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Three Way Elimination Match


Swap eliminated early by neo.then neo and red danger played an exciting fight.but at last neo reversed red's spike and hit a neckbreaker and rko to win the match.


Eliminate a superstar by pinfall or submission.

:swap want to make a debut in smackdown ,Red danger got an opportunity to make stronger before his i.c title match and this is the return of Legend Neo to Smackdown.
Frustration across red's face....i just wanna say this.....stop blaming others and accept things rather than taking them for granted, madman wishes for future!!
24.02.2012 10:13 EST,
I don't knw the consequences of this but,,i really gotto to say this,,pain yu really really suck!! Yeah,,i say this on yur face yu suck a hell!! Damn man!! It's not because of todays loss,,it my frustration of 3weeks!! Every time yu do this!! Yu sucks big time as a referee!!
24.02.2012 10:06 EST,
Testical press? lol...take this taste driver and then future shock ddt ,thatsgonna set up ur mind right..,then to end the match,i throw red to corner,and chopped him with the spear! Put him up at top rope,and hit him muscle buster from escpaing now,i signal my finisher,and crowd goes mad!!future attack to perfection...reds all the misery ends here,as i lock him in neology to win the match
24.02.2012 10:02 EST,
It's good to be action neo!! But now yur out of action!! Hahahaha!! Yuuuuu!! Don't affect mee!!
24.02.2012 10:01 EST,
To end it..i hold neo and hit the last ride power bomb then it's not enough for mee i again hold him and give an tombstone on the chair and then i give him the gut buster and it's end time for neo!! I pin him!!
24.02.2012 09:59 EST,
Red tried backbreaker but i reversed it to ddt! On that same chair u set..funny...then i start beating u like a mad with a chair,and then hit u multiple ladder strikes...just to end ur misery,i performed the jackhammer on a table to red,and he is out
24.02.2012 09:59 EST,
I give an testicle press to neo and then i hit and super chair shot to his busted head and then locked in the double choke dragon sleeper and it's end of neo!!
24.02.2012 09:57 EST,
Not so easy pal,i had taken a chair,and i broke ur ankle while u tried chin music...then i beat the crap outta that ankle,and finally locked the shell lock on it..tap out
24.02.2012 09:56 EST,
Then i see him no moving i get hold of the chair and give some shots to his spine then i get on top of the rope and with the chair give a chair from onto his back and then grab him hit the backbreaker and he falls straight onto the chair and i pin him!!
24.02.2012 09:56 EST,
A quick attitude spear on the table to neo followed by the crossed legged stf and he taps out but i didn't stop i give him a legsweep body guillotine on the table and then again locked in the arm triangle choke and he now is done!!
24.02.2012 09:55 EST,
Spike pile driver was screwed into an awesome neck breaker..then i irishwhip red to first hit him with a jaw breaker on my knee and the a high knee..vintage he is down,i start stoping his ankle,knee,and hand and drop a jumping knee to reds head...then coiling like a viper and measuring my man...i strike with the rko to red,and then punt him out...thats it..time to pin...
24.02.2012 09:54 EST,
A spring board skull kick to counter neo followed by the his attack onto the turnbuckle!! Then i placed him inverted on the ropes and hit a quick punt to his skull making him unconscious!! Then i grab him onto my shoulder and took to the above of ladder there i placed him and make him stand and then i give a sudden sweet chin music on the top of ladder and he falls on the table below and i win!!
24.02.2012 09:51 EST,

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