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Little Shop Of Friars
Three friars were banished from their monastery for various rule
violations, so they decided to start a business together. They traveled
around until they found a town that they liked, and opened up a plant shop.
Their floral business was soon thriving.

One day, a woman was shopping at the friar's store, and while she was
strolling down an aisle with her toddler, a large plant reached out,
grabbed the child, and ate it. Needless to say, the women was quite upset
at the loss of her child. However, the friars refused to believe that one
of their plants could have done such a thing. The woman told all of her
friends about the incident, and soon everyone in the town was in an uproar.
They decided to kick the friars out of town. Every person in the town,
except for a man named Hugh, gathered outside of the friars shop, shouting,
waving sticks, and demanding that they leave. But the friars said "No.
We're not leaving". So the townspeople gave up and went home.

Well, a couple weeks later, another woman was walking through the friar's
shop, looking at plants with
her baby, when a plant grabbed her child and ate it. She ran through the streets screaming that a plant had swallowed
her baby. The towns people were outraged, and again gathered outside the
floral shop (except for Hugh), waving torches, and demanding that the
friars leave town at once. But the friars said, "No way." and all the
people gave up and went home.

A few days later, yet another woman dared to take her child into the floral
shop. She held her infant tightly in her arms, but it was no use. A large
ficus wrestled the child from her arms, and ate it.

When the townspeople heard of this, they were extremely upset. They again
gathered outside the friar's store (except for Hugh), yelling and
threatening bodily harm to the friars if they didn't leave town. But the
friars said, "We're staying". So, the citizens gave up and began to go
home. Just then, Hugh showed up. He walked up to the friars, and said, "Get
out of town, now!". The friars immediately packed up all their belongings
and fled
that very day, never to be heard from again.

The moral of this story is: Only Hugh can prevent florist friars.

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