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Nerd Test [pt3]
187. Have you ever FTP'd?

188. ...anonymously?

189. Have you ever uploaded?

190. Have you ever downloaded?

191. Have you ever multi-tasked? (ran 2+ applications concurrently)

192. Have you ever set up a kill file?

193. ...that does more than simply 'kill'?

194. Do you have a .plan or similar file for when people finger you?

195. Have you set up a or similar file for auto-execution on logging unto a computer system? (autoexec.bat,

196. Do you use alias/batch commands to standardize your OS? (e.g. alias dir ls)

197. Have you ever read the postings on USENET?

198. the last week?

199. Have you posted to USENET?

200. ...and gotten a response?

201. ...from someone you knew outside of the net?

202. ...and gotten a "flame"?

Have you ever posted to...

203. ...a science fiction news group? (rec.arts.sf)

204. ...a sex news group? (


206. ...rec.humor?

207. ...a sci. or science-related news group?

208. Have you ever written a FAQ for a USENET news group?

209. Have you ever run a vote for a USENET news group?

210. Have you ever moderated a USENET news group?

211. Have you played any MUD's, MUSH's or other multi-user games?

212. the last week?


214. Do you consistently play more than one MUD, MUSH, etc.?

215. Are you a "wizard/implementor/immortal" on any MUD's, MUSH's, etc.?

216. Do you have GIF files as wallpaper?

217. Is part of your desk space devoted to your computer?

218. Have you ever built a computer?

219. ...from chips?

220. Do you have a favorite computer language?

221. ...that you've had to defend in verbal debate?

Which of the following computer languages do you know...

222. ...BASIC?

223. ...PASCAL?

224. ...FORTRAN?

225. ...assembly language?

226. ...C?

227. Have you ever forgotten a person's name but not their e-mail address?

228. Do you know more computer addresses than street addresses?

229. Do you tend to remember the IP numbers instead of the alpha address for computer sites? ( vs.

230. Do you find that you type more often than you write longhand?

231. Have you ever forgotten how to write longhand?

232. Have you ever used computer symbology elsewhere? (goto, *, etc.)

233. Have you ever spoken internet-ese? (btw, imho, :), brb, afk)

234. Have you ever blown off doing something you were supposed to do in order to work on the computer?

235. Have you ever felt jealous of someone merely because they owned a better computer system than you?

SECTION 4: Possessions

236. Do you frequently find yourself with more plugs than outlets?

237. Do you currently own a can of WD-40?

238. Do you currently own a can of compressed air?

239. Do you have a personal copy of any version of the nerdity test?

240. space allocated to you on a computer system?

241. Have you ever owned a light saber (Star Wars)?

242. ...that wasn't made of plastic?

243. Do you own an 8-track tape player or any 8-track tapes?

244. Do you own an almanac? (World, Farmer's)

245. Do you own an atlas?

246. Do you own a globe?

247. ...and have it on display? (on a desk, bookshelf...)

248. ...that has bumps corresponding to mountain ranges?

249. ...that lights up?

250. Do you own any "maps of the ancient world"?

251. ...and have them on display?

252. Do you have any "mathematical" artwork? (Escher, fractals)

253. Have you ever faxed something?

254. Have you ever received a fax?

255. Do you own a cellular phone? (car phone)

256. Do you own a non-standard calculator? (scientific, programmable)

257. Do you own a "reverse polish notation" calculator?

258. Do you own a slide rule?

259. ...and know how to use it?

260. Other than a thermometer, do you own any meteorological equipment?

261. Do you own any orienteering equipment? (compass, sextant, etc.)

262. Do you own a pencil case?

263. Do you own any mechanical pencil?

264. ...and have refills for it?

265. Do you own an electric pencil sharpener?

266. Do you own a laboratory notebook?

267. Do you own any graph paper? (quad-ruled)

268. Do you own any log or semi-log paper?

269. Do you own a table of integrals?

270. Have you ever stolen scientific (radiation, biohazard) warnings for personal use?

SECTION 5: Leisure Time

271. Have you ever taken something apart?

272. ...and put it back together correctly?

273. ...without worrying about voiding the warranty?

274. Do friends and/or family ask you to fix things?

275. Do friends and/or family ask to borrow your tools?

276. ...because you are the only person they know who OWNS that tool?

277. Have you ever put something together without reference to the assembly instructions?

278. Have you ever bought something primarily for the pleasure of taking it apart to "see how it works"?

279. Have you ever rewired something?

280. Have you ever played a non-sexual role-playing game? (D&D)

281. ...since leaving high school?

282. Have you ever been to a RPG convention? (GenCON, etc.)

283. the last six months?

284. Have you ever taken a "self help" test?

285. Do you derive perverse pleasure from self-help tests?

286. Do you ever lord your scores on such tests over people around you?

287. Have you ever dissected something?

288. ...while not involved in a biology class?

289. Do you play chess?

290. Were you ever on a chess team?

291. ...on a math team?

292. ...on a debate team?

293. ...on a "trivia" team? (college bowl, JEOPARDY)

294. ...the captain for any of the teams listed above?

295. ...the coach for any of the teams listed above?

296. Did you ever join one of the above teams for the purpose of picking up members of the opposite sex?

297. Were you ever in a science fair?

298. ...that you placed in the top three?

299. Are you a member of Mensa?

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