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wrestlemania 26 results part 3

..locks in the STFU batista gets the
ropes, Batista hits a spear for a
Cena kicks out of a Batista Bomb,
Batista kicks out of an AA, Cena
goes up to the top rope Batista
counters the move into a
powerbomb, Cena rolls through &
locks in the STFU
New WWE champion

The Streak Vs, The Career
Undertaker Vs, Shawn Michaels
Undertaker does the same
entrance as last year & raises up
from hell, He's wearing a NEW
hooded Cape!
& the match is underway & HBK
hits chops across the Undertakers
Chest, Taker punishes HBK & goes
for Old School,
Taker may have injured his knee,
they brawl, HBK goes to work on
Takers knee, On the outside Taker
drives HBK's back into the
ringpost & hits the VINTAGE
legdrop on HBK,
Back in the ring: HBK locks in
figure4, Taker reverses the hold,
Taker hits a Chokeslam & HBK kicks
out, HBK locks in an ankle lock,
Taker battles out, Match spills
outside the ring. Taker
Tombstones HBK on the outside.
Medics come out to HBK & Taker
knocks them away, Taker hits Last
Ride but falls awkard & gets the
worst of the move, HBK goes for
the elbow from the top but Taker
raises the knees to block the
move, Taker locks in Hells Gate but
HBK reverses
Taker kicks out of Sweet Chin
Music, HBK goes for it again but its
blocked, Taker hits a Last Ride but
HBK kicks out, Taker throws HBK
over the top rope, Taker prepares
the announce table & attempts a
Last Ride through it, HBK reverses
& hits Sweet Chin Music, Taker is
laid out on the table. HBK hits a
moonsault from the toprope
through the table,
Back in the ring HBK hits Sweet
Chin Music & Taker kicks out!
Taker hits Chokeslam followed by
the Tombstone, HBK kicks out!
Taker stands above HBK & SHOUTS
stay down, HBK mocks Taker &
slaps him across the face. Taker
Fireworks erupt as Taker pulls HBK
to his feet, they shake hands &
Taker leaves HBK in the ring who
is cheered by the fans as
WRESTLEMANIA goes off-air

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