquiry we were told that these were the workers of the Tableeghi Jamaat who had come from Delhi to get the Muslims of Mubarakpur to recite the ‘Kalima’ and the old white-bearded man leading them was the Amir of the Jamaat.

We were greatly astonished to hear this. In our opinion the Muslims of Mubarakpur were Muslims since the days they were born. They were never seen striding towards any temple instead of a Mosque. We had never heard of any rumour about them becoming mushriks and leaving Islam. Under these circumstances the talk of forcing them to recite the Kalima seemed absurd to us. The result of our amazement was that one of us dared to question one of the members of the Tableeghi Jamaat. ´Do you people think that the Muslims of Mubarakpur are not real Muslims, therefore you have taken the pain of travelling from Delhi to here, and you are asking us to recite the Kalima?´

The member of the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ replied very politely: ´This interpretation of the recitation of the Kalima is wrong which you have assumed. This recitation of the Kalima is done for the remembrance of Allah. These people are propagating the remembrance of Allah by getting the Muslims to recite the Kalima. They are not making them Muslims.´

Much of our mental anxiety was relieved by this answer but one of our companions said that he would not be satisfied without making an experience personally. He asked us ´to observe his show with complete silence.´

The next day the same Missionary team of Delhi passed before the Madressah, after making the round of the town and reciting the Kalima. In the evening at exactly 4 p.m. we were standing in a row awaiting them. Our companion walked about two steps forward and called for the Amir of the Jamaat. He said: ´Maulana would you please excuse this interruption for a few moments.´ On hearing this voice the Amir of the Jamaat looked at him and stopped there. Then our companion requested most humbly: ´Maulana, please do not take ill, I have detained you for some work of the religion.´ Listening to it the Maulana with wrinkled eyebrows came forward and said in a deterring voice: ´Go on, tell me, can I be of some Islamic service to you?´ My companion replied: ´Please recite the Kalima.´ These words made the Moulana very furious and he replied angrily: ´Don’t you feel ashamed to joke with your elders? You are only a student! Inshallah! You will learn a lesson for this audacity in this very world!´

After saying this he was about to go when one of my companions remarked: ´You were angry for no reason. Can you tell me as to why you regard my request as a joke? You have been doing this since yesterday (asking the people to read the Kalima.) Do you not have the right to read the Kalima even as Zikrullah? And if according to your version this is a joke then why have you been joking with the local Muslims since yesterday? Have you prescribed a punishment for your own audacity?´

The voice of our companion was getting louder and louder as if he had caught a thief red-handed. Within a few minutes a large crowd of on-lookers had gathered. Somebody from the crowd enquired: ´What’s going on?´ Our companion replied: ´Nothing serious, since yesterday these people have been asking Muslims of Mubarakpur to recite the Kalima but when we ask them to the same, this old man became angry. Don’t they think that the Muslims of Mubarakpur are genuine Muslims? Then why are they walking the streets of Mubarakpur asking the Muslims to re-read the Kalima? Maybe they think that it is a religious right of every Muslim to read the Kalima, but when I asked this old man to exercise his right and read the Kalima, he became furious and now he is accusing me of joking with an elder. I simply want to ask him that if my requesting him to read the Kalima amounts to a joke then why has he and his companions been joking with the local Muslims here?´

Hearing this explanation of our companion the crowd said unanimously: ´This young Molwi Sahib is right in his argument.´ This enraged the Amir-e-Jamaat even further. He then said: ´He is not right in his statement. Really speaking he was jeering at me. As far as the reciting of the Kalima is concerned, I have been certainly asking people to do this. I do not deny this.´ Hearing the reply of the Amir-e-Jamaat, another man intervened and said: ´Maulana you are asking the people to read the Kalima and when someone asks you to do the same, why then do you regard it as a joke.´ The Amir-e-Jamaat replied: ´I know it is a joke because his intention is not noble. He is simply mocking me.´

The last sentence was hardly completed when an aged person moved forward and said in a challenging way: ´Maulana, since the talk of intention has risen, then let me tell you that you too have no real intention of asking the Muslims to read the Kalima because of Zikrullah. On the contrary you do not regard the Muslim public of Mubarakpur as Muslims at all. You want them to re-read the Kalima and re-enter the fold of Islam (because you regard them as Bidatees and Qabar-Pujaris). Those who are not aware of your intentions may be satisfied with your reply but those who know your religious lineage know perfectly well that as far as you are concerned, idol worshippers in a temple are not the only Mushrikeen, on the contrary even born Muslims believing in the oneness of Allah (Tauheed) and Prophethood of every Prophet and subscribing firmly to the Islamic beliefs including Ilme Ghaib (knowledge of the Unseen bestowed to the Prophets by Allah as mentioned in the Quran and countless Ahadith), calling out Ya Rasoolallah, observing Meeladun Nabie, Urs, going to tombs of Aulia Allah for spintual benefits etc. are Mushriks and Kaafirs as Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal.

´These beliefs are not confined to Mubarakpur only but also in the entire country 99% of such ‘polytheism’ will be found. Now to make them ‘Muslims’ there is no other remedy except that you people may enter through the back-doors, and may satisfy their religious spirit by making the people recite the Kalima and think that they have conquered a Khyber of infidelity.´

´Maulana how could these boys joke with you. Upto now they are not aware of your reality. They do not know if you are their religious rivals or their friends, however by asking us to recite the Kalima you are jeering at our Faith. Through your writings you have badly wounded our spirit of devotion. Which Muslim could dare to deny the recital of the Kalima, but after charging us with infidelity and polytheism when you ask us to recite the Kalima, then it seems quite so as if someone after charging any sinless man may remind him of repentance, although to repent is not bad but to remind one of repentance in these conditions is to ask one to confess to undone sins. Maulana, this is only one side of your cruelty, the other aspect of your religious tyranny is more horrible and shocking. Your ancestors have engulfed the Muslim Ummah in the most painful agony by using audacious and derisive language for the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). This is the greatest revolutionary incident of the present century. The writers have gone to dust a long time ago, but smoke is still rising from the Muslim populace, due to the fire lit by them. Moreover what could be more surprising than the fact that you people on the one side agressively criticise the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and use insolent languages for him, and on the other side you ask the people to recite the Kalima of the same Prophet (Sallallahu Aiayhi Wasallam)!´

While this man was making his speech, Maulana was turning bloodless with anger and fear. However, he wanted to extricate himself by saying: ´I am not a responsible ‘Scholar’ (Aalim) of my Jamaat.´ (If he is not an Aalim, then why does he indulge in Tableeg which is a highly speciailised field?)

When he was leaving some people cried out among the crowd: ´If you have nothing to say in reply, at least let us know how much of whatever this man has said about your people is correct?´ On this question his companions were enraged and they moved forward escorting their Maulana in their circle.

These queries and answers had a great effect on everyone. They realised after all, that the Tableeghi Jamaat is not as good from the inside as it appears to be clean and attractive from the outside. It means there is definitely something wrong, right at the top!


Probably it was during the year 1956, when Madressah-e-Faizul Uloom of Jamshedpur was operating under the open sky. I had to make contact with Dr Sayed Mahmood for the allocation of a plot of land from Tata Steel Company of India. During this period he was holding the office of Deputy Foreign Minister. He invited me to come to Delhi, in response to my letter, along with all the relevant papers. I reached Delhi one day earlier than his appointment.

My devoted heart insisted that I should pass my first night before the Holy Audience of Mahoboob-e-Ilahi, Kwaja Nizamuddin Aulia (Rahmutallah Alaihi). Therefore, I proceeded towards Basti Nizamuddin. I noticed two men constantly watching me. It seemed to me as if they knew me and had been waiting for me. When I approached them I was surprised to see their beards and the dark spots on their foreheads. I had never seen such long beards and such dark spots on the foreheads of anyone in my entire life. (It is contrary to Sunnah to keep such long beards.)

They moved towards me with great politeness and impeding my way said with great humility: ´Hazrat, this is the Centre of ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ from where Islam is being propagated throughout the world. Would you please like to go inside and see how the religion is given a new life?´

´A fairly long time has elapsed since a sincere servant of the religion planted a sapling of his Spiritualism, now it has grown fully and a large part of the World is receiving its blessing. Please have a look how they have refreshened the withered plant of Islam.´

I, myself had a long desire to get the opportunity to see the workings of the Tableeghi Jamaat from a close angle. I accompanied them and on entering the main gate we observed a few aged people reciting Para-e-Am in a Baradari (courtyard). Pointing towards them they said: ´These are the newly converted Muslims from the Meiwat region. The ancestors of these people were Muslims, these people also called themselves Muslims but they were so engrossed in infidelity and polytheistic ceremonies that they had cut off their relations with Islam. The pious leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat have presented before them the true Islam and got them to change their previous religious beliefs by their constant efforts and diplomacy. Now these people have been learning the religion by living day and night in the Centre. When they mature, they will ...
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