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Nerd Test [pt5]
SECTION 11: Personality and Lifestyle

415. Have you ever slept an inverted day? (sleep at dawn, wake at dusk)

416. ...for more than one day in a row?

417. Have you ever slept round the clock? (24 continuous hours in bed)

Which of the following have you used to prevent sleep?

418. ...Caffeine?

419. ...exercise?

420. ...Vivarin?

421. ...NoDoz?

422. ...something you made in chem. lab?

423. ...something you found in chem. lab?

424. Have you worked for an engineering or manufacturing firm?

425. the last 3 months?

426. ...and gotten credit at a school for doing so?

427. Have you worked in a research lab?

428. ...and been more interested in the work than the pay?

429. Have you ever visited a power plant? (Hoover Dam, nuclear plant, etc.)

430. ...and not been bored?

431. Are you socially inept?

432. Was the last naked person you saw a hi-res computer scan?

433. Do you talk to yourself?

434. ...when other people are around?

435. Do you talk to imaginary people?

436. they talk back?

437. they seem to be more/less intelligent than you?

438. Do you have a tough time remembering people's names?

439. ...but no trouble with their numeric data? (phone#, SS#)

440. Have you ever played mathematical games with other numbers you see to pass the time? (square/cube root, prime factors of phone#)

441. Do you see everyday situations as representing mathematical concepts?

442. Do you look at quantitative factors when participating in social events? (ex: choosing drinks by % alcohol rather than taste)

443. Mark this true if you did NOT go to your senior prom.

444. Did you go stag to your Senior Prom?

445. Have you ever found a grammatical error in a published book?

446. Have you ever quoted a piece of literature from memory? (poem, quote)

447. Have you ever eaten pizza cold?

448. you like it that way?

449. ...because you're too lazy to reheat it?

450. Have you ever gotten pizza delivered to the lab/office/science building?

451. Is any leftover delivery food currently residing in your refrigerator?

452. ...that's been there so long, you can't remember ordering it?

453. ...that's been there so long, it's become mobile/sentient?

454. Is any food in your refrigerator moldy?

455. Have you ever commented on the lack of intellectual ability found in a "JEOPARDY" contestant?

456. Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life/existence of God?

457. ...while not drunk?

458. ...while alone?

459. Have you ever thought about extra dimensions/parallel universes?

460. ...and discussed their possibilities with others?

461. Have you come to any conclusions about UFO's/life on other planets?

462. ...and used Time-Life's "Mysteries of the Unknown" series as a factual reference to support your claim?

463. Have you ever commented: "If I drive fast enough at the red light, it'll appear green."

464. Have you ever found yourself discussing one of the popular scientific theories of the day with someone you just met? (cold fusion)

465. ...did they bring it up because they thought you incapable of talking about non-technical topics?

466. Have you ever taken part in an experiment to prove/disprove one of the popular scientific theories of the day? (cold fusion, big bang)

467. Have you ever thought about reviving the dead? (Frankenstein)

468. ...for sexual purposes?

469. ...and had some degree of success?

470. ...but been laughed at by a leading medical institution?

471. Have you ever given an inanimate object a name? (inc.: stuffed animal)

472. Was the object something electronic or mechanical?

473. Did the object also have a "personality"?

474. Have you ever compared and contrasted two scientists? (Einstein vs. Newton, etc.)

475. Have you ever argued with someone else over which of two scientists was better?

476. Have you ever argued with someone over which of two computer types/OS's is better? (Macintosh vs. IBM, UNIX vs. VMS)

477. Have you ever laughed out loud at a joke written in a serious scientific paper? (Feynman's lectures, textbook)

478. Has anyone ever called you a geek/nerd?

479. the last two weeks?

480. ...for doing/saying something you knew to be geeky?

481. Have you ever intentionally done something that you consider geeky?

482. the last month?


SECTION 12: The Nerd Test

484. Are you taking this test alone?

485. Are you currently reading this test on a computer screen?

486. Are you planning to double-check your answers to this test?

487. Do you feel the need (or are you currently using) a calculator to score the test?

488. Are you computing your score in scientific notation?

489. Have you contemplated writing a computer program that would ask and/or tabulate questions found on this test?

490. Are you currently scoring this test in reverse? (i.e. Assuming 100% nerd and deducting for each 'no'?)

491. Have you come across copies of this test from two separate sources?

492. If you are still reading this test, do you really need a test score to prove you are a nerd?

493. Is your nerdity test score higher than your purity test score?

494. Did you feel offended by any of the questions on this test?

495. Did you resort to lying in order to raise your score?

496. Did you resort to lying in order to lower your score?

497. Are you currently competing with someone else for the highest score on this test (or were contemplating it)?

498. ...did you come up second best and challenge them to a rematch?

499. Have you asked for a technical clarification of anything on this test?

500. Have you ever thought of a question that belongs on this test?

Please put your pencils down. That's it! Hope you enjoyed it!

To analyze your Nerdity Quotient, divide your total number of "yes/true" responses by the total number of questions and compare to this list.


0 - 20 Nerd-wannabe

21 - 30 Nerd-in-Training

31 - 35 Closet nerd

36 - 40 You dress like people in Walmart ads

41 - 45 You refuse to live anywhere without pizza delivery service

46 - 50 Your social life needs some serious help

51 - 55 YOU need some serious help

56 - 60 You are on first name basis with Radio Shack employees

61 - 65 Your best friend is a microchip

66 - 70 Bill Gates and E. Gary Gygax are your heroes

71 - 75 You own more surge protectors than cooking utensils

76 - 80 "Revenge of the Nerds" poster-child

81 - 85 Hoping to invent Warp Field Theory or transporter technology

86 - 90 Desperately seeking cybernetic interface implanted in your brain

91 - 99 Move over, Einstein

100 Hail, O Nerd Master, virgin sliderulers I sacrifice unto you

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