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How the Controllers Use...Part 2

If we want to experience true freedom and world peace, we need to learn and understand how the Controllers think and study their systems of control so we can find ways to counter them. Otherwise, the Controllers will destroy our freedom and turn our planet into a prison. If this happens, our children and future generations will not have a future to look forward to. The main goal of this article is
to empower you by helping you
understand the minds of the
Controllers and their systems of
control so that you can
understand why they are so obsessed with the idea of
controlling the world. After
reading this article, you should
understand why we cannot rely
on our authorities to save us
and why we need to be more responsible citizens. History
has taught us that when we
become irresponsible and take
freedom for granted, we
always get tyranny! Why controlling religion and
money are essential for
enslaving our souls Religion is the most effective
tool to use to control the mass
population at the mental and
spiritual level. This is because
most people have been
conditioned to believe that religion is heavily influenced by
the words of Creation (God). In order for the Controllers to
control us, they need to
weaken the spiritual power
within us. This power is the
loving energy that gives us
thought, awareness and intelligence, which is also
known as the soul/spirit. The reason why they need to
weaken our spiritual power is
because when our spiritual
power is strong it can help us
see through their lies;
therefore, it can free us from their controlling matrix. This is
why people who are more
spiritually awakened are
usually the ones who are
warning others about the
Controllers’ dark agendas. The end game of the
Controllers is to create a
worldwide catastrophic event
so that they can manipulate
the survivors into accepting
their fascist one world government. To achieve this goal, they need to first control
two things: money and religion.
They have always been in
control of money and religion
to a large degree, but in the
late 1700s their controlling empire was threatened by a
generation of very brave men
and women. Those brave men
and women were the founders
and builders of the country
known today as the United States of America. To make sure that the
Controllers’ end game comes
into fruition near 2012 and
soon after, they need to
destroy the US and what it
stands for, which are freedom and liberty. They believe that
once the US falls, controlling
the rest of the world would
become a lot easier. The
Controllers knew that the US
was too powerful to attack from the outside so they
cleverly attacked it from the
inside through stealth. In 1913,
they achieved one of their
greatest goals by creating a
central bank in the US. This central bank, known as the
Federal Reserve (Fed), is not a
federal bank but a private bank
owned by a small group of elite
bankers. I like to refer to them
as banksters because they are gangsters disguised in suits.
You can read more about those
banksters at this page. The image of the dollar bill
below is evidence that they
have taken over the US
financial system. If you study
secret societies, you should
have a general idea of what the Great Seal symbol stands
for. The pyramid with the “all
seeing eye” on top is one of
their occult symbols of power.
If you look closely at the
pyramid, you should see 13 sections or stairs. The number
13 is a very important number
in the religion of secret

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