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beef up your attitude



©Prabhat Hardy Vs Red Danger

Winner : Red Danger (via D/Q)

Guest Ref : mr.GraN(CEO)

REF: Match Ended. Prabhat leads this match but the referee sees some cheating in here! Prabhat mentions Bisfat in a comment which also looks like copy work. The Beef Up title don't deserve it when Prabhat is dq'd to give Red the win but not the title so the ref decided against it. Danger fought well but Prabhat had the best comments. WINNER AND NEW BEEF UP CHAMPION: RED DANGER
16.03.2012 12:17 EDT,
Ya, i know times up red.
16.03.2012 12:05 EDT,
I counter ur gutbuster to hit u a spinebuster then when u trying to hit me moonsault hold u on midair again bcoz i'm powerful than u and hit u a piledriver very badly to end this match.
16.03.2012 12:03 EDT,
I saw red charging towards me i helped him to go on ring post as he gets back i lifted him up n hit domintar on broken pices of tablest
16.03.2012 12:02 EDT,
If yu win tonight!! It's a cheaters win!! I alone stand tall in the cheaters world so i took the barbed wired steel chair shot to his head followed by a belly to back suplex backbreaker and he falls on the floor breaking his teets out!! Then i hold him powerfully on my hand give a spike piledriver onto the concrete followed by the running drop to the steel steps!!
16.03.2012 12:01 EDT,
I douge with ur punt kick at the last movement and grab ur leg from behind and locked u in ankle lock and then put presser on u to turn that move into a stf.
16.03.2012 12:01 EDT,
i sets chair on his neck n punted him n he got pinned btw i set that chair in his left leg n than jumped on it from top rope
16.03.2012 11:59 EDT,
I counter ur backflip to hit 2 elbow shots on ur damn face then u are now stay behind of me i hit u a stunner then when he hit me suside dive i grab him in midair and hit u a f5 for 3 counts.
16.03.2012 11:59 EDT,
Not over yet!! I took him and for the end give a gutbuster modified into a muscle buster on the spanish table and this is too much entertainment for the crowed!! I looked to end him now so i hold his body and give a double jumping moonsalt followed by the ziz zag on the steel steps to pin him!!
16.03.2012 11:58 EDT,
This time i banged him wid a superkick wid spiked shoes than as he was out i took title n crashed on his head than put his body on stretcher n than burnt it
16.03.2012 11:57 EDT,
Then still he is moving i get the chance to end his career so i punt kick to his head and he is in no conditono to fight!! I took the laddr set it up took him on my shoulder to the top and hit the fall from grace on the announcer table and i get down to pin him!!
16.03.2012 11:56 EDT,
I counter ur one handed chokeslam to hit a kick on ur mid section and quickly hit u a future shoke ddt. On chair. To end this match.
16.03.2012 11:56 EDT,

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