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i cry,fuck

"Wait, I'll go to the powder
room lang.." sabi ko sa katabi
kong malibog na lalaki. Which
happened to be my boyfriend.
"OK." he said without looking at
me. Ok daw. Kung alam ko lang,
I was wearing a fitted
stretchable skirt and an oh-so-
see-through top, and I was wet.
I was wearing a g-string, and I
was soaking wet kaya kinailangan ko nang pumunta
ng banyo.
Hassle. Kanina pa kasi ako dine-
dirty talk ni Philip. His kisses
and wisphers turned me on.
Bigtime. I can feel my pussy walls
contracting, looking for
something warm and hard to
Paano to? Shiz I am so soaking
everything right now! I hurriedly went inside a cubicle
to check the damage done by
his freaking hot kisses.
Ewan ko ba. Sobrang libog ko
ba na halik lang niya nababasa
ako. I sat on the toilet and slid down
my skirt along with the white
string thing.
Ang sarap pakantot sa lagay na
ito. Fuck me, fuck me..
Why, oh why? We're having our month long
abstinence kase. Grabe, sobrang
tigang na puke ko. Gustong
gusto ko na talaga but he was
really insisting that he can do it.
He can resist me. That's why I wore this freaking
skirt with this thong. Looks like,
kisses lang makukuha ko.
I need a cock. Cock please. As if on cue, the cubicle
suddenly opened.
Lo, and behold. There he is.
Philip and his eager cock facing
I was shocked, he had his jeans off?
Just then, I noticed that the
main door was closed.
Fuck. This sneaky big cocked...
Tanga tanga talaga ako pag libog na libog. Di malaman
gagawin. He came closer and I still had
my mouth open. Thong and
skirt on the floor. Legs apart.
Pussy swelling and soaking. My subconcious was screaming,
HERE, RIGHT NOW!' Shit I can't resist.
My hand moved and encircled
his oh so blessed cock.
I moved my hand forward,
He came closer and grabbed my hair, I went closer and licked
the tip of his cock.
Yung titi nya sobrang tigas. So
hard, for me.
Sinabunutan pa niya ako at
pinasubo lahat.. Damn this is so hot.
No words, still it's hot.
Ni-relax ko muscles sa throat
and devoured his big stick. Shit.
Minsan iniisip ko kung paano
nagkakasya sa kiki ko ito. I can feel his warm tip in my
I made my cheeks deflate, all
the way sucking his cock.
He moved forward, backwards,
and he was fucking my mouth! I moved my tounge all the
while sucking his cock.
I massaged his balls with my
two hands, since they're
already wet with my dripping saliva. Urgh. My mouth and
pussy are somewhat connected.
He was going harder and I was
getting wetter.
I can hear his moans.
I was doing my best. I never liked blowjobs, but he
says panalo daw ako. Eh paano
yung pussy ko? Uhaw na uhaw
sa yo.
One final thrust. Diniin nya titi
nya sa loob. And his blessed milk came out. And the cat in
me licked it and drank it all.
I licked all till it's clean.
I looked up, and he was
wearing his 'pilyo' smile.
Tayong tayo pa din titi niya and I know what's next..
"Tara, uwi na tayo babe..." aya
ko sa kanya. Ayaw ko gawin
dito no. I'm not an exhibitionist
to enjoy it...
Well, maybe I will. Grin. "Dito na lang, let's make it
quick." he answered.
"I don't want to, that door does
not have a lock, this is a public
place." I argued.
I'm so uptight, IKR. He smiled and the next thing I
knew was me sitting on the
cold hard marble near the
mirror. I was sitting on the
He parted my legs since my skirt and thong were dangling
on my right foot.
He put them on the sink.
Sobrang bukaka ko kaunti na
lang kita na tinggil ko.
Shit. I hate it when he do this. He kissed me hard on my lips
and I kissed back, I was licking
his tounge like crazy. Like
telling him I want him inside
His kisses went downwards. My neck, my small boobs.
He was going to remove my
top but I argued..
Then his kisses went there.
Basang basa ang puke ko sa
sabik. Hinalik halikan niya singit ko
and my asshole. He licked my
pussy lips. TEASE!
He's teasing me!
I grabbed his head with my free
hand. Sinubsob ko talaga nguso nya
sa puke ko.
Shet. Nakakainis kasi
pinapasabik ako. I thought he
wants a quickie?
"Babe youre dripping," "I know. Eat me na. Fuck me
He didn't answer. Instead, he
went around licking and
sucking my precious bud while
his two fingers fucked me. "SHIT. Babe.. Babe... Babe..
Feels like heaven.
Ang sarap niya kumain.
Diniin niya two fingers nya sa
puke ko at ginalaw galaw nya sa loob.
And I moaned. Like crazy.
Dinidilaan nya pa din tinggil ko
and I was convulsing. Every
suck, gumagalaw baywang ko.
Suddenly, he stopped and I was about to protest but then he
stood up and put his cock in me.
Napasigaw ako ng di oras sa
ginawa niya.
He was rough. And I liked it. "Ugh.. Uhhhhhh shit baby..
Babe.. So hard.. Ang sarap babe.
Wag mo po tigilan please..."
shit. Iiyak na ba ako? Ang sarap
sarap. I was rocking my hips
meeting his thrusts like my life depended on it..
He had his teeth barred. Yung
gigil kita sa expression niya.
"Fuck babe. Fucccck!" he said as
I looked at him with my lips
hanging open. "HARDER. Please please please.
Harder babe I'm there na. I'm
going to come."
And he fucked me harder,
parang mayuyupi na puke ko.
Parang dudugo pa yata e. Sobrang tigas ng titi nya sa
loob, harrassing my contracting
pussy walls.
"Shit babe, ayan na.." he said.
"Babe heto na ako! Fuck baby
fuck me pa.. Fuck baby so hard.."
He was fucking me crazy and I
was moaning so loud I don't
know why.
Ang sarap ng titi niya sa loob.
Sobrang bilis nya I felt like pee- ing on the spot.
"SHIIIIT! Babe. Heeere! "
Shit. Fuck. Shit. I'm cumming!
I'm peeing!
I squirted liquids. Shit I squirted.
"Baby girl, fuck.. take this!"
One final thrust and he also
Ropes of thick hot semen filled
me up. SHT. That was so freaking hot.
He pulled out.
His milk spilling out of my hole.
He kissed me sa lips and then he
And I melt. How I love this fucker.
We both said. Sabay pa. Shiz
soulmates. Hahaha
We just smiled at each other
and exchanged I love you's. That was hot. I can still feel it. I
So crazy. Crazy me.
We went to his pad to rest and
resume what you know what. Ugh.
Sex me like that. Love me
Hi, I'm Crysel.
I Cry, loves to fuck.

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