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EDITORIAL: The Angel of Naturism

So you want an explanation of what you see in the above photo and on the following pages?

Yes, that's me! I am designed like an angel. I must have a purpose, a role.

I was born as you see me. Neither "der" nor "die", just "das"! Neuter! From birth I have been in a class of my own. Yes I am 4xy karyotype male, but visually, sexually and by lifestyle I am pure, ultimately smooth, male-neuter. No genitalia, no sex function!

Think of the male body in its aesthetic, athletic beauty, as pastoral as a Constable, a Spenser, a Turner. Any woman will see this. But then, plaster the foreground with a grimy factory, a smoking chimney and a couple of grain silos. Suddenly the picture has evaporated. Any female will see this too. I have been spared the hideous, ugly additions, the chimney, the silos. In many ways I am the pure pastoral scene. The athletic male with female beauty? Maybe a little bit! Vain? I am entitled to be; I am distinctive! Naturists have taught me to believe I am special.

It started in embryosis. WeR all conceived with gonads. In males they turn in2 testes, in females in2 ovaries (see the similar shapes). In me... they turned in2 a lay-by! Skanky Leydig n Sertoli cells = no testes = no testosterone = no penis growth = no sex function/drive. Anti-Mullerian hormones meant I couldn't girl it out either.

My weaknesses? Puberty was a stage I never passed. Psychologically I lack the strategic maturity given to adult males by active 5aDHT. I shall always be juvenile, hormonally boyish (I think people find that cute), but I must stop the kiddie-strops (clearly nobody likes those). I wish I could be more understanding of the frustration borne of the S function. It is actually anathema to me.

I have always stayed shy of females, because I feel have nothing to offer them sexually and it would be unfair to them and selfish to impose. So I am celibate. No Barbie for the perfect Ken doll!

It is a valid lifestyle choice. But I revel in female company. The ultimate safe date I guess! I tire of the constant male obsession with combat, power, dominion n their fugly cocks. All my best male friends rise above this hormonal trap.

Listen up, U.K., I JUST WANT REAL-LIFE NATURIST FRIENDS. I dream of a girlfriend. No sex, just a good time, understanding, sharing, affection, touching, a friendcess!

Oh...... and where are my wings?


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