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Nerd Test [pt4]
300. Have you ever made a technical joke?

301. the last week?

302. ...that no one around you understood?

303. ...and you found yourself trying to explain it?

304. ...that everyone around you understood?

305. ...but their reason for laughing was not yours?

SECTION 6: Leisure Time - Nerd Toys

306. Have you ever bought something from Radio Shack?

307. Do you know what an oscilloscope does?

308. Have you ever used an oscilloscope?

309. Do you own an oscilloscope?

310. Have you ever used a microscope?

311. Do you own a microscope?

312. Have you ever used a telescope?

313. ...not for peering through someone's bedroom window?

314. Do you own a voltmeter?

315. Do you own any remote controlled vehicles?

316. Do you own a CB radio?

317. Have you ever had an amateur radio license?

318. Do you still have an amateur radio license?

319. Have you ever had an extra-class amateur radio license?

320. Have you ever used a chemistry set?

321. ...since the age of 13?

322. Have you ever used a rare earth element?

323. Do you own a slinky?

324. Does a slinky make you think about oscillations?

325. Do you own a Rubik's cube?

326. Are you able to solve Rubik's Cube?

327. ...without using the book?

328. less than two minutes?

329. Have you ever tried to calculate the number of possible permutations a Rubik's Cube can have?

SECTION 7: Leisure Time - TV and Movies

330. Do you watch more than 4 hours of TV on any given day of the week?

331. Can you name more than 5 shows on PBS? (inc.:A&E, Discovery Channel)

332. Have you ever watched a PBS documentary?

333. ...voluntarily?

334. the last three weeks?

335. Have you ever watched C-Span for more than 5 minutes?

Have you ever watched a complete episode of...

336. ...Dr. Who?

337. ...Battlestar Galactica?

338. ...Space: 1999?

339. ...Starblazers? (cartoon about the WWII carrier flying through space)

Can you whistle, hum, sing or snap the theme songs to...

340. ...Gilligan's Island?

341. ...Flintstones?

342. ...The Brady Bunch?

343. ...The Jetson's?

344. ...The Addam's Family?

344. ...Dobbie Gillis?

346. ...I Dream of Genie?

347. Have you ever seen any of the "Revenge of The Nerd" movies more than once?

348. Have you seen all of the Star Wars movies?

349. one 24 hour period?

350. Have you ever watched something and stated "that's physically impossible" (due to Newton's laws, etc.)?

SECTION 8: Leisure Time - Books and Magazines

Have you ever read anything by...

351. ...Douglas Adams?

352. ...Isaac Asimov?

353. ...Arthur C. Clarke?

354. ...Robert H. Heinlein?

355. ...Piers Anthony?

356. ...J.R.R. Tolkein?

357. ...TSR Hobbies? (i.e. a novel published by the D&D people)

358. ...Richard Feynman? (e.g. his lectures, etc.)

359. ...Stephen Hawkings?

360. ...Carl Sagan?

361. Have you ever read -Cultural-Literacy- or any other book on "what you, as an intelligent person, should know"?

362. Have you ever read -Innumeracy- or any other book about mathematics made popular?

363. Do you read books on a daily basis?

364. Have you finished a book in the last week?

365. Have you finished more than one book in the last week?

366. Have you ever bought a book of crossword puzzles/logic problems?

367. Do you read archaic computer manuals for pleasure?

Do you have magazine subscriptions to...

368. ...Popular Mechanics?

369. ...Popular Science?

370. ...Omni?

371. ...Scientific America?

372. ...any computer oriented magazine? (MacWorld, PCWorld, etc.)

373. ...Computer Gaming World or other "video game" magazine?

374. ...Discover?

375. ...any medical journals? (New England Journal of Medicine)

376. ...any science periodicals?

377. ...National Geographic?

378. ...any comic book or "graphic novel"? (X-Men, Superman, Heavy Metal)

SECTION 9: Star Trek

379. Can you name or discuss the plots of more than 10 Star Trek episodes?

380. Have you seen all of the Star Trek films?

381. one 48 hour period?

382. Do you refer to the various "Treks" as "TOS" (The Original Series), "TNG" (The Next Generation) and "DS9" (Deep Space 9) or similar?

383. Have you ever argued with someone over which "Trek" is better?

384. Have you ever argued over who was a better commander of the Enterprise?

385. Have you ever felt the urge to learn the Klingon language?

386. Have you ever been to a trek convention?

387. the last six months?

388. Have you ever owned a pair of Spock ears (Star Trek)?

389. ...and worn them in public?

SECTION 10: Clothing and Apparel

390. Are your socks unmatched?

391. Do you own a digital watch?

392. ...that plays music?

393. ...that's currently set to chime on the hour?

394. ...that has a calculator built in?

395. Do you own a pocket protector?

396. ...and are you wearing it?

397. Do you have acne?

398. Do you have greasy hair?

399. ...without realizing it?

400. Do you own any clothing with scientific knowledge printed on it? (e.g. t-shirts with Maxwell's equations)

401. ...which you still wear from time to time?

402. Have you ever worn a radiation film badge?

403. ...while not in the laboratory?

404. ...and described what it was to someone, who then backed away in fear?

405. Are your pants too short?

406. Does your underwear have your name in it?

407. Is your outfit uncoordinated? (have someone else evaluate this)

408. Have you ever worn a button-down shirt and left the tails hanging out?

409. Have you ever bought similar looking shirts/pants in order to save time when dressing because "everything goes together"?

410. Do you wear glasses?

411. ...held together by adhesives? (tape, glue, boogers)

412. Is your vision worse than 20/40? (in either eye)

413. Is your vision worse than 20/80? (in either eye)

414. Do your glasses weigh more than one pound?

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