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WWE RAW Results (5/28)

Big Show comes out and says he is smiling because he is doing his job, and it was easy making the fans smile but it was a business move. He says he doesn't have to make them happy anymore because of his new contract, and he can do whatever he wants. Show says he is not an entertainer, but a giant, and there is no one in hisleague in any sport. Show says no one in the locker room came out to his defense, then he shows a clip of Brodus Clay dancing and says his tears weren't even dry yet. He says his former friends made it easy to move on, then he calls the fans phony and shallow, but John Cena disappointed him more than anyone.
Show says he thought Cena was going to fight to get his job back and lead the charge, but all he did was mock John Laurinaitis and call him a loser. Big Show says Cena made jokesand that must be what they think of him, so he went out and knocked Cena out twice in 24 hours. Show says Cena is going to lose at No Way Out, and it is going to bigger loss than at Wrestlemania, and a bigger beating than at Extreme Rules. He says he is going to make Cena go through all of the pain and humiliation again in one night, and that puts a smile on his face.

Alberto Del Rio vs Santino Marella

Alberto runs at Santino and kicks him in the stomach, then he hits him a few more times before throwing him in the corner. Santino avoids a corner splash and hits him a few times, but Alberto avoids a Cobra and gets him to tap out to the Cross Armbreaker. Ricardo comes in and takes theCobra sleeve from Santino, thenhe announces the results right in Santino's face and Alberto stuffs the sleeve in his mouth.

Winner - Alberto Del Rio

Alex Riley is in the back complimenting Eve about how she is doing a great job, then he says her hair and glasses look great too. Eve asks if he is friends with Big Show, who is standing behind him, and says Show can pick his opponent tonight. Riley says he doesn't want any trouble because he did feel bad for him, and Show says it's not him. Show says he does want to send a message to the locker room, then he takes Riley by the head and throws him into a wall.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (c)

Kofi ducks a corner clothesline and kicks Swagger in the head, then Truth helps him hiptoss him and he follows it with a legdrop for a two count. Truth knocks Swagger out of the ring, then Kofi and Truth knock Dolph down and baseball slide kick him out of the ring as we go to a break. When we get back, Swagger has Kofi grounded in a headlock, then Kofi breaks the hold and fights back but Swagger slams him into the corner. Swagger distracts the ref while Dolph takes a cheap shot at Kofi, then he tags in and hits an elbow drop for a two count. He puts Kofi in a headlock but Kofi makes it to his feet, then he avoids a corner splash and dives to make the tag.
Truth unloads on Dolph and Swagger and almost catches him with a victory roll, then he hits a DDT but Dolph breaks up the pinfall. Truth launches Kofi onto Dolph to knock him down,then Truth slams Swagger's head into the turnbuckles. Swagger turns around and Truth hits him with a Little Jimmy for the win, then Dolph gets pissed and says he is better than this. Dolph says he isn't doing this anymore, then he leaves Vickie and Swagger in the ring and Vickie screams at him to come back.

Winners - Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

Santino is shown talking to trainers about his arm when they run into Big Show, and thetrainer tells him to leave him alone because he is hurt. He grabs Santino and says he didn't look too worried about him getting fired, but he isn't going to fight him tonight. Brodus Clay walks over and says Show should leave him alone, then he challenges him to pick on him instead. Show says Brodus had better not worry about dancing, because he isn't going to be walking at the end of the night.
John Laurinaitis comes to the ring with David Otunga and Eve, and they help him in the ring and he says he is there to make several announcements. He confirms Big Show and Brodus Clay will have a match tonight, and he will make sure there is no outside interferenceat No Way Out. Johnny says the main event match between John Cena and Big Show will bein a steel cage, then he says he is going to be on the new WWE'13 video game cover. Johnny unveils the cover and says kids will love the game, then CM Punk interrupts him and mocksthe cover art.
Punk says he has no testicles, and no one wants to see him on the cover because he is not popular and he is out of touch with reality. Punk says there is a real cover, and the person on it is better than him and he points to the ceiling. Some pyrogoes off and a banner falls from the rafters revealing himself on the cover, then he says his (cover) is bigger than Johnny's. Punk tells him to take 'Carlton' and the 'hoski' and getout of his ring, and he says he doesn't have time for trouble because he has a match with Daniel Bryan. Johnny leaves andwishes him luck, but Punk says luck is for losers, then takes theJohnny cover and kicks it in thecorner.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

Punk leapfrogs Bryan and hiptosses him, then he puts him in an armbar but Bryan rolls through and counters with a gutwrench throw. Bryangoes after Punk's arm, then Punk fights back and repeatedly knees him in the shoulder and gets a near fall. Punk applies a body scissors and converts into a surfboard stretch, but Bryan breaks the hold and goes for a rollup. Punk bridges up out of a waistlock and slams Bryan on the mat, then he suplexes him on the top rope but Bryan snaps him arm off the ropes. Bryan dropkicks him out to the floor and goes for a baseball slide kick, but Punk avoids it and hits a springboard crossbody block as AJ comes out in a Punk t shirt.

We get back after a commercialbreak and Bryan floats over to counter a suplex, then he hits arunning dropkick before wrenching back and twisting Punk's arm around. Punk gets up and kicks him back, but Bryan slams Punk's arm across his shoulder and backs up, then he hits a running dropkickas AJ looks on. Bryan hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two count, then he goes back after Punk's arm but Punk drops him with a kneelift. Punk kicks Bryan in the legs and connects with a side kick, then he hits a swinging neckbreakerand follows it with a running knee smash. Bryan avoids a bulldog but Punk tries to roll him up, then Bryan chops him afew times and backdrops him out to the apron. Punk lands onhis feet and rams his shoulder into Bryan's ribs, then he dives back in and hits a flying clothesline for another near fall.
Punk goes up top but Bryan shakes the ropes and knocks him down, then he climbs up and hits a superplex before trying to take the padding off the turnbuckles. AJ jumps on the apron and tries to warn theref, but Punk asks her what shethinks she is doing and Bryan attacks him. Punk tries to run atBryan but he gets launched into the exposed turnbuckle, then Bryan rolls him up for the win but Kane surprises him from behind with a chair. Kane hits Bryan a few times before turning his attention to Punk, but AJ slides him a chair and Punk runs him off after beatingthe hell out of him with the chair.

DWinner - Daniel Bryan

Christian vs Miz

Miz applies a headlock but Christian sends him off the ropes and hits a shoulder block, then Christian tries to catch him with a sunset flip butMiz kicks him in the chest. Miz hits a corner clothesline and top rope axe handle smash for a near fall, then Christian punches him a few times but Miz hits a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. He jumps down on Christian's back and puts him in a rear chinlock, then he takeshim up top but Christian kicks him back. Christian gets a near fall then he leapfrogs Miz and hits an inverted DDT, then he calls for a spear but Miz kicks him in the face. Miz goes after him in the corner but Christian elbows him in the face, then Cody Rhodes leaves the commentary table and distractsChristian. Miz almost rolls him up but Christian kicks out, then he avoids a Skull Crushing Finale and hits a Killswitch and frog splash while Cody watchesfrom the stage.

Winner - Christian

John Laurinaitis says he needs to talk to Eve and David Otunga privately, and he says Otunga was supposed to give John Cena a challenge last week. He says Otunga tapped out immediately, but he stayed in the hold for over ten seconds and he wants to see a better effort from him. He says Eve was supposed to make Sheamus apologize on Smackdown, and she calls him hard headed and Otunga says he wants to face Sheamus tonight. Johnny says he can have the match, then he says he wants to trust them becausehe can't do this forever and may want to retire in twenty years. They both says he can count on them, then Eve spits her coffee on Teddy Long and says it cold, then she leaves but Teddy says it's supposed to be cold because it's iced coffee.
Miz is still in the ring after the commercial, and he says the match should be erased from the record books because it wasn't even for the title. He says he got the deciding pinfall for Team Johnny at Wrestlemania, and he wants a title shot and he's not going anywhere until he gets it. Randy Orton comes out and Mizsays he better not get in the ring, but Orton just drops him with a RKO and poses while Mizrolls to the floor. Dolph Ziggler is shown telling Vickie Guerreroif she wants to make him happy, she should get him out of his tag team. He says he wants to be promoted like Orton, and Vickie says she will see what she can do but looks worried.

David Otunga vs Sheamus

Otunga tries to attack Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus kicks him in the stomach and tosses him across the ring before choking him with the bottom rope. He tries to tie himin the ropes but Otunga drops down, then he avoids a powerslam and knocks Sheamus down with a clothesline. Otunga knees him in the corner until the ref back him off, then he hits a quick clothesline and flexes but Sheamus comes back with a clothesline. Sheamus clubs him on the apron and pulls him back in the ring, then he hits White Noise and a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner - Sheamus

Brodus Clay vs Big Show

Big Show comes out and says he is a big fan of Brodus, and he did some embarrassing things for business, but Broduscontinues to do it every night. He says people will get sick of him and he can put make up on and be the next Doink, then he says the difference betweenthem is that Doink actually had talent. Brodus gets out of the ring and heads towards him, but Show runs down the ramp and spears him before punching him near the guardrail. Brodus tries to make a comeback but Show slams hishead off the ringpost, then he throws him back into it and kicks him. Show starts taking the announcers table apart while Kofi Kingston and R-Truthrun out to help, and Kofi ...
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